Who are Miho and Jazz?

Miho and Jazz are two personas developed together by two different writers, while tumbling through our enjoyment of predominantly Voltage Inc. otome games, and the creative process of imagining, planning, creating and sharing.

The women behind these personas very quickly became friends, and branched out into original co-operative projects, while trying to balance their busy everyday lives and the unfortunate obligations of being adults.

You will see Miho and Jazz in character form, strewn throughout their works, as both proxies for their writers, and as malleable protagonists and antagonists for all sorts of weird ventures. Some of who these characters are, mirrors the woman behind the words, but equally as often they’re extrapolations, reinventions, exaggerations or opposites.

They live on different sides of the globe, have different first languages, and have not (yet) met in person, yet Miho and Jazz the writers are very close friends who have discovered a shared passion, and an affinity to accurately writing each others’ original fictional characters.

Previously – when there was still life in the fandom – they operated two tumblr blogs, where their old fanfiction works can still be found.



We are both very open and hungry communicators, love comments and constructive feedback, and generally engaging with whatever audience we can get our hands on, so feel free to add your thoughts to our posts, or drop us a line via the Contact page.