What do we write?

The short answer is lots of things. The much longer and more detailed answer is lots of things. We have our own preferences of course, but we’ve both written, and enjoyed writing, drama, angst, smut, fluff and crack – as well as various combinations, including smuff (smutXfluff), smangst (smutXangst), crut (crackXsmut), cruff (crackXfluff), crama (crackXdrama), drangst (dramaXangst) – yeah okay, pretty much all the combinations have been done, we just wanted to throw those newly invented nouns out there.

So, um, Voltage Inc.?

Though the Voltage Inc. fandom is dead (at least on tumblr) there are some pairings and characters that we can’t let go. We both have our Voltage Inc. favourites (Miho: Goto Seiji and Hades. Jazz: Aikawa Kunihiko and Kirisawa Hiroshi.), how often reappear as their canon selves, or transmuted in some way. Though Voltage Inc.’s Japan branch tended to focus very much on traditional depictions of relationships between men and women, with strong men and subservient women, there were a few gems amid the rubble that inspired us, and continue to do so.

The point here is, that we met writing fanfiction with Voltage Inc. characters.

As grown women you’re not ashamed of admitting to enjoying and writing fanfiction, nor playing otome games?

Should we be? Does it hurt anyone? Is it illegal? Nope. Does faithfully recreating someone else’s character in writing require literary skill? Do we share our works online for free so others who share our interests may also enjoy it? Yes.

Good point; you are truly inspirational.


So other than Voltage Inc. stuff, what else do you write?

In terms of fanfiction, Jazz is really into Supernatural, and has written various fanfictions involving that setting and the Winchester boys. She’s pretty good at finishing the things she starts, so you can expect to get hooked and take the ride all the way to the conclusion.

Miho, on the other hand, is a little more flighty with her ideas, and tends to bounce from one project to the other, making it difficult to get anything finished. She still has a number of Voltage Inc. works in the pipes, as well as about ten original works and a couple of co-written pieces on the go. I’ll try to finish off what I’ve started I promise!

Jazz is totally rolling her eyes right now.

In terms of television shows she might write fanfiction about, Miho doesn’t watch much these days; she still has an enduring love of Stargate, however, and is a computer gamer, especially of PvE MMORPGs such as Guild Wars 2 and The Elder Scrolls Online, and all things zombie like Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Dying Light, Dead Island… I like zombies!

Rightio, what about writing style and favoured writing types?

Miho likes to think she is pretty diverse. Because I totally am. She loves to torture an audience though, coaxing the reader to invest in her characters before injecting the angst. On the flip-side, she’s pretty masterful at crack, turning everything on its head, with parody, cynicism, sarcasm and plenty of fourth wall breaking. She can write smut, and it’s pretty good, it just takes her a very, very long time to write. Plenty of figurative language.

Jazz isn’t a native English speaker and although she can write very witty, smart and poetic in her first language, her English writing tends to be clearer, not overly elaborated. She values atmosphere over description, is a fan of realistic scenarios – when she’s not writing crack. Smut is one of her fortes and she’s proud of writing sexual encounters that are both realistic and mouth-watering. She enjoys making her characters pine and yearn, but not suffer so much. Angst flares up only occasionally, but problems are around every corner.