The scent of smoke – Part 2

Liana rushed around the venue, making some last minute changes to the decorations while Jazz talked to the bar staff. Ever since she had been assigned to Jazz as assistant her days were busy, but also rewarding. Jazz gave her a lot of freedom but also expected professionalism and if not perfect, so at least working solutions to whatever problem might pop up.

“Did you take care of the flower arrangements?” The list in her hand got shorter and shorter, a check mark after every task already done and the sight made Jazz smile. Everything was under control.

“Yes, all done. And I moved some candelabras, they were too close to the flowers.”

“Good job. Anything else I should know?” Jazz handed the list over and clipped her earpiece on, checked the channel.

“Nothing so far. What’s still left to do?”

“Take the guest list over to the entrance. Can you brief the crew on who to let in and who not?”

It was a rhetorical question, of course Liana could. She nodded, stepped aside to let some staff carrying crates of wine and champagne through.

“Okay, I’m going to check on the kitchen staff real quick. First guest should arrive in ten, we better be ready by then.”

Before an event started Jazz was the most nervous, it only got better about halfway through. Burden of being the person in charge, but she wore it like a cape, not a yoke.

Another important business party for some important company, only important people were invited to eat snacks and drink imported wine. One of these days her bosses would give her the really big events, not only the good paying ones. Jazz was good at raking in the cash from CEOs who were convinced that their parties were the highlight of the year, she combined traditional elements with influences of her western heritage to some impressive and unique venues and performances. And although she had fun planning and organising these parties she wanted more. She wanted the crown.

For now she had to make do with crown roast; its fragrance wafted around her when she opened the door to the kitchen. Japanese foods and some western specialities were lined up to create the perfect fusion of east and west, fitting to the location and decoration.

She snatched a bite, deemed it worthy to get served, asked the chefs if they needed anything and with the assurance that everything went according to plan she rushed out again, always on the go.

Liana found her giving the staff a last pep talk, not standing out in her black skirt and blouse combination in a sea of waitstaff dressed in black pants and shirts. The only difference was the missing red tie around Jazz’s collar, the earpiece and of course the clipboard.

“Be polite and smile, but if someone crosses the line, don’t hesitate to get help. We rather take care of problems early. Discreetly of course. Any more questions?” She looked around, nodded a last time. “In that case, have fun and do a good job.” A round of polite applause and Jazz spotted Liana, shot her a questioning look.

“The host has arrived and he’s asking for you.”

Her clothes hastily smoothed down Jazz straightened up, all confident event planner now without any traces of nervousness.

“I better go and greet him.”

During the planning phase she had mostly dealt with his secretary, a competent and efficiently working young man named Osanai. Mr. Aikawa himself had talked on the phone with her once or twice, but Jazz recognized him from some pictures in the media. Tall, dark, handsome and one of the youngest clients she had so far he was the CEO of a company that seemingly dealt in everything.

“Aikawa-sama? I am Jazz Mann, the party coordinator. I hope you enjoy the event.” Her perfect bow was well practiced, Subaru had made sure she knew the etiquette after once seeing her bow sloppily.

“Ms. Mann, glad to finally meet you. And don’t be that formal, this is a party after all.” He smiled, slight dimples showed on his cheeks, and offered her his hand. “Mr. Aikawa is more than enough of formality.”

“Thank you, sir. Anyway, if there is anything you need tonight, don’t hesitate to tell me.” It was a phrase she had only reluctantly taken into her usual speech; it often sparked the wrong responses but her bosses insisted on it.

“Thank you, but so far everything is looking really great. I’m sure you did a great job.” He bowed his head lightly and she smiled.

“Well, your secretary was a big help of course. We can work best with clear instructions and he has been very specific in his ideas of this event.”

Mr. Aikawa laughed, shook his head lightly. “He is pretty peculiar, but I’m glad he was of help and not making things harder for you.” Once more he scanned the room, smiled as he took in all the details. “I just want my employees to enjoy this night. They do so much for me and the company, they deserve some appreciation every now and then.”

Rare words. Planning events for new ventures and fusions, sometimes to celebrate milestones and anniversaries – that was Jazz’s bread and butter work. A party for the employees to thank them for their hard work was new.

“I’m sure they will enjoy it. And I hope you will, too. If you excuse me now, sir, I still have some things to check.”

“Yes, of course. After all you are still working, aren’t you?” His laughter was happy and Jazz wondered what working for such a laid back boss would be like. Hers were constantly breathing down her neck.

With Liana in tow she made some last adjustments, more to keep her distracted than out of necessity.

The karaoke booth was constantly in use, the waitstaff was busy serving drinks and clearing glasses away and Jazz had reached her personal Zen moment while watching people having fun without crossing lines.

“A great party, Ms. Mann.”

Her polite smile widened a fraction when she recognized Mr. Aikawa, a glass in his hand. “Everyone is praising you and your work.”

“Thank you, sir, that’s the best reward. After getting paid of course.” Now that not much could go wrong anymore she was more relaxed, took things less seriously.

“Skip the sir, please. I feel so old.”

He didn’t look that old, maybe in his early 30s. Jazz raised an eyebrow, gave him a once over.

“Please, you can’t be much older than me.”

He hid his chuckle with a sip from his drink, followed her line of sight towards the crowd on the dance floor.

“I start to regret that I didn’t play a more active part in the whole planning process.”

“Why? Are you unhappy with how the party turned out?” Now both of her eyebrows shot up, after his praise earlier this came out of the blue .

“No, definitely not. It’s just – I could have met you more often.”

It was impossible to tell what was in his glass but Jazz assumed it was some kind of alcoholic drink. Wouldn’t be the first time a client hit on her after too many drinks.

“To discuss the order of courses and the venue?” Innocent blue-ish eyes came in handy when playing dumb and Jazz used it to her advantage if she had to.

“I guess I would have feigned interest in that, too, if that meant talking to you more.” A small smile on his face he watched her eyes widen.

“Mr. Aikawa, that’s very flattering, but I guess you should have a glass of water and some fresh air.”

“Oh, I’m not drunk. Actually I never drink.” There was enough space between them to pass as appropriate yet it just got too intimate for her.

“Is that so?” A tiny step back and she felt safer already. He really was handsome and his undivided attention boosted her ego.

“Maybe we could meet up after the party,” he suggested, tilted his head slightly.

“Sorry, but we don’t do evaluations after an event.” Again she flashed him an innocent smile, followed by her wedding ring. “And my husband doesn’t like it when I meet other men for anything else but work.”

“Oh.” His smile faded, he furrowed his brow. “Sorry, I thought because you are ‘Miss’ Mann and -”

“No, it’s fine, don’t worry. That happens a lot.”

“I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“No, if anything you flattered me, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m married. Happily.” At least he wasn’t creepy about it, some men didn’t even respect her marriage.

“Your husband is a lucky man, if I may say so.” His smile was back, but his body language had changed. Leaned back a bit, not fully turned towards her.

“You may. Tell him if you ever see him. He tends to forget it,” she joked. It was always tricky to turn down a man, even more so a client.

“Well, I better go and talk to someone else before I embarrass myself any further.” He gave her a short nod, a last lopsided smile before he wandered off.

She was a married woman but that didn’t mean she couldn’t watch. For work she met so many interesting men and although she loved Subaru with all her heart, sometimes she wondered why she couldn’t have met these interesting men sooner? Like when she was still in college?

“Miss Mann, we have a problem with the karaoke machine.”

Her earpiece cut her musings short, with a sigh she rushed over to the karaoke box, hoping it was an issue that could be solved by simply rebooting it.


“Jazz?” Liana checked the storeroom for her superior, frowned when she wasn’t there. “Where did she go?”

It was no surprise Jazz didn’t answer her phone, it currently was in Liana’s hand. She had found it on the bar counter earlier, but no trace of its owner. Usually Jazz told her when she was going on a break but this time she just vanished.

Liana could handle most of the work on her own, only sometimes she needed a signature to authorize orders and decisions. Still, after working with Jazz for months now and becoming friends, at least work friends, she worried about her. At least when Jazz broke her own patterns.

“Maybe in the kitchen,” Liana mumbled, made her way over there. Sometimes Jazz swiped some food at the end of the events, she didn’t eat much before due to her nerves. Liana had no problems eating before events, but she wasn’t the one with all the responsibility.

“Jazz? Are you in here?”

In the very back of the kitchen Jazz sat on a counter, a plate with appetizers in her lap, a napkin in one hand, a spring roll in the other.

“I was looking for you. You left this on the bar.”

“Oh, thanks.” Her voice muffled by the food in her mouth Jazz smiled sheepishly, offered Liana the plate and took her phone back.

“Party’s winding down. People are still having fun, but some are leaving already.” It was past midnight, so that was normal.

“Good. I’m beat. Hungry, tired and my feet hurt.” She set the plate down, hopped off the counter on her bare feet.

“Why don’t you wear comfy shoes then?”

“Because I’m short and need the additional height of my heels.” Jazz slipped back in said heels, winced briefly but shook it off. “Did you need me for something?”

“No, just wondered where you are since you weren’t hovering around your phone like you usually do.”

Jazz made a dismissive sound, she wasn’t clutching her phone all the time. Only when she was nervous.

“Fine, since my snack time is cut short I can just as well go back to work.”

Under Liana’s laughter Jazz swaned out of the kitchen, head up high, struggling to keep a straight face but failed. Back behind the bar she was smiling again, slipped her phone into her waistband and checked on the barkeepers. She only noticed the guest staring at her when she looked up and met his gaze.

“Oh, hi!” Her smile widened when she recognized the ponytail and the scruffy goatee of the helpful guest back from her encounter with the drunk man in the closed off bar.

“Oh, hello. Didn’t think I would run into you here.”

“Well, here’s a bar and a party. My natural habitat.” She motioned for him to wait a moment, ducked under the counter and came back up with a bottle of beer. “Here, but don’t let the others see it.”

He cracked a smile, took the bottle and looked around. “You’re not getting into trouble, are you?”

“For offering you a beer? Depends. Are you legal?”

He spluttered, covered his mouth with his free hand, coughed and turned away. “Goddammit, you can’t make me laugh when I’m just drinking something!”

Jazz snickered, her professional facade crumbled; apparently she wasn’t meant to act cool and collected around him.

“What? I’m supposed to make sure not to give alcohol to minors.” Her wide eyed innocent look coupled with the batting of her lashes got another laughter out of him, but this time without almost spraying his beer all over the counter.

”You are quite entertaining, anyone ever told you that?”

“I consider myself funny,” she shrugged. “Most other people don’t. I’m fine with that.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s the same for most people.” He took another sip of beer, set the bottle down again.

The party was slowing down, about half of the guests gone already so Jazz had time to kill. And there was no harm in having some fun, was it?

“Most people don’t care that I’m not funny, though. Not as long as I’m wearing tight clothes.” She took a step back, gestured with a flourish to her black ensemble.

“Which look great on you, I gotta admit. But only looks won’t get you very far.” Still, his eyes followed the path of her hands, once up and down her body.

“Well, in that case I guess I’m lucky for my great personality and my incredible charm.”

“Don’t forget your modesty,” he pointed out only for Jazz to grin even wider.


He huffed a laughter, drained his bottle. “Definitely entertaining.”

“Thanks, we aim to please.” She took the empty bottle, shook it once midair, one eyebrow arched at him. “Another?”

“Nah, shouldn’t push my luck. But thanks, that was exactly what I just needed.” He tilted his head and Jazz bowed slightly. When she raised her head again she was still smiling.

“You’re welcome.” And for once she meant it.

MJS Past, present and future: Jazz x Kunihiko (past Jazz x Jinpachi)

“I still need your guest list to get the menu with the caterer done. Flowers are taken care of and we get the cake at Larme,” Jazz said and grinned at the way Miho and Goto examined the proposal she had given them. They and Subaru, who was constantly nagging, much to Jazz’s annoyance.

“What kind of location is that?” he frowned.

“Actually it belongs to an old classmate of Kunihiko. It’s perfect, a small garden for the ceremony and a hall for the reception afterwards. I think it fits the bridal couple very well.” Jazz winked at Goto; she had read the report after all and knew about their little adventure in the park. The garden was the tribute to that and when she had told Miho her idea Jazz was met with loud laughter. She loved it.

“You know we want to keep it simple and rather small. Family and close friends, that’s all. I don’t want to feed every Tom, Dick and Harry who gets us a potted plant as wedding gift,” Miho reminded Jazz.

“I know, that’s why the location is rather small. 80, maybe 100 people at the most. The less the better,” Jazz said with a nod.

“But you will invite the team, right?” Subaru asked and Goto sighed. The groom had been rather quiet so far, not even the glass of beer had loosened his tongue so far.

“Kuni, can we get another round?” Jazz asked her boyfriend behind the bar and he nodded, prepared a whiskey for Miho, a fruity cocktail for Jazz, a glass of red wine for Subaru and water for Goto. They were comfortably sitting in Long Island, discussing the wedding of Miho and Goto.

“And guess what? I got Jinpachi Yushima as your wedding photographer.” Proudly Jazz beamed at the bridal couple and Miho looked adequately impressed, but Goto didn’t even bat an eye.

“How did you get him for this? He’s a top photographer, one of the best we have in Japan,” Subaru wondered and Jazz grinned smugly.

“It was a personal favor.”

“Really? Well, anyway, I guess Kurosawa will be heartbroken that someone else is taking the pictures,” Subaru quickly changed the topic, robbing Jazz of her short moment of accomplishment.

“Even better,” Goto said. “No matter what that photographer costs, we take him.” Miho chuckled and Jazz joined in.

“So, about the bridesmaid’s dresses… don’t you dare putting us into some butt-ugly rag. We accept silver, blue or grey, matching the color theme of the wedding.” Jazz knew that in the end she would chose the dress but she wanted at least pretend to ask Miho for her opinion.

“Silver, blue and grey?” Subaru scoffed. “I thought it was a wedding and not a policemen’s ball.”

Jazz rolled her eyes. “Who are you to nag all my suggestions?” she snapped at him, only calmed down by Kuni who just brought them their drinks.

“I am the best man!” Subaru declared, almost challenging Jazz.

“Yeah? For what? Lame ideas? Honestly, ikebana and napkin folding are not the ‘pillars of a wedding’,” Jazz mockingly repeated Subaru’s earlier words, earning a chuckle from Miho.

“I told you it would be fun when they get at each other’s throat,” she just whispered towards Goto whose lips curled up into a tiny smile.

“And who are you that you come with ideas like ‘butterscotch cake’?” Subaru was angry, the crease between his eyebrows deepening with every new topic Jazz brought up so far.

“I am the wedding planner. AND the bridesmaid, so please let me do my work and stop complaining about everything. The bride and the groom are the only ones who may complain,” Jazz hissed and shot a glance at Miho. “Although I would advise them to be kind in their choice of words.”

Miho winked at her and Jazz stuck out her tongue, giggling softly.

“Honestly, what am I doing here in the first place if the wannabe wedding planner is making all the decisions in the end,” Subaru pouted and suddenly cried out in pain.

“Oh sorry, was that your shin?” Jazz smiled sweetly and batted her eyelashes at Subaru. Kunihiko chuckled lowly behind the bar and even Goto grinned.

“Just so you know, I am a really good wedding planner,” she said and took a sip of her drink. “Not everyone would get OMI to sing on a private wedding after all.”

“You got what?!” Miho actually seemed excited about this piece of information.

“Who’s that?” Goto asked, looking back and forth between his fiancée and their wedding planner.

“See? He has no idea. You don’t even know what kind of music he likes. I know him better than you,” Subaru said triumphantly.

Jazz snorted a short laughter. She had read Goto’s client profile after all, she knew more about him than Subaru could imagine.

“That’s cute, why don’t you marry him, then? And don’t forget, I know the bride better than you.”

Subaru smirked. “Are you so sure about that?” He raised an eyebrow at Jazz who knew how crude that was, especially in presence of the groom.

“Oh, I am.” Jazz had also read Subaru’s report after all. “Believe me, I know her better. In every aspect.” Jazz saw the realization dawning in his face and leaned back, now she was the one smirking.

Miho cleared her throat and sighed. “So, are you done comparing your dicks, metaphorical and real ones? Good. Subaru, Jazz is the wedding planner, she takes care of the location, the food and drinks, the whole party. You are the best man, you take care of the speeches, the rings and if necessary, the bachelor party before the wedding.”

Goto frowned and clicked his tongue, obviously not wanting that party at all.

“Everything else will get figured out between all of us somehow and until then, try not to strangle each other, okay?”

Jazz nodded reluctantly and so did Subaru, but they kept glaring at each other for the rest of the night.

“So, would you tell me how you know people like Jinpachi Yushima and OMI?” Kunihiko asked when he and Jazz were back at home, getting ready for bed.

“Funny story, I was actually living with them in the same apartment house when I first came to Tokyo,” she explained and smiled at the memory. “It was strange but they were nice, everyone in that apartment house was. Well, maybe the landlord was a bit creepy, but we always had those parties on the roof and that somehow bound is together.”

“So… you never worked with them?” Kunihiko kept asking, trying to sound casual.

“Oh, I did. At least with Jin. Not with Masa, though…” When she saw how his eyes narrowed a bit and his jaw tensed she chuckled.

“Kuni~” she cooed and wrapped her arms around him. “We have talked about this. You have promised not to pry and not to get jealous of my past.”

He sighed and rubbed his forehead. “I know, but I didn’t think it would be this hard.”

“You should make sure to ask the right questions, then,” she chided him gently. “I worked with Jin, but he never was my client. It was more the other way around.”

“What do you mean?” Kunihiko frowned lightly, obviously unable to follow her train of thought. Of course, he couldn’t read her mind after all. Which was a good thing most of the times.

“He wasn’t a client of MJS if that was what you wanted to know. You are aware that I had another job before that, right? And not even that job was it what I was referring to. He’s a photographer and one day one of his models cancelled on him, five minutes before the shooting. He had asked me to take her place and said he owed me a favor for it. Well, I called in this favor now.” She shrugged and nuzzled her nose against his neck. “Are you feeling better now?”

“Mhm… actually I am. Sorry, I know I said I could handle it…” He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly and Jazz laughed.

“Honestly, if I would meet someone you had sex with I wouldn’t be exactly elated, either. And it’s nice that you are a bit possessive when it comes to me. But of course you still have to apologize properly.” She let her fingertips trail down his chest and stopped at his belt.

“Do I have to beg you on my knees?” His lips brushed over hers and she closed her eyes and sighed.

“That actually sounds very tempting. Try that for a start.”

Jazz found herself staring at the picture that used to hang in her bedroom and now was stored away in a box with some of the other stuff she had brought to Kunihiko’s apartment but hadn’t found a place for yet. This picture was special, though. It was a black and white photo of a naked female body, just the curve of the hip and a part of the stomach, a bit of the leg but nothing else. It was completely safe, no private areas showing and yet it was a very intimate picture, although more for the story behind it than the actual scene.

She still could remember the way he smelled, like cigarettes and developer and something else she couldn’t name but that would always be tied to him in her mind. She could remember how he made her laugh, how serious he was about taking her picture. He had made some breathtaking close-ups of her face, au naturel, with disheveled hair but still glowing from the night they had spent together. And in the warm morning sun that was shining into his bedroom he had taken more pictures, the focus of his camera wandering from her face down her body and up again, capturing her from every angle she was still comfortable with.

“You are really beautiful, you know that?” Jinpachi smiles and looks at her over his camera and Jazz stretches lazily, winks at him and purrs: “You’re pretty handsome, too.”

Letting the camera sink he stares at her, following the lines and curves of her body with his gaze, already planning on doing the same with his fingers and lips again later. This isn’t the first time he sees her like this, naked and relaxed after one or even a few rounds of sex with him, but somehow this is special and he wants to memorize as much of this as possible.

“Say, Jazz, would you turn around for me?”

She is currently lying on her back, unashamedly presenting her breasts and the small curve of her belly, this little bit of flesh he wants to sink his teeth into, and pretends to actually think about his request.

“You won’t do anything naughty, will you?” she coos and he grins wolfishly. Of course he will and she knows it, but still she rolls over on her stomach, looks over her shoulder and wiggles her hips, lets her ass shake a bit. She knows how much he loves her ass, this firm and round butt that tempts him every time she walks in front of him, every time she bends over a bit, aware of his eyes on her.

She hears the shutter of the camera and chuckles.

“You’re really taking a photo because it lasts longer?” she teasingly asks. “I have thought you had enough photos by now.”

“Never enough,” he growls but eventually puts the camera down, his urge to capture the moment, her sensual beauty, losing against the other urge, the need to have her again and again. He hasn’t told her yet about this job that will take him to Africa for half a year, probably more, there hasn’t been the right time yet.

Jazz sighs contentedly when he gets on top of her, his weight already a familiar one that she enjoys more than she likes to admit. She can feel his hardness pressed against her ass, his lips leaving wet trails on her skin from her shoulder up her neck. His goatee tickles her a bit but she moans at the feeling of his teeth grazing her skin. He playfully bites her earlobe and she chuckles again just for him to change his approach and trail kisses down her back until he reaches her ass.

“You’re really looking good enough to eat,” he mutters and nips at her skin, the flesh soft and warm under his touch. Jazz squeals a bit and buries her face in the pillow, her body shaking with laughter, sending vibrations into the cheek he’s just nibbling at.

“Shh, hold still. I’m working here,” he grumbles teasingly and Jazz tries to hold her laughter in.

“Sorry, sorry. I didn’t know it’s work for you. But in your age it as well might be considered work, huh?” Her sass earns her a harsher bite and she yelps a bit, chides him with a laugh.

“Ouch, Jin! Not so hard!”

“Hm, that’s pretty much the opposite of what you usually say.” He grins against her skin and licks the bite to soothe the pain a bit and Jazz giggles again.

“You are terrible.” It’s said with the sweetest smile he can imagine and he simply shrugs.

“That’s what you like about me. I’m terrible – terribly handsome. And talented. And I can make you scream my name terribly loud.”

She giggles again but sighs when he pushes a hand under her and raises her hips a bit, pushing her ass up in a way so he can push his tongue into her pussy, making her gasp.

“J-Jin!” she half chides, half moans, feeling a bit too much on display in this position. But he keeps her in place, tongue exploring her pussy and folds.

He groans against her skin, greedily tasting her wetness, until he finally pulls back.

“Get that ass up higher,” he demands and grabs a condom from the bedside table while Jazz sighs and gets on her knees, face still buried in the pillows.

“You know I’m still a bit sore, right?” she pouts and he grins, almost proud at her complaint.

“I know, but I also know that you like it when you feel where I’ve been for days.” He quickly rips the foiled square open and rolls the condom over his cock, his mouth watering at the sight in front of him.

“Should have never told you that,” she mutters but wiggles her hips slightly to urge him on. When he lines up, the head of his cock nudging at her core, she takes a deep breath. Despite his rough tone and sometimes seemingly thoughtless greed he’s gentle when he pushes into her but Jazz hisses and grabs the sheets tightly. There’s a faint burn alongside the pleasant friction, an unfamiliar edge. She will feel this for several days to come but she doesn’t care.

“Come on, old man, show me what you still can do,” she taunts him, grinning at him over her shoulder. Jinpachi growls and pulls back just to slam back into her, eliciting gasps, curses and moans from her.

“Holy-! Ugh… come on… harder…”

They are capable of having sweet and gentle sex, vanilla and still satisfying, but most of the times they enjoy a slightly rougher, faster pace. His hands grab her hips tightly, probably leaving bruises again. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Jinpachi is busy soaking up every last impression and sensation of this moment, he wishes he could take a picture of this right now, just to capture the way her body is bending and moving, how her back is arched, the line of her neck is exposed. He wouldn’t dare telling her that of course, fully aware of her limits. But dammit, she’s so lost in this moment like he is, savoring every touch, every thrust.

He stops, a bit panting. “Lie down.”

Again she looks at him over her shoulder before she sighs and glides forwards, smoothing down the crumbled sheets in the process until she’s lying flat on her stomach again. There is something about the way she just follows his instructions, completely trusting him and eager for him to continue, that makes him want to stay. Maybe if he doesn’t leave this could become something serious between them, something with a future. But then again, she will leave Japan soon, too. Better to live in the moment, to enjoy what they are having for as long as it lasts.

He follows her movement, covers her with his own body, his chest against her back, propped up on his elbows.

Jazz turns her head and angles it so they can kiss, messy and sloppy but sweet nonetheless. When one of his hands snake under her body, grabbing her breasts, she already knows what will happen next and tilts her hips slightly to allow his other hand to slip between her thighs. She moans when his fingers find her clit, circling the already swollen bud. To her surprise he moves slowly now, not slamming into her like usual. Not that she wants to complain, it feels amazing after all.

Jinpachi peppers her neck and shoulders with kisses, nibbles at her skin from time to time and Jazz reached behind her, wraps an arm around his neck and draws him closer while titling her hips again, changing the angle of his thrusts slightly.

“So… oh… so close… “ she whimpers and tugs lightly at his hair, urging him on so that he picks up the pace again, pushing her over the edge into her climax.

Once she calms down a bit he stops, only slowly grinding against her now.

“You okay?” He’s panting and so is she but she nods.

“Uh-huh… but I think that’s enough for today… I can’t take another one…”

With a soft smile he kisses the nape of her neck. “That’s okay, as long as you enjoyed it.”

“Oh, I did, don’t worry. What about you?” There’s no doubt that he is still hard and he chuckles.

“I might need some help with that.” He pulls out and plops down on the bed just for Jazz to straddle him immediately.

“Easy now,” he reminds her and she smiles, slowly sinks down on his cock and leans close to kiss him. She rolls her hips against his, unhurried and relaxed, rides him almost lazily. He grabs her hands and intertwines their fingers, kisses her greedily and she is a bit startled by this display of affection, usually he’s not that clingy. She doesn’t mind, though. Jazz speeds up when he starts panting against her lips, angles her hips a bit until he gasps just to keep rocking against him like this. He throws his head back into the pillows, digs his heels into the mattress, his legs trembling slightly, and Jazz sits up a bit, one hand on his chest, the other reaching behind her back, cupping his balls.

“Oh my… fu… ohhh…” With a growl he tenses, upper body rising from the bed and Jazz wraps her arms around him, holds him close while still moving her hips until he stills her movements with a hand on her hips. They share some kisses before she finally gets off him, lying down next to him, waiting until he is cleaned up a bit. She snuggles close to him, sore but satisfied, a bit drowsy.

“I’ve got a job offer,” he says into the silence in the bedroom, his hand gently trailing up and down her arm.


“In Africa.”

Jazz sits up a bit. “That’s good, isn’t it? Didn’t you want to go there?”

“I did. I do. It’s just –“ He sighs and sits up, too.

“When?” She doesn’t even ask for how long.

“Next week.”

“Hm…” They have talked about this, the whole thing between them is only temporary and both know that, agreed to that.

“Guess I will have to make sure you’ll miss me then, huh?” She pushes him back on the bed and rolls on top of him.

“What are you doing? I thought you were sore.” There’s laughter in his voice but also confusion.

“I will have enough time to recover after next week,” she explains and leans in to kiss him. He doesn’t object at all.

At the end of that week he gives her the pictures he has made that morning and she has to bite back the tears.

“I’ve destroyed the negatives, don’t worry. You’re the only one who has these photos,” he assures her and Jazz quickly browses through the stack of pictures, smiling at the memory of that morning. She pulls one of the pictures out and hands it over to him.

“Here. I know how much you love my ass,” she says cheekily and waits until he takes the picture of said body part.

“You sure?” He raises an eyebrow at her but she only nods.

“Something to cheer you up when you get lonely,” she teasingly replies. It’s only a butt, no one would be able to tell it’s hers after all.

“Okay. Thanks. Take care, babydoll.” He smiles at her and Jazz smiles back, gets on her tiptoes and kisses him.

“Take care yourself,” she whispers, turns around and goes back into her apartment without looking back. It’s better that way.

“What are you looking at?” Kunihiko’s voice pulled her back from her trip down memory lane and she smiled at him. It wasn’t fair that she hadn’t told him the truth earlier, although he definitely didn’t ask the right question. But she knew what he wanted to ask and she owed him an honest answer.

“Just a picture,” she casually said and showed him what she had been staring at.

“It’s pretty.” Kunihiko wrapped his arms around her and Jazz rested her head on his shoulder.

“That’s me,” she admitted and he made a non-committal sound, but craned his neck to look at the picture again.

“Hm, yeah… I can see that. That little mole there… and the tiny scar here.” He pointed at said spots and Jazz smiled.

“You have spent quite some time to get familiar with my body, huh?” she teased and turned to kiss him.

“I have. And I plan on spending even more time on that.” Kunihiko nuzzled her neck and she sighed. “Do you want to tell me who took the photo?”

“Don’t you already know?” she asked back.

“Was it for that job you have mentioned?” He created some space between them to look at her and Jazz shook her head.

“When you asked if I had worked with them I told you the truth. I have worked with Jin but only once, and only as his model. But this picture? It’s a private one. We had – something, I don’t even know how to call it. It was more than a fling and less than a relationship. I had a crush on him but I wasn’t in love. He left for a job and I thought I would leave the country, too. And then I met Ai and things changed a lot and honestly, if it wasn’t for Miho’s wedding I wouldn’t have talked to Jin ever again, I think.” She bit her bottom lip, unsure how he would take it.

“How long ago was that?”

Jazz sighed. “Feels like a lifetime ago, but it was about four years ago?” It really felt like an eternity.

“The picture is really good. Do you want to display it somewhere?”

She knew it was his way of saying he wasn’t mad, it was fine.

“No. I will keep it, but I don’t think we should put it on a wall here at home.” It was strange how easy the word ‘home’ came from her lips now. She grinned mischievously. “But we can hang it in your office. So you could always look at it when you get lonely.”

“And always have to sit there with a hard-on? No, thanks.” He chuckled and Jazz cupped his face in her hand.

“You know that I love you, do you?” she seriously asked.

“I know,” he confirmed and kissed her. And then he confirmed it again.

MJS Romance: Jazz x Kunihiko – New challenges

Jazz was typing furiously, trying to get this proposal done before her client would arrive. This was the first wedding she was planning and she wanted it to be perfect for the happy couple. She still was amazed that it was Ishigami of all people who would use the new service MJS offered. It was a logical step from marriage matchmaking to wedding planning after all.

She sighed. This was a lot of work, especially since she hadn’t recourse to former plans. Of course she could use some of her old connections and experience from her event planner days, but a wedding was really something different. Especially since she had to convince Ishigami first to actually contract her.

She quickly hit the ‘print’ button and walked over to the tea kitchen to get another tea when she ran into Miho.

“Hey, how’s your new intern doing?” she greeted Miho with a huge grin. H had proven to be blessing and Jazz had made the transition from matchmaker to wedding planner smoothly.

“She’s doing one of my clients just now,” Miho smirked and Jazz laughed. Ever since their little conflict had been resolved they were back to being friends again.

“Kunihiko is opening Long Island tonight, how about a drink after work? You can bring your fiancé,” Jazz suggested, stressing the word ‘fiancé’ by saying it with French pronunciation.

“Let me call him and I tell you later, okay?”

Jazz knew that Goto was working odd hours, the problem when being a cop obviously. Well, Kunihiko was working a lot, too, and he and Jazz couldn’t meet up that often either. But still she was on cloud number nine with him.

She nodded and waved briefly, already on the way back to her office. Ishigami would arrive soon.

“Ishigami-san, let me congratulate you to your engagement.” She smiled warmly and bowed her head.

“Thank you, Miss Mann. As you know my time is short. Please let us get on with the topic. Why should I let you plan my wedding?”

Right to the point, like always. Jazz was still smiling and motioned for him to take a seat.

“As I already told you this will save you time and money after all. I already know all your preferences, your favorite food, music, colors. Yours and of course those of your bride. Any other wedding planner would need time to get to know you; I already do. I know things about you and your bride that no other wedding planner could know so I can make sure your wedding will be simply perfect for you. I know how important perfection is for you after all.”

She slid him the folder with her concept over the desk.

“Please have a look at this, Ishigami-san. And tell me if that is at least close to your idea of a perfect wedding.”

The venue, the menu, the band – everything was chosen basing on the profiles of both Ishigami and Liana. Jazz hoped she would work more with the bride after convincing Ishigami; the woman was definitely easier to get along with. Blue as dominating color theme since both liked blue best. Some classical music for the ceremony and a jazz band, live music for the venue of course. Bouquets of freesia since the bride loved those – and Jazz, too. The scent would be heavenly.

Jazz still knew some caterers that would provide great food, both sweet and hearty dishes. She had called the famous photographer Jinpachi Yushima and asked him about good wedding photographers. They could order the cakes from Larme. A lot of possibilities and choices, yet she was sure that her first proposal was already close to perfect.

“What is a pudding pyramid?” he asked curiously.

“You know champagne towers? All the glasses stacked up and someone pours a bottle of champagne into the topmost one so that it flows in all glasses in the end? Imagine a tower made of glasses full of pudding. We can play with the colors and flavors so it will be really impressing, both visually and in taste, of course.”

He nodded once.

“A pudding cake?”

“Just an idea. You can also have a traditional cake, I just wanted to show you the possibilities.”

Another nod.

“Can I keep this?” He raised the folder questioningly and Jazz nodded.

“Of course. Take it home, sleep over it, show it your future wife. When you have decided you can call me.” He was hard to read but Jazz had a good feeling.

“Was that all?” he sternly asked and again Jazz nodded.

“If you don’t have any questions left we are done,” she confirmed.

“Good. My fiancée will call you about this. I think she will be the one to make the most decisions concerning this wedding. And… please focus more on her preferences than mine while making your proposals. I want it to be the perfect wedding for her after all.” There was a faint smile playing on his lips and Jazz mentally patted her own shoulder for obviously finding the perfect match.

“My goal is it to plan the perfect wedding for both of you, Ishigami-san. But I will keep your words in mind.” She bowed slightly and so did he before he left.

Jazz grinned. Okay, her first wedding planning assignment. This day was going to be great!

This day turned to be complete trash. After a really successful and satisfying day at work Jazz walked into Long Island in the evening, happy to be able to see Kunihiko again after a few days with only calls and texts. Although she really wanted to take things slow she noticed how much she enjoyed being around him and that she actually wanted more time with him. Greedy little Jazz.

“Hello, guys!” she loudly called into the bar as soon as she saw the usual guests. Saeki, Takao, Yamato and Yuta. Ren, from whom she just learned he was a prince of a neighboring kingdom of her homeland, wasn’t there. But Kunihiko was. Jazz ignored the stares of the others when she walked towards the bar and leaned over it to drop a light kiss on Kunihiko’s lips. She loved the way he blushed slightly when she did this in front of his friends. Usually he was fine with a bit PDA, but when his gang was around he was adorably shy. Thank god only then.

“Hello darling,” she purred and slid on a bar stool.

“Hello love,” he answered just for Yamato to groan and roll his eyes. Takao had averted his gaze and Jazz assumed it was because this display of affection wasn’t within his comfort zone. Saeki only grinned and Yuta pouted a bit.

“No one ever greets me like this and calls me ‘love’ or ‘darling’.”

Jazz chuckled but when Kuni suddenly leaned over the counter a bit and handed Yuta a glass of beer with a wink and a low: “Here you are, darling,” she burst out in a full laughter. She wasn’t the only one.

The usual banter soon was resumed and Jazz got a cocktail and some gossip, but Takao was unusually quiet, even for his means. He couldn’t look at Jazz and for a moment she was afraid he had seen or heard her having sex with Kuni in the storeroom the other day… but no, that wasn’t likely. They had met after that and Taka had acted just fine. No, there was something off but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Half an hour later Miho came in, without Goto but with a huge smile when she saw the tumbler of whiskey already waiting for her. Like always she made herself right at home. Jazz was always impressed how easily Miho found a place in a group, no matter if she knew the people or not. Well, she already knew Takao and Kunihiko and ever since Jazz had suggested Saeki as a tester for their female clients Miho of course knew the scriptwriter. But Yamato and Yuta were new faces for her, still she treated them as if she knew them their whole lives.

They were just talking about some event Miho had to attend with Goto when she looked at Takao.

“What’s wrong with you today?” She sipped from her glass and Jazz chimes in.

“Yes, you are a bit quiet. Is everything okay?”

“If you have troubles in matters of the heart you can always ask us,” Miho said, but the devilish glint in her eyes made clear that she wouldn’t make it easy for Takao.

“Uhm… no, it’s something else…” he said, scratched the back of his neck and stared at his feet.

“Something serious?” Jazz asked. Takao nodded.

“Something you can’t tell us?” She was suddenly aware that everyone was now staring at them. This wouldn’t make it easier for him to tell.

“Actually…” Takao hesitated. “It’s something work related.”

“Oh.” Jazz nodded, she understood the importance of confidentiality after all.

“Boooooring,” Miho said in a singsang voice. “Hey, Kuni, can I get another one?” She raised her empty glass and the conversation around them continued, Takao breathed deeply and gave Jazz an apologizing smile.

“Actually… I really have to talk to you.”

“Am I in trouble?” Jazz jokingly asked. Takao didn’t answer, but his serious face made her smile drop.

“Shit. Am I really in trouble?”

“We should talk. Somewhere private.” Takao got up and waited for her to do the same.

With growing unease Jazz followed Takao upstairs, not even aware of Kunihiko’s worried gaze.

“As your lawyer and the one who was in charge of your divorce they sent this letter to me instead of you,” he explained while Jazz was still staring at the piece of paper in her hand. Her trembling hand.

This was impossible. Outrageous.

“When did you get it?” Her voice sounded strangely distant in her ears.

“Today. I tried to call you but couldn’t get you on the phone. Sorry, I didn’t want to ruin your evening with this.” He was sitting next to her, unsure if he should pat her shoulder comfortingly or not.

“No, it’s okay… I will need some time to take care of my living arrangements from now on.” She still stared at the words in front of her eyes, they suddenly lost their meaning.

“We can still go against this,” he said reassuringly.

“Takao, they want to take my apartment from me. And I know exactly that it’s not Ai who’s behind this.” She sighed. There was it, black on white. Obviously Ai hadn’t even been in the position to transfer the property rights for the apartment in the first place. Which meant that the contract in which he did exactly that wasn’t valid. And now Kujuro enterprises wanted the apartment back.

Or better, Ai’s mother wanted it back. This was her last friendly kick in the ass for her former daughter in law.

“But you have a divorce settlement. And he had been the owner of that apartment at that time,” Takao pointed out.

“Let’s be honest. The Kujuros have more money than I can imagine and I can’t afford to pay for a long legal war. I just can’t. So far most of my own money went directly into MJS and what I get out of the business is enough to feed me and make sure that I can afford clothes so I don’t have to go naked. But I’m not exactly wealthy, by no means. I had only some money because I didn’t have to pay rent.” She let the letter sink and sighed. “I need a drink. If I can even afford that now.“

“I’m sure Kuni won’t charge you,” Takao muttered, making her smile faintly.

When they came back down into the bar the chatter was a welcome distraction for Jazz. She walked behind the counter, grabbed a bottle of Tequila and a shot glass, poured herself a drink and downed it without batting an eyelash.

“Whoa, easy there. What’s wrong?” Yamato asked but Jazz only refilled her glass and downed it again.

“Jazz? If you’re in the mood for shots you can always ask me to join,” Miho said, but there was a slight crease between her eyebrows. She was a bit worried at the sudden change of mood of her friend.

Without a word Jazz grabbed a second glass, filled it and slid it over to Miho. And refilled her glass a third time.

“Last time we had Tequila was real fun,” Miho mused and Jazz only snorted a dry laugh.

“Yeah, I remember. Hey, Miho, you do like me, don’t you?”

“Depends. When you give me alcohol I like you. When you nag me about glitter in your panties, I don’t.” Miho shrugged and took the glass. “Cheers.”

“Say, if I suddenly was homeless, could I crash on your couch?” Jazz came back from behind the counter and took a seat. She didn’t dare to meet Kunihiko’s eyes.

“My couch?” Miho frowned.

Jazz was aware that she was petty and selfish and wallowing in self pity, but she couldn’t help it. The apartment was the only good thing she had left after her trainwreck of a marriage. Due to the prenup she didn’t get much else. Not that she wanted money. Maybe she should call Ai and ask him if he knew about this. If he could prevent his mother from going on with this bullshit.  But knowing Ai she immediately dismissed this thought. He wasn’t even bale to tell her that he and Jazz were divorced, or that Ai was gay. Or anything that would make his mother mad.

“That old bitch wants the apartment back. She’s suing me for it.” Another shot.

“Well, my couch is still free, but you know… you might not want to sleep on it after – anyway. Can I help you somehow?”

Jazz shook her head. She knew she couldn’t impose on Miho. Hell, she just got engaged! Of course Jazz couldn’t stay at Miho’s place. What was she thinking?

“Does anyone know a good realtor? And cheap. Scratch good. Only cheap.” Jazz felt like crying. Alcohol wasn’t helping any so she stopped refilling her glass. Now that part of the matchmaking fee would go to H Jazz had even less money than before. And the wedding planner service was still in the early stages, there was no money in sight yet. She knew how expensive living in Tokyo could be. Maybe she had to move into a cheaper part of town.

“Doesn’t Selina have a guest room?” Miho asked.

“She’s thinking about moving herself. Something closer to the office,” Jazz mumbled. And closer to the office meant also more expensive and that meant probably less space.

“I have a guest room,” Takao said but Jazz only smiled sadly.

“That’s sweet, but I can’t take you up on that offer.”

“Why not?” he asked and Jazz chuckled.

“I couldn’t guarantee for your virtue,” she answered with a wink before she sighed. “No, we are working together, that’s not a good idea. Plus, you are a man and I am a woman – I don’t want to give you the wrong impression about how living with a woman can be. No, keep you illusions until you move in with someone you really like so you won’t want to kick her out immediately.”

And Jazz needed some privacy after all.

“Can they just do that? Go against a valid divorce settlement?” Yamato asked.

“The problem is, the apartment hadn’t really been part of the divorce settlement. He transferred the property rights before the divorce, thinking it would be clever. But that was also before he was CEO of Kujuro enterprises and therefore before he actually held the property rights. The apartment obviously belongs to the company, not him.” Jazz sighed. Ai was working with real estate all the time, that was what his company did after all! Okay, mostly it was about commercial property, but that couldn’t be that different, could it? How could he fuck that up so badly?

“Wow. What are you doing now?” Yuta asked.

“Drinking, obviously,” Jazz answered.

“You can still sleep in the office,” Miho pointed out. Jazz laughed. The thought alone was hilarious, greeting clients in her pj in case she overslept.

“Or you could move into the room upstairs,” Saeki suggested. Now that was a good idea – no, wait, she would have to ask Kunihiko for permission.

Shyly she peeked over to her lover. He seemed a bit angry, definitely unhappy. Okay, so not the room upstairs.

“Sorry, I feel bad for ruining the mood. I better go home now – as long as I still have a home,” she lamely joked and grabbed her purse, shoved the letter in and slid from the chair. It was hard enough not to cry and the smile she wore was already crumbling.

She could hear them talk while she hurried outside.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” That sounded like Takao.

“She needs a moment to herself, to let it sink in. I’ll talk to her tomorrow. We’ll find a way,” Miho assured him.

A few steps out of the door Jazz took a deep breath. The tears were already gathering. That was a punishment. She had been too happy lately and now the universe reminded her that everything had a price. Without a bit of suffering life just wasn’t the same.

Fuck it! Jazz had always prided herself in being independent and strong. She was used to not having much money and willing to work hard. She would make it. Blinking her tears away she straightened up and exhaled deeply. Okay, no new shoes for now, no fancy restaurants and shopping trips. That was okay, not even a serious cutback of her quality of living.


She turned around, only hoping that she didn’t look as if she had cried. “Kunihiko. What are you doing out here? You’re having guests.”

He stepped closer and cupped her face in his hands, intently looking at her.

“Why didn’t you ask me for help?” There was disappointment in his voice and only now she realized that he might have gotten the impression that she didn’t trust him enough, trust their relationship enough to share this burden with him.

“Sorry, I – it just didn’t come to mind. I’m so used to fixing things myself…” She shrugged lightly.

“If anything comes up, any problem at all, I want you to talk to me about it. I want you to know that you can rely on me.” His thumbs gently wiped the traces of some treacherous tears away that had managed to escape before she could hold them back.

“I know.” She sighed, but this time it seemed that together with a lungful of air also some of the anxiety and the anger left her.

With a small smile she looked at him. “So, do you happen to know a good realtor?”

He shook his head. “Jazz…” he softly chided her. “That’s not the first thing you should ask.”

With her brow slightly knitted she pondered his words. Did he really want her to say ‘Help me’?

“There’s an easy solution to your problem, isn’t it?”

“I need more money?” she asked back. That would be a solution, but she wouldn’t ask him for money. Never.

He let go of her face and sighed. “No, not that. I was thinking of something else.”

Oh. OH. Her eyes went wider when she realized what he was talking about.

“Jazz. Do you want to move in with me?”

Her heart stopped beating for a second. This was not what she wanted. It was sweet and she knew that he really meant it, and she would lie if she said she wasn’t happy to hear this. But not like this. Not just because she might lose her own place.

“Kunihiko…” she started but he cut her off.

“I’m not finished yet.” He reached into his pocket. “I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. I know we aren’t together for that long yet, but every time I come home and you are not with me it feels wrong.” When he pulled his hand back from his pocket he was holding a key.

“I want you to come and go as you please. Although I’d rather have you there every night and every day. And not just as my guest. I want you to live with me.”

She was speechless. In her effort to make sure they didn’t rush things she had completely forgotten that they still should be moving forwards.

“I love you,” she muttered, fighting with her tears again. It was the first time she actually said that to him. ‘I like you’, ‘I love the way you kiss me’, ‘I love it when you fuck me like that’ – she had said all that already, but never ‘I love you’.

It felt better than anything before. She had guarded those words so carefully, always afraid to break whatever spell was binding them if she said them out loud. Always afraid of jinxing everything.

“Is that a yes? Will you move in with me? Even if Takao manages to win your apartment back for you?” He was smiling, so happy, so gentle, so sweet.

“Yes, I’ll move in with you. But don’t complain about my hair everywhere and that my 60 pairs of shoes take up to much space or-“

He cut her off again, this time with a kiss. And another one. And another one. Until she finally pulled back, snatched the key from him and grinned.

“Now it’s too late to change your mind, you know that, right?”

“I wouldn’t even dream about that,” he replied, still smiling.

“Okay, we better get back inside or Miho drinks all your whiskey and everyone else under the table,” Jazz said with a chuckle.

“Say, one quick question… glitter in your panties?” He arched an eyebrow and Jazz giggled.

“Maybe I will tell you about that one day. Or you give me more Tequila and Miho and I reenact it for you.” She leaned in and quickly licked over his lips once before she turned around and walked back into the bar as if nothing at all had happened.

Maybe this day wasn’t complete trash after all.

MJS Job interview: Jazz x H

Jazz really came to like Long Island. She could never set a foot inside without thinking about Kunihiko hoisting her up and pressing her against the wall, kissing and touching, but that was only another perk of this place. But it was also homey, had a relaxed atmosphere and friendly regulars. A couple of days after coming back to Japan Jazz had already met most of Kunihiko’s friends.

Tonight the bar was almost empty, though. Jazz sipped from a delicious cocktail Kuni had made for her and chatted with Takao and Yamato.

“I’m not staying long today,” the teacher just said. “We’re going on a trip with the students tomorrow. I have to be well rested and sharp to prevent them from doing stupid stuff.”

Jazz chuckled. “Being a teacher is hard, huh?”

Yamato rolled his eyes. “You have no idea.”

It was at that point that the infamous womanizer and script writer, Saeki, entered the bar. But, what drew his attention this time wasn’t exactly his aura, but the woman he brought in with him.

“So, this is the bar I was telling you about.”

“Ah, you’re right, very quiet and cozy,” the woman smiled.

“Is Saeki really bringing a date here?” Yamato whispered and Jazz turned around a bit to examine the couple that had just entered.

“That’s new,” Takao confirmed.

“Why not?” Kunihiko asked in a hushed whisper. “This is a nice bar after all. Perfect for dates.” The way he looked at Jazz would have made her blush if she still had an ounce of modesty left. But she didn’t so she simply smiled at him and winked.

“You are right. Perfect place for dates.” She turned even further on her bar stool. “Saeki, nice to see you again. And with company.” She hopped off the stool and nodded towards the other woman.

“Hi, I’m Jazz.”

“Always a pleasure, Jazz,” he winked, even if Kuni gave him a little glare.

“Nice to meet you. H.”

Saeki smiled as the girls introduced themselves.

“H is the woman who’s been helping me with my script ideas,” Saeki explained. “Plot holes can sometimes only be seen by others.”

“Yeah, and you suck at seeing them,” H laughed.

“Oh, so you are working together,” Yamato stated, almost a bit disappointed.

“Well, I’m glad that Saeki brings another girl here. It’s a bit lonely with all you guys around.” Jazz smiled at H and took a seat. Not that she was complaining, bantering and chatting with the guys was fun after all. And for girl talk she still had Miho and Selina. But it was indeed nice to see another girl in the bar.

“H, I hope Saeki is nice to you. If not just tell us, we give him a stern scolding then,” she teased.

“He can be a bit – inappropriate sometimes,” Takao admitted and Kuni snorted in laughter.

“Ah, don’t I know it! Don’t worry, been at the brunt of it for a little while now, I’m used it,” H grinned.

“I’m nice! I’m being nice to her, did date for a while after all,” he explained, but when he was met with a lot of confused and surprised looks he continued: “Yeah, we dated but decided it wasn’t going to work, right?” he asked H, who happily nodded in response.

“Yep, as per usual, I lost interest in dating, nothing wrong with him of course!” she defended him and added: “Sex was good.”

Takao blushed and almost chocked on his beer while Yamato cleared his throat. Jazz chuckled, this candor something she was used to, but in Japan it was still rare.

“You guys dated?” Kunihiko slid a glass of wine over the bar towards Saeki and gave H a questioning look.

“Dating? Doesn’t sound like Saeki at all,” Yamato chimed in.

“What’s wrong, Kougami-sensei? Jealous?” Jazz asked. “I mean, how is it possible that no one of you has a girlfriend? And now Saeki says he’s at least dating and you aren’t even happy for him? Shame on you.” She clicked her tongue and took another sip of her cocktail.

“See what I have to put up with? All the guys here are acting like high schoolers.”

“Hey!” Kunihiko feigned indignation just for Jazz to blow him a kiss.

Saeki thanked Kuni for the wine and took a sip, smirking at the reactions.

“Dated, mind you. We were not together or anything, both agreed to it.” Saeki explained.

H couldn’t help but laugh at the reaction, realizing she was in Japan so it was more conservative.

“Ah my bad, sorry, I keep forgetting how different Japan is. I mean, to me sex is sex, but I guess you guys don’t see it that way,” she said, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it, honestly, as long as you enjoyed yourself,” Saeki said.

“Oh I did, don’t you worry, good sex is good after all.”

Saeki spat his drink out a little.

“Ok then,” he chuckled.

Jazz laughed. It was a happy, genuine laughter, something that bubbled out of her without the chance to hold it back.

“I like this girl,” she stated and handed H a menu. “Get what you like, drink’s on me.”

“You mean you will actually pay for your drink this time?” Yamato teased her.

“Nope. Gonna pay in kind. I have a good connection to the barkeeper after all.” She winked at Kunihiko who chuckled lowly and shook his head, slightly embarrassed but mostly amused.

Takao blushed even more. “Can you please not do this all the time?”

“What?” Jazz asked and looked at the lawyer.

“He’s talking about your shameless flirting. One of these days you will openly make out here, right in the bar.” Yamato furrowed his brow and glared at her.

Jazz snickered. If only he knew how close he was to the truth. “Okay, okay, I try to keep it down. But it’s not my fault that my boyfriend is such a hottie. You can’t blame a girl for enjoying the honeymoon stage of a relationship.” She turned back towards H and waited for her to decide on a drink.

“Wow thanks, but I don’t mind paying. Or Saeki can, he lost a bet on erm… our last time together,” H chuckled and happily asked for a rum and coke, Saeki spitting his drink again.

“Fine, I guess I do still owe you,” he sighed.

“So you guys are together? Oh that’s so awesome, you’re really cute together, honestly!” H said with genuine happiness for them. “Don’t hold back on my account, or theirs. If you guys are happy you should show it,” H said, thanking Kuni for the drink.

“Now I would love to hear about that bet but I guess the prudes over there won’t even let me ask,” Jazz said, looking back and forth between Saeki and H. “By the way, have you guys introduced yourselves already?”

Jazz clicked her tongue again. “So, the tall one is Takao, he’s a lawyer.”  In a whisper/yell she added: “A sweetheart and gentleman. Just in case you’re interested.” She winked at Takao who blushed again.

“Kuni, I think your woman had enough to drink already.” Yamato glared disapprovingly.

“The redhead over there is Yamato. He’s a spoilsport obviously. And a teacher. Which is basically the same.” Again Jazz leaned closer to H. “But he can cook.”

She pointed at Kunihiko. “That’s the owner of this bar, Kunihiko. But as you already know he’s taken.”

“Yamato is right, maybe she really had enough,” Takao muttered, but Jazz ignored him.

“Pleasure to meet you all. I’m sure Takao is a lovely guy but I’m not interested in any relationships right now,” H smiled apologetically towards the lawyer. “No offence at all!”

“She’s only looking for sex,” Saeki said so H whacked his head, making him spill his drink.

“Oh look at that, such a shame…” she cooed but grinned.

“Anyway H!” Saeki changed the subject. “Found any jobs yet?”

“Nah, interview sucked yesterday so I declined the offer, the whole office seemed… clinical,” she explained, sipping her drink.

“So, you are looking for a job? That’s not that easy here, especially for Europeans. What kind of job?” Jazz couldn’t help but being curious.

“Anything really, as long as it’s a nice environment and nice people to work with, I’m not too bothered. I’ve done admin, retail and customer service roles so I’m up for anything,” she explained, casually giving Saeki a napkin as she talked since he was still cleaning himself up.

And she genuinely didn’t mind what she had, she wanted to try something new and since writing was out of the question here due to translation and her not really knowing the industry, she was more than happy to try something she’d never done before. Or maybe even something she had done before. End of the day, a job was a job.

Jazz hesitated. She couldn’t just ask H, could she? But she could talk a bit more to her and try to find out if she would really do ANYTHING. Ever since coming back to Japan she was thinking about her problem. She didn’t want to leave MJS but if she couldn’t provide the full service she couldn’t make client profiles. And without profiles no matchmaking. And without matchmaking no job.

Miho was engaged and Selina – well, Selina never tried the test driving anyway. She rather stayed in the office. For now they still had enough clients with finished profiles, but there were appointments for new clients and some older ones who still had to get tested.

Jazz needed a substitute. And Japanese women weren’t exactly the most sexually adventurous.

“H, how about we ditch the guys and have a nice girl talk? I’d love to know more about you. What part of Europe do you come from? How long are you here already?” She leaned closer and gave her a conspirative wink. “And how is Saeki between the sheets?”

“Hey!” Kuni and Saeki almost simultaneously cried out.

“You can keep talking about baseball, gentlemen. We are talking about other things.” She hopped from her stool and grabbed her drink, motioned towards a table in the back invitingly and waited for H to follow her.

Intrigued, H decided to follow Jazz, answering her questions as she went. She did laugh at Saeki’s reaction, always self conscious, he always asked how he was afterwards. Maybe should could tell Jazz that for a laugh.

“Britain, I’m come from Britain, been here for about a month now, or just under. Only a few weeks. As for Saeki…” she smirked and winked as she took a seat away from the guys. “He knows his way around a woman.”

“A few weeks? But you have a place to stay, right?” Jazz remembered her first weeks in Japan. Her company had taken care of housing and everything, she only had to board a plane. Still, it was a completely different country after all.

“Oh yeah, I have a place, used some of my savings to get a little flat, so I’m all good,” H smiled. Jazz seemed nice and genuine, well from what she has heard about Kuni from Saeki, she already believed he would pick someone good as his girlfriend.

“Britain sure is another world in comparison. I’ve been there a couple of times. I feel like unexpectedly running into a neighbor while being out of town,” Jazz laughed. Although she had been in Japan for a while now it was always nice meeting someone from Europe.

“So, you are not into relationships? Did I get that right? Sorry, I don’t want to pry, it’s just unusual.”

“Ah, no I’m not. I’ve come to the realization I can’t seem to get past the third date without losing interest, so I’ve decided not to date anymore. It’s easier that way, less arguments and drama from the men,” she explained.

Third date? Now that piqued Jazz’s interest. She bit her bottom lip and cursed the cocktail inwardly. Should she just ask?

“That is really unusual. But I can totally understand that. Actually before I met Kuni I was rather – flighty. It didn’t help that I am working in a marriage matchmaking agency. All the nice men you meet there – they can be a bit distracting.”

Jazz was simply putting this out there, waiting how H would react.

“Yeah, not sure why but never seem to keep interest, it’s annoying but what can you do?” H shrugged. “But wow, matchmaking, how does that work with Kuni? If you don’t mind asking, I mean, seeing eligible men day in and out, he must get jealous. But hey each to their own, think it’s cool you work in a place like that,” she sipped her drink happily.

Taking a sip from her own drink Jazz still observed H over the rim of her glass.

“Just between you and me? I met him there. He was – a client and when I noticed that I actually like him I asked my coworker to take over his case.”

She sighed and put her glass down. “But you know how it is, the heart wants what it wants. So here we are now. He’s actually fine with me doing the job, although there are some aspects he doesn’t really like. But we worked that out.” She glanced over to the counter and smiled.

“Loves never planned, always pops up when you least expect it,” H chuckled.

“I’m changing jobs now anyway. We are broadening our services and start offering planned weddings. I have been an event planner before, so that’s really close to my original job.” Jazz looked back at H.

“And that brings me back to you. I need someone to take over parts of my work. My coworkers and I have split up the responsibilities but when I start working as a wedding planner it will get tough. You seem like an open, dedicated woman. I can imagine you would fit right in with us. So, would you like to visit us some day? Get to know the others? Get to know more about the job? I can’t promise you anything yet, but if everything goes well…” She shrugged and smiled again.

H almost dropped her glass at the sudden job opportunity.

“Huh? I mean, yeah, I’ll come for a look around but…I mean….what does the job entail? I’ve not exactly worked in the matchmaking business before… I’m up for it but yeah, I need to know a bit more about what I’m meant to do.”

“Of course,” Jazz agreed and nodded. “But I hope you understand that we are working in field that requires confidentiality and discretion. Nothing I would want to discuss in a bar. But it’s not that complicated and I guess you would find it more than enjoyable. I surely did. Oh, and I guess you would have to sign a confidentiality agreement. We are having some very high class clients and we have to ensure the safety of their personal information.”

She took her purse and handed H a business card.

“Call me when you have time. We can make a spontaneous appointment, don’t worry. But the pay is good, it’s all completely legal and not shady at all. We are legit, not some rip-off. You can ask our lawyer, he’s standing over there.” Jazz pointed towards the bar. “Oh, or at least he had been standing there. Looks as if Takao has left already. Anyway, the pay is good and the other two members of the team are wonderful women. You would love it there.”

H looked at the business card, glancing at the place Takao used to stand, then back to the card. She knew it wasn’t shady, having a lawyer involved and Kunihiko even being involved too in some way, she kind of trusted what Jazz was saying. Even if H was a little reserved as to what was going on at that moment in time. To be suddenly offered something out of the blue was always a shock, but, hey, she wasn’t going to let this slide. She was willing to see what the job was at least.

“Sure, I’ll come check it out. And I can do confidential, I’ve done that before so I understand, especially if you have high class clients so not a problem. Thanks.”


Two days later Jazz opened the door of the office to invite H in.

“Great that you could make it. Take a seat. Can I offer you something? Water? Coffee? Tea?”

She had told Miho and Selina about H and even if the others were a bit reluctant they agreed that Jazz could at least have another talk with H about a possible job in MJS. And it wasn’t as if they could just place an advertisement somewhere.

“I’m ok actually, I had something on the way over, thanks for having me,” H said, perching herself on the chair Jazz had offered.

“Nice office, and I mean in general too, the buildings a nice building…sorry I’m rambling,” she chuckled. “So tell me more about the job.”

Jazz smiled. There was nothing wrong with the nervousness H was showing, after all she had no real idea yet of what Jazz was offering.

“Sure. So, actually we need someone who helps us with some – let’s call it background check. The actual matchmaking process is something that my coworker will do, so don’t worry about that. But to be able to find the perfect match we need a lot of personal information about our clients. We want to provide impeccable service after all.”

She slid a sheet of paper over her desk towards H. A confidentiality agreement.

“If you are interested so far I would like you to sign this so I can tell you a bit more about the job.”

“So, in essence I’d be finding out about the client, like what they like and dislike and so on? I’m guessing because of this agreement, the personal information can get quite… in depth?” H asked as she looked over the agreement.

Of course, everything was in check and completely legal. H had seen scamming documents before in one of her old jobs, never again, so her trust in this company increased slightly and she signed.

“I’m interested.”

“Great.” Jazz grinned and took the paper back before she took a deep breath.

“So… we would like you to go on some dates, to see how our male clients behave in that situation. There is no judging involved, just observation. You have to be able to give us an objective report afterwards. And… it’s not only a date. Actually it involves having sex, too. If you are not comfortable with that it’s okay, no hard feelings. But after our first meeting I had the impression you would enjoy sex and this way it would always be the first date – never the third. There are some rules of course and you can make clear what you are willing to do and what not. Everything is completely consensual. And I know how it sounds but this is not prostitution. It’s more…” Jazz sighed and leaned forwards, resting her hands on her desk.

“Have you ever had a really bad date? And wished someone had told you before that the guy sucked? Or really bad sex? We want to make sure that our clients don’t have to experience that. And we are very thorough.”

H couldn’t help but laugh a little. That was it? She had been nervous about absolutely nothing! She smiled at Jazz.

“Oh yeah I believe that. It kind of annoys me when people say: ‘no sex before marriage’. I mean, how do you know if you guys are compatible in bed? As long as it’s consensual and I can have ground rules and such…  and of course the guy knows it means nothing, I’m completely fine with it,” she explained, visibly relaxing.

Jazz smiled widely, obviously relieved. That could have gone into the completely different direction and she was glad that H didn’t feel offended.

“Oh good. You can just make a list of things that are okay for you and some absolute dealbreakers. The most important thing for us is that you give a really objective report. Pay attention to the details, what he likes and what not, how he reacts in certain situations. You get to read their self-assessment so you already get an idea in what direction things might go. We need you to rate that self-assessment afterwards, to tell us how much of it is real and where he’s just off.”

Feeling better not that the most important thing was taken care of Jazz leaned back in her chair.

“Every single one of our clients gets checked by a physician. The medical report is part of the info we are giving you before you start. On the other hand we also need a medical report of you. Condoms are mandatory and not negotiable, but I think I don’t have to tell you. Clients are bound by a confidentiality agreement as well and you probably won’t even see them again afterwards, except for maybe coincidental run ins here in the office.” Jazz had considered some kind of trial run but since time was getting short she would rather grill Saeki for details about H in bed.

“To be honest, I never do it without a condom. I’m on the pill but even then I’d still say condom. But thank you for giving me that run down, I’m totally up for going ahead,” she grinned, feeling a lot more relaxed.

“I’m sure if there’s anything you need to know you’ll ask and I’m guessing we can work out contract and stuff soon. Thanks for the opportunity, I look forward to working with you, Jazz!”

Jazz smiled and offered H her hand. A typical European way of sealing a deal.

“I would like to introduce Miho and Selina to you so you all know each other. If they have no objections I would say you simply try it out. Afterwards you can still decided if it’s okay for you or not.”

She got up from her chair and motioned for H to follow her. Jazz had the feeling this would become a really great cooperation.

MJS Romance: Jazz x Kunihiko – Mile High

Jazz smiled at the airport security guard and walked through the metal detector. There was a short beeping and she sighed, took off her shoes and walked back through. Beep beep.

“Are you wearing metal jewelry?”

Jazz shook her head. “But my underwear contains some more wires than most bras,” she admitted. The corsage made of lace and satin sounded like a very bad idea at first, but after the flight from Japan back home when she had already worn something similar she was actually convinced of this piece of garment. It somehow made her feel better.

It took some time and convincing before she was finally allowed to pass. At the check in counter another surprise waited for her.

“Miss Mann, your ticket has been upgraded. Please go the check in for business class travelers. You can also wait in our lounge after checking in. Have a nice day and a pleasant flight.”

The woman smiled at Jazz who hesitantly took her ticket and walked over to the other counter. After check in and another affirmation that yes, her ticket had been upgraded but no, sadly the nice lady behind the counter couldn’t tell Jazz who exactly had upgraded her ticket, she went into the lounge for some refreshments. Much to her surprise she found a familiar face there.

“Kunihiko?! What are you doing here?”

He beamed at her and jumped up from his seat only to hug her tightly.

“You asked me to pick you up from the airport.” He sounded a bit smug but most of all happy. Jazz returned his embrace but was still puzzled.

“I did, but I was thinking you would pick me up in Tokyo, not here!”

“I wanted to surprise you,” he admitted and brought some distance between them, just enough for her to see his face.

“Well, I AM surprised. And happy. Thank you.” She hugged him again and giggled. Obviously she wasn’t the only one in this relationship who was good for a surprise every now and then.

“How was the wedding?” Kunihiko led her to a table and they both sat down, holding hands all the time.

“Nice. My cousin was a lovely bride, I was wearing a dress that I had chosen so it wasn’t hideous, the ceremony was a tearjerker. The food was great, there was enough alcohol and the music was fantastic. All in all it was a great party. Except for the fact that my mom had to tell everyone that I’m divorced now. What better occasion is there to announce the end of a marriage than a wedding?” She rolled her eyes and Kunihiko chuckled.

“They made me line up to catch the bouquet.”

He laughed even more. “And? Did you catch it?”

“Catch it? It came directly my way so I stepped to the side. No thanks, I’m done with marriages for some time now. No wedding for me.” She shook her head until she noticed his expression. Oh.

“Wait, you – you are not disappointed, are you? I mean, you are aware that I just got divorced, right?”

He looked away and sighed. “And you are aware that we met when I was looking for a potential wife, are you?”

“Oh.” The sudden silence extinguished the earlier happiness Jazz had felt. This was awkward. Well, they never had the time to actually talk about their relationship. Since she had left Japan a week ago they had talked over the phone, but most of those calls had ended rather steamy. Kunihiko definitely had a way with words.

“We – we should really talk about some things, huh?” She gave him an apologetic smile and he sighed again.

“Yes, we should. We have a long flight, we could talk a bit in the plane.”

Business class definitely was something else. The seats were comfortable, there was more space and less persons. It was like heaven above the clouds.

After settling into their seats and getting some refreshments from the flight attendant Jazz still felt a bit guilty. She actually had completely ignored the fact that Kunihiko had been looking for a wife, not just a girlfriend.

“Is your company okay with you just taking off a day or two to pick me up from my vacation?” she suddenly wondered.

“Well, Osanai wasn’t that happy when I told him but he made me visit a business partner in France yesterday, so I can consider this as extended business trip.” He shrugged and took off his jacket. Jazz wanted to reach over and undo his tie, followed by his shirt, but held back. Dammit, a week with phone sex was better than nothing, but now that she could see him, actually touch him it wasn’t easy not to just climb him.

Jazz busied herself with taking off her own jacket and getting comfortable.

“So, can we talk now?” Kunihiko looked at her expectantly and Jazz nodded.

“You don’t want to get married again? Ever?” There was a crease between his brows that she had never noticed before.

“That’s not it. I just don’t want to rush into the next marriage. Being rash hasn’t worked out for me so I want to take it a bit slower this time. I mean, we hardly know each other yet.” It was all rational and sensible, but she felt like a huge jerk saying it like this.

“You already know pretty much everything about me that there is to know. I admit I still have to learn a lot about you. This included.” He flashed her a small smile.

“So, uhm… are we okay?” Jazz still wasn’t sure how important the whole marriage part was for him but she hoped that he would rather be with her without getting married than marry someone else.

“Yes, we are okay. You didn’t say you would never marry me after all, only that it won’t be soon. I think I can live with that.”

Jazz sighed in relief and grabbed his hand, interlaced their fingers and smiled when he raised their links hands to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

The touch was light and still sent shivers down her spine. This was almost torture! Jazz snuggled closer to him, craving the feeling of his body next to hers, and rested her head on his shoulder. This was better than nothing after all.

They chatted a bit, kissed a few times. Almost chaste kisses, they were both aware of their surroundings and even if not all seats were actually taken they were still in public. After dinner and a movie Jazz got a bit tired, snuggled closer to Kunihiko – or at least as close as their seats allowed – and under a blanket, honestly trying to go to sleep.

“Are you tired?” Kunihiko whispered into her ear, making her squirm a bit.

“I am. Aren’t you?”

“A bit. But I just remembered some of the text messages you have sent me. I hope you know that some of them were torture for me. You can’t send things like that when I’m in the office.”

Jazz chuckled a bit. She might have gone a bit too far with one or two of them. The picture of her in the bathtub was still safe for work, but the text she had sent him wasn’t.

“You like that, don’t you? Knowing how much that affected me?” He was still whispering, so low that it was barely audible, but she nodded. That was a huge turn on for her after all, otherwise she wouldn’t do that.

“Can you imagine how uncomfortable it is to sit in a meeting with a huge hard on because your girlfriend sent you some very naughty texts?” He nibbled at her earlobe and Jazz shuddered a bit.

“No,” she breathed, “tell me about it.”

His hand rested on her thigh, hidden by the blanket, and for the first time in ages she cursed herself for wearing pants instead of a skirt. Well, naked skin and airline seats were not really a good combination after all but right now she would even endure that if she could only feel his hand on her naked skin.

“Well, I think I have developed a Pavlovian response to the sound of incoming texts on my phone,” he whispered on, the smile audible in his voice and Jazz grinned.

“Good to know… I will just send you text next time I want you to get hard then,” she cheekily whispered back. The next second his hand suddenly slid between her legs, pressing the seam of her pants against her core, making her gasp.

“Should I show you how uncomfortable it can be, getting aroused in public without the chance to take care of things?”

There was something in his voice, something that had her blood rush into her nether regions. Oh. Really? Here? That wasn’t part of his profile. But she liked a bit of thrill every now and then, not too much of course. Controlled danger.

So she simply bit her bottom lip and tried to stay quiet, her head on his shoulder. From time to time she grazed his neck with her lips and when he cupped her sex through her pants she had to stifle a gasp, making him chuckle lowly.

Jazz squirmed in her seat, hands clutching the armrests. After making sure that no one had noticed anything he slipped his hand under her waistband – thank god for stretchy fabrics – and Jazz shifted in her seat, giving him better access. It wasn’t ideal but she soon found herself rocking her hips against his hand, small, hardly noticeable movements. She was panting, still holding her voice in, so when he turned his head slightly and kissed her she was grateful for the distraction that provided some additional stimulation at the same time. But just when she started feeling the tingling, the tightening, when the pressure increased with every brush of his fingertips against her clit, he just stopped, making her whine quietly.

“See? Very frustrating, isn’t it?” His breath washed over her cheek and her neck since she had her face half buried in the crook of his neck.

When he didn’t make a move to continue she straightened up a bit and growled: “Restroom. Now.” Jazz quickly fixed her clothes and stood up, looked around and nodded once to show him it was okay. She noticed that he had to readjust parts of himself in his pants and grinned. At least she wasn’t the only one horny as hell right now.

The restroom was like she had expected. Small. Tiny even. But at least a hint bigger than the usual ones. As soon as he locked the door behind them Jazz grabbed him and pulled him closer, her lips on his, her hands already unbuckling his belt. Kunihiko mirrored her, pushed her pants and panties down. There wasn’t enough space to actually take them off so he turned her around and Jazz grabbed the edges of the sink, watched him in the mirror as he lined up but hesitated.

“Do you… are we going… do I need…?”

“Just do it already,” she snapped, half laughing half grumping. They had this talk before and yet he still asked. Too cute.

There was nothing cute about the way he suddenly pushed into her, though. She arched her back, hand gripping the sink tightly. Not making a sound was the hardest part, Jazz was rather vocal and actually enjoyed it. But there was only the sound of them panting, low moans and groans, the clinking of his belt buckle against the plastic of the vanity every now and then.

They both knew this was just a quickie but it was exactly what Jazz needed right now, hard and fast. And when he slipped a hand between her legs to find her clit again she came almost instantly, biting back her cries of pleasure, clenching her eyes shut and holding her breath until her high subsides slowly.

Kunihiko came shortly after her, biting into her shoulder to keep his own voice in. They needed a moment to catch their breath and when he pulled out and cleaned up with a paper towel a bit Jazz looked at him in the mirror. The way his cheeks were flushed, hair disheveled, his shirt and tie askew – and a wave of emotion almost swept her away. She couldn’t believe that he actually was here, with her, because of her.

“Are you okay?” He had noticed her staring, the wet shimmer in her eyes.

“Yeah, I’m – I’m just happy.” She grinned at him. “And now get out of here so I can freshen up a bit.” With a last kiss he slipped out of the restroom and Jazz couldn’t stop grinning. Not while she cleaned up, not when she was back in her seat, not when she woke up the next morning, almost back in Japan.

They walked through the airport hand in hand, the luggage already taken care of, when her smile suddenly vanished. Unsure whether she should let go of his hand or grab it tighter for support she stopped walking, frozen to the spot at the face she suddenly saw in front of her. An angry face.

“What’s-?” Kunihiko couldn’t even finish his question when an older woman came straight towards them, her eyes lingering on their linked hands for a moment before she stared at Jazz.

“What is the meaning of this?” she demanded to know and Jazz swallowed.

“Hello, Mama Kujoro,” she greeted the other woman in a small voice.

“A married woman, whoring around in broad daylight? Do you have no shame?! I knew Ai made a mistake by marrying you!”

Jazz was aware of the stares of the surrounding crowd but other than most Japanese women she had no problems with being stared at. It was something she had gotten used to ever since coming to Japan.

“Madam, would you please stop shouting and calling her names,” Kunihiko tried to calm her down but Jazz squeezed his hand slightly and took a deep breath.

“I take Ai hasn’t talked with you yet. A foolish coward, that’s what he is. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but we are divorced since – two weeks ago. Now, Kujuro-san,” she said, emphasizing the honorific suffix to point out that there was no connection, no familiar bond between them anymore, “I would like to bid you farewell and keep ‘whoring around’ in broad daylight.” She gave her former mother in law a short bow and tugged Kunihiko with her when she stormed off.

“Hey, slow down,” he suddenly said and pulled her back a bit, into his arms. “Are you okay?”

Was she? Jazz wasn’t sure. It was not the fact that she had been yelled at, Ai’s mother has never been very fond of Jazz. A foreigner, probably not even a virgin anymore when she married her son. As if that had been important for Ai.

“Yeah, I’m – I’m fine. Just angry at Ai that he still hasn’t grown some balls and told his parents.” She gave Kunihiko a wry smile and he hugged her briefly.

“Sorry you had to go through that.”

“It’s okay, I got used to it. Now, let’s get home, can we? I’m tired and want a shower – and some nice, slow, intense sex with you. How does that sound?”

Kunihiko smiled at her and nodded. “Sounds good. Your place or mine?”

“Yours. My fridge is empty and I definitely need something to eat.”

They would be at her place often enough. At least that was what she thought at that moment. Her smile was a bit dimmed but still in place when they hailed a cab and headed towards his apartment, towards an afternoon and a night full of kisses, passion, and food. What a way to come home.

MJS Out of office drama : Jazz x Kunihiko

Hideki Ishigami. He was the scourge of her existence right now. It had been hard enough to actually make a profile for him and now Jazz was stuck, trying to find a potential match for the secretive, scary-looking detective. She sighed, having dismissed almost every profile she had checked so far. Sarah Jane? Autumn? Ayame? They were all lovely, but just not completely fitting.

Jazz stared at her computer screen, trying to work. It had been a week since she ran into Miho and Goto in the hotel after cancelling the contract with Yu. She still could see Miho’s face, the wide eyes, how she had paled a bit, but not because Jazz had caught her in the act or better, on the way to it. No, she had been completely focused on the man in front of her, hadn’t even noticed Jazz standing in the crowd. She had had only eyes for Goto. And when Miho went out with Jazz and Selina for drinks to celebrate her very sudden engagement she had been beaming the whole time. Very annoying.

But after all the shit Miho had given her Jazz suddenly understood why she had done it. They were both in the same position, with just one difference: Jazz had admitted her problem, at least in parts. Miho had tried to keep it a secret. And yet it had worked out for her but not for Jazz. So much for asking for help.

Jazz sighed and rubbed her temples. Thinking wasn’t easy when her mind and heart were fighting each other constantly. But she had made a decision and now she would have to go through with it. Back to work. This wasn’t exactly an easy case, but then again, which was? There were always things to keep in mind but so far Jazz and showed a real talent to match up the right clients to create happy couples.

Her gaze wandered to the postcard on her desk, showing the palace of Oriens. She knew the writing on it by heart, having read it countless time ever since it had arrived two days ago.

Thank you for your advice, it was the push I needed. I told her and she said she loved me, too. I am eternally grateful, without you I wouldn’t have found the courage. Sincerely, Yu Kujo

She was happy for him, it must have been hard to confess his feelings, but in the end his courage got rewarded. He deserved it.

Jazz glanced around her office before she opened another client profile on her screen. With a sigh she stared at the picture; those violet eyes and the dark curls. She had really messed that up. She chided herself for being weak like that, for not being able to let this go already. With a quick click that file was closed again and Jazz opened a female client profile.

For Ishigami it had to be someone smart, who could actually understand not only his thoughts but also his dedication for his job. Wasn’t there this one client? Smart, athletic, a bit of a sharp tongue? Jazz opened the profile. Hm… at the first glance she wouldn’t really think that worked, but somehow she had a good feeling with it.

Liana. She browsed through the notes and the answers to some of their psychological questions. Impatient when it came to foolery – Jazz remembered Ishigami complaining about the easy-going attitude of some coworkers – but not as tight-lipped as the detective she could be the right candidate. She was pretty and polite. Perfect.

Yes, she would send him that profile and maybe two others.

Jazz was just printing out Liana’s profile when her phone rang. Ai.

“Jazz, darling, I just thought that it would be only right to drag you out of your office and into a nice little bar tonight. Our divorce is finally through so let’s have a drink on that.”

Jazz rolled her eyes.

“Ai, I still have so much work to do, I can’t just-“ she tried to reason with him but if their marriage had taught her one thing then that Ai wasn’t exactly reasonable.

“Oh, come on! You can’t bury your cute little ass in work all the time. Kou wants to go out and you are coming with us. I’m paying.”

Kou. Oh god, Kou and Ai together were just unbearable. All sickly sweet couple blah. No, thanks.

“Ai, I’m happy for you and Kou, really, especially since he’s now the one to endure your moods, but honestly I don’t have time.” She browsed through another profile.

“If you don’t come I tell cousin Sato that you are available again. You remember him?”

That got her attention. During their wedding said cousin had made some very crude remarks about what he would have done if he had found Jazz first.

“You wouldn’t!” she practically yelled into the phone, her voice echoing in the otherwise empty office.

“You know I would. And you know you need to get out of your office every now and then. So turn off your computer, change into the emergency dress I know you’re having there and meet me and Kou in two hours. I’ll send you the address.” She could practically see his smug grin, the way his self-satisfaction made his features just a bit softer. Jerk!

“There’s better a cocktail waiting for me when I arrive,” Jazz grudgingly accepted and wondered – not for the first time – how she could have ever thought that Ai was straight. That guy deserved a fucking Oscar already. Deep down inside she enjoyed the bickering and the bitching, he was the only one who did that with her and the only one she could take her own moods out on like that. It was almost therapeutic after their sugar coated storybook marriage – even if that was only faked.

Two hours. She still had time to wrap things up here. She knew she couldn’t leave without tying up the loose ends, didn’t want to leave behind more work for Miho and Selina. With renewed energy she started searching for two other bridal candidates for Hideki Ishigami.

In her emergency dress – a burgundy red shift dress – she walked into the bar/restaurant where she was supposed to meet Ai. She was a bit early after coming by cab, something she usually wouldn’t do, but running to the train in heels wasn’t also something she usually wouldn’t do. Tripping and spraining her ankle was definitely not on her agenda that day.

When she came into the bar and looked around she couldn’t find Ai and Kou so she asked at the reception.

“Mr. Kujuro said he would arrive a bit later. Can I show you to your table already?” the polite receptionist offered and Jazz nodded. Hopefully there would be alcohol.

After a good sip of her cocktail – fruity, fresh, with a hint of rum and amaretto – she relaxed a bit. This might be a good opportunity to clear up some last issues concerning the divorce, although she already suspected that Ai and Kou would only flirt all evening and Jazz would simply get wasted. She just checked her phone for a message from Ai when the receptionist led another person towards her table – but it was neither Jazz’s ex-husband nor his new lover. It was still a familiar face and Jazz only hoped that the shock and confusion she felt didn’t show on her face.

“Mr. Aikawa… I didn’t expect to see you here.”

He seemed just as surprised as she was. “Miss Mann? Is there a problem with – with my date?”

Jazz got up, the receptionist smiled at them.

“I am sorry, but why did you bring him to my table?” This must have been some kind of mistake, right?

“Mr. Kujuro called and said that Mr. Aikawa would take his place. Is there a problem?”  The receptionist was smiling politely, without a care in the world. Didn’t she know what she was doing to Jazz? Now of all times?

Jazz was confused and so was Kunihiko, and this was the moment to make a decision.

“No, thank you. Will Mr. Kujuro come and join us or did he say anything else?” Jazz was suspicious now. Ai just loved to play with her.

“Oh, he wants you to know that he is sorry but he won’t be able to join you tonight. But he wants you to enjoy your time here and will gladly take care of the bill.” With a smile and a nod she left the table again. Jazz and Kunihiko stood in front of each other, unsure what to say and do. When she smiled weakly and moved to sit down again he quickly rushed forwards to help her with the chair. A gentleman, huh?

The awkward silence loomed over them, even after they sat down and the waiter brought a bottle of champagne.

“So, what did you say earlier? About a date?” She tried to keep her voice even, the smile in place.

“Oh, Miss Fujiwara had told me that I would meet a marriage candidate here.” Kunihiko rubbed the back of his neck, right under his ponytail. It was a very sweet gesture, especially since he blushed a bit. He was embarrassed.

“Did she now? Would you excuse me for a second, I have to make a quick call.” She raised a finger briefly to indicate it wouldn’t take long.

Voicemail. Of course. Coward.

“Ai,” she purred in a sweet voice, “I’m sitting here, waiting for you and Kou to show up. I guess I have to order something to help me pass the time. Lobster maybe. Or steak. Or both. Yeah, both sounds good.”

Her tone got harsher now. “And a nice old wine to help me wash that down. So if you talk to Miho, please tell her that I will keep that purse she lent me the other day. And she better apologizes to Mr. Aikawa. He wasn’t pleased that she put him into an awkward situation like this a second time. He left as soon as he saw me and honestly, if it wasn’t for the champagne I would be gone by now, too. So, I hope your hair falls out – more than it did already.” She ended the call and sighed.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Aikawa. I know this is strange and awkward and unpleasant, but it looks as if we got set up.” Now she sounded seriously upset.

He smiled wryly. “’Mr. Aikawa’, huh? What happened to ‘Kunihiko’?” His violet eyes searched her face.

“I thought – I thought you wouldn’t want that anymore. After the last time we met.” She was still a bit ashamed of what she had said, what she had done. She had left him in the dark. Completely enthralled in that crush she had on him she had tried to show him only her good sides. As if she had something like that.

“I would be lying if I said it was nothing. I was – shocked, but I figured you had your reasons. I would have loved to hear them, though.” Again that wry smile.

“Yeah… me, too…” Jazz muttered and grabbed her glass to down the champagne in one go. Kunihiko raised an eyebrow but Jazz simply reached over the table, took his glass and drank that, too. After that she felt a bit better.

“Sorry. I think I really owe you an explanation… it’s just – god, it’s so damn embarrassing.” The clatter of cutlery on plates and clinking of glasses filled the silence that loomed between them.

“I can’t do that on an empty stomach. How about we order something and just talk? You can ask me whatever you want to know – after I get some starters. I’m a bit moody when I’m hungry. Or tired. And right now I’m both so we better order soon.”

She refilled her glass, ignored his slight frown – yes, in Japan it was custom to pour each other’s drinks but Jazz needed more alcohol to get through this dinner and she needed it now – and motioned for a waiter to come over. She quickly ordered a few starters, told Kunihiko to get whatever he wanted and asked the waiter to come back for their main course order in a few minutes.

“I feel bad, having dinner here with you when your husband is paying.” It was meant as a joke, but she could hear the edge in his voice.

“Ex.” She took another sip, his questioning gaze prompted her to quickly swallow the bubbly liquid.

“My EX husband. The divorce is valid since Tuesday,” she explained.

Kunihiko smiled and took his glass – still empty, but Jazz quickly poured him some champagne – and raised it. “Well, that’s something we should drink to.”

They clinked glasses but this time Jazz only sipped a bit, she better slowed down for now. Kunihiko put his glass down, too, almost untouched.

Jazz sighed in relief when the waiter came and put a basket with bread down. Better than nothing.

“I’m so sorry, but I haven’t eaten all day, I have been busy like crazy. Do you mind…?” She motioned towards the bread and he smiled and pushed the basket a bit into her direction.

“Don’t worry, go ahead.”

Gratefully Jazz grabbed a piece of bread and spread some butter on it, took a bite and sighed again. Much better already. When the starters came she had finished that piece of bread and could focus on the food in front of her. It was a wild spread, a colorful selection of the menu.

After a few more bites Jazz relaxed a bit and when the waiter came to get their order for the main course she was already smiling. Once he was gone again Kunihiko cleared his throat lightly.

“So, are you in the shape to answer some of my questions now?”

Jazz put her cutlery down and took another sip of champagne. She nodded. Actually she was a bit nervous, not sure where this was heading now. At least he hadn’t really turned on his heel when he saw her how she made Ai – and indirectly also Miho – believe. But he had come to meet with a potential bride after all. The whole scenario was weird.

“I’m just wondering why you are so interested in me.” She couldn’t believe that he still wanted to talk to her, by now every sex induced illusion of affection should have died down.

“You know so much about me but I hardly know anything about you,” he simply answered.

“You didn’t even know I was married, so yes, you don’t know me at all.” It was hard and cruel, but true. Everything he thought to know was just the image she had showed him. Well, maybe not everything. Her cheerful and flirty personality had been real.

“Hence the questions. You are not married anymore, right?” He had also put his cutlery down and watched her intently.

“No, not anymore,” Jazz confirmed.

“And are you in any other relationship? Engaged? In love?”

Wow. Right to the point. She hesitated. “I’m not in a relationship now.” It was a cautious answer, not giving away too much just yet.

“Actually I haven’t been in a real relationship for some time now. Ai was – it was never real. It’s complicated.” Maybe it would be less complicated with some more champagne? She nervously sipped again.

“Do you still love him?”

Jazz nearly choked on her champagne and decided to stop drinking for now. “I – I will always feel something for him, but it’s not love. I just needed some time to realize that. We are – like siblings now. Yes, I think that describes it perfectly. We bicker and bitch, but we will always be there for each other.”

The gaze he watched her with was intense and searching. He wasn’t sure if he should believe her and she wasn’t sure how much she should tell him. Jazz sighed and started to explain in more detail.

“I had studied Japanese and worked for a company back home and they had sent me here after some time. I only was meant to stay for a year, but you know how life can be. A few weeks before I wanted to go back I met Ai and – well, he was funny and sweet and I had to confirm my mother’s conviction that I had no clue how to pick a man. So when I caught him in the act with his lover we had a long and constructive talk – after the ugly crying and throwing things of course – and somehow managed to find an agreement.” She sipped at her glass again.

“He cheated on you?” Kunihiko’s eyes went wide.

“Not exactly. He and his lover had been in a relationship even BEFORE I met him, so technically he cheated on Kou with me.” His confused expression made her shrug. “I know, I needed a moment to get that concept, too. But it’s the truth. Kou had been there first and I was the ‘other woman’. Or in our case, the only woman. And believe me, that was a position I never imagined myself in.” Her dry chuckle stuck in her throat when she realized what she had just said.

“The only woman? Wait, what does that mean?” With furrowed brow he waited for an answer.

Jazz closed her eyes briefly. Stupid champagne, stupid tipsiness, stupid, stupid crush.

“Uhm… Kou is a man. And so is Ai. They are obviously gay. Well, not obviously enough because I only realized when I came home one day and found my husband deep throating his supposedly best friend. I mean, I like my friends, too, but not THAT much.” She made a ‘what can I say?’ gesture, grabbed her glass again and braced herself for the inevitable laughter and teasing that would follow.

“You were married with a gay man and had no idea?”

She was sure that he was only holding back his laughter for now. “Yes, I know, I must have been pretty desperate,” she wryly answered. Nothing she hadn’t heard before after all.

“I would say you must have been pretty shocked when you found out. Weren’t there any signs?”

Wow. He was actually not reacting like a jerk. Jazz was impressed.

“To be honest, in retrospective there actually were some signs, but I had always troubles understanding Japanese men.” She rolled her eyes and still wondered herself how she could have NOT seen that.

“I mean, until then I had only met two kinds of Japanese men. Those who offered me money or material compensation for sex and those who wouldn’t even shake my hand after meeting me for several times. So I figured Ai was only shy when he said he wanted to wait until we were married, but at least he hadn’t tried to make me his secret affair after seeing me for the first time.”

It was so ridiculous but unfortunately it was the truth. Jazz had believed him, she had no reason to doubt Ai after all. He had been funny and considerate, they had kissed, even if it had lacked some passion. She had thought he was holding back, not that he had to bring himself to kiss her. So she had waited patiently until they were married and when he instantly fell asleep in their wedding night she figured he was only tired. When he still didn’t try anything in the next night she was sure he only didn’t want to rush her. There was an excuse for every night they hadn’t slept with each other and at some point she had guessed something, but she had never had an idea of the extent of the truth. The worst thing about it was that she actually had been in love with him. Maybe it wasn’t the one, deep and true love, but Jazz had loved him nonetheless and the betrayal did hurt.

Kunihiko nodded slowly. “Love is blind after all. You didn’t want to see it so it was easy for him to deceive you. But that doesn’t change the fact that he knew what he was doing to you. And you still consider him a friend?”

Jazz shrugged and took a deep breath. “In the end he still treated me better than most men before. And isn’t that sad?” More champagne kept the sadness in check.

“What do you mean?” Now Kunihiko was curious and Jazz was so tipsy already that she didn’t care anymore. She would have told him everything if the waiter wouldn’t have come and served their dinner. Jazz immediately tucked in. That gave her an excuse to gather her thoughts for now. How much should she tell him? Should she really take the risk?

Halfway through her incredibly delicious salmon she came to a decision. There was nothing to lose after all, not at this point anymore. She could as well be honest with him.

“I have the unbelievable ability to fall for the worst men. One of my former boyfriends stole money from me. Almost everything I had. Another one became my stalker after I broke up with him. One of the reasons for me to come to Japan after all.” She shrugged and drank some more. Her head started to feel fuzzy and her mouth just kept talking.

“So I always pick out the wrong guys and then I met you and you were so dark, tall and handsome, exactly my type, and funny and relaxed – and the sex, oh my god! That was so incredibly good! – I mean, there has to be something wrong with you, right? That’s just my luck. You know, finding the perfect guy and then it turns out he’s a marriage imposter or my secret stalker or actually gay.” She laughed wryly and drank more champagne, something Kunihiko watched with growing worries.

“The point is,” she was already slurring her words a bit, “I like you, so there has to be a catch. lt’s like a rule.” She nodded once as if to reaffirm her conclusion.

“You like me?” He couldn’t hide his smile and Jazz’s laughter bubbled out of her.

“That’s all you take from my rushed confession?” Well, it might be the most important part so it was fine.

“What else should I take from it? That’s all I need to know.” He reached over the table and took her hand but Jazz pulled her hand back.

“You – you know what my job includes. Maybe not you are the one with the catch, it’s probably me. I know how many sexual partners you had in your life and let me tell you, I had a lot more. Doesn’t that bother you? Tell me you won’t get suspicious or jealous when a stranger greets me, when other men you don’t know talk to me. We might run into former clients and you wouldn’t even know because as you know there’s the confidential agreement.”

That had been on her mind for so long already, she couldn’t just expect him to be fine with that. Men had called her a whore for knowing even less about her past. (It was interesting that she got called ‘slut or ‘whore’ more often by men she rejected than anyone else, especially if they had invited her for a drink or even dinner and she had turned them down afterwards. Weird.)

“Are you ashamed of that part of your life?” he asked, not judging, just curious.

“No.” Her answer was short but firm. There wasn’t anything she was ashamed of after all. She regretted some things, but who didn’t? And not when it came to her job. Everything had always been consensual and actually more pleasant than some of her encounters before.

“Then I don’t care. Everything you did before doesn’t matter. You can’t change the past.” He furrowed his brow. “Did you ever cheat in a relationship?”

The sudden change of topic confused her, the alcohol making her thoughts slow. “No. I actually am completely faithful when I am in a relationship. Except in my marriage with Ai at the end, when I already knew the truth. But I wouldn’t want to hurt my partner like that. I’m not a liar and I’m not a cheater.”

She ran her hands through her hair, her fingers getting caught in it so she had to pull a bit. There was a brief ache in her earlobe but she didn’t care much.

“So you say you would never cheat? Under no circumstances?” This seemed to be an important point for him but it also was for her. Honesty and faithfulness were the basis of a relationship for Jazz.

So she shook her head. “If – and that’s highly unlikely – if I should ever have the sudden urge to have sex with someone else while being in a relationship I would at least have the decency to call him and break up. I mean, that’s what phones are for, right?” She beamed at him, her logic impeccable in her drunken mind.

“That’s a joke, right?” He seemed taken aback until Jazz laughed.

“Of course it is! At least the part with the phone. You should see your face!” She giggled. “No, honestly, I’ve never felt the urge to cheat. Never.”

Kunihiko leaned back in his chair. “Then there’s no reason to get jealous. Even if you had sex with someone else before, as long as you are faithful in your relationship it’s fine.”

Now that made her laugh. “Ahhh… I wish my stalker ex could hear that,” she said, wiping an imaginary tear away.

With a raised eyebrow Kunihiko asked: “That bad?”

“Even worse. But its fine now, there’s half of the world lying between us now. I’m fine.” She continued to eat, feeling better now that she had told him the most important things. Now he could decide if it was worth it to take the risk. If she was worth it.

“You are more than fine,” he dryly answered, making her stop everything for a moment before she laughed again.

“Mr. Aikawa, are you flirting with me?” Teasingly she raised her glass again, drank the remaining champagne while watching him over the rim the whole time.

“Damn right, I am.” His hand covered hers again and this time she just let him. “And I told you to call me Kunihiko.”

“Kunihiiikoooo~” Jazz cooed with a huge grin, more than obviously tipsy by now.

“I think it’s time for you to go to bed.” He didn’t know if he should laugh or scoff at her. Getting drunk like that.

“Exactly what I was plannin’ to do…” she answered with a wink. “You gonna take me home?” Batting her eyelashes and biting her bottom lip she watching him blush lightly.

“I can at least give you a ride. You can’t take the train like this.” He sighed and motioned for the waiter just to remember that the bill was already taken care of.

“Come on, let’s get you home.” He got up from his chair only to notice her earring on the floor, so he bent down to pick it up and handed it over to her.

Jazz cheered loudly, drawing the attention of other guests towards their table.

“Yes! Yes, a thousand times yes!”

Guests started clapping, assuming he had just proposed to her. His confused expression made Jazz giggle, she grabbed his hand and pulled him close just to seal their “engagement” with a kiss.

Under the applause of the guests Kunihiko finally managed to get Jazz on her feet and out of the bar.

“You are really a handful,” he chuckled on their way to his car. Jazz grabbed his arm and snuggled close.

“I know. But you wanted to know more about me… are you regretting it already? Are you fed with me?” She looked at him with that adorable little pout, while she in fact was afraid of his answer.

Kunihiko laughed and pulled her closer, his arm around her shoulder.

“No, definitely not. Although I have the feeling that my life will be much less boring now.”

He opened the passenger’s door and helped her into the car before he got in and started the engine.

“Now, where to?” He looked at Jazz expectantly and she giggled.

“Is this a trick to find out where I’m living? You know that I never take clients home?”

His eyes narrowed just a bit.

“I would like you to stop thinking of me as a client.”

Jazz hesitated. She really wanted to ask but what if he said something she didn’t want to hear? The champagne won over her insecurity.

“What would you want me to think of you instead?”

Kunihiko glanced over at her, the light of the street lamps washing over them in the moving car.

“Miss Fujiwara told me that you want to change careers,” he casually said and suddenly Jazz understood why Kunihiko was so relaxed about her job. He knew she wasn’t doing the date simulations anymore.

“Miho is an old chatterbox,” she stated and grinned, for the first time not even annoyed by Miho’s meddling. There was still a lot they had to talk about but right now she was too tipsy, too excited to do that. She reached over and took his hand, happy when he squeezed back.

“Next time I would like to take you out on a real date,” he suddenly said and Jazz’s heart jumped in her chest.

“I think I would like that.” They spent the rest of the way in comfortable silence.

When they arrived at her place Kunihiko helped Jazz out of the car and she stumbled only a little bit, fumbling with her key, giggling until he took the key from her and opened her door. Definitely too much champagne.

“Coming in?” She motioned towards her hallway when he stayed outside, still hesitating.

“I really shouldn’t. You are drunk and better go to bed now.”

“Hmmm…” Jazz swayed just a little bit in her heels, placed a hand on his chest – god, how she had missed touching him – and looked up at him, the perfect mixture of innocence and temptation. “Maybe you should make sure I get to bed safely. You know that most accidents happen at home…”

He huffed a dry chuckle. “You’re not making this easy for me, you know that, right?”

Jazz leaned up a bit, leaving only a tiny gap between their lips.

“I want to make it as hard as possible – for you.” She pulled back a bit and smiled. “Come on, one coffee. And I mean the beverage, not the euphe-, euphi-“ She frowned a bit, this word just didn’t want to come out right. “-… the code for sex.”

“I think coffee is a good idea for you,” Kunihiko agreed but still didn’t move. Jazz let her hand drop until she could take his and pulled him inside.

“Gimme a second, I know I got coffee somewhere,” she said and let go of him once they reached the living room. “Take a seat, I’ll be right back.” With uncertain steps she made it into the kitchen, kicking her heels off on the way.

Kunihiko looked around her living room. It was spacious but somehow empty. Very clean and neat.

“Sugar or milk?” Jazz yelled from the kitchen, just interrupting the song the she hummed lowly to hear his response.

“Black is fine.”

“Gotcha!” Rummaging for two matching cups she accidentally knocked a can with tea over, spilling the loose tealeaves on the counter.

“Is everything okay?” The worried voice of Kunihiko made her laugh.

“I’m fine, don’t worry. Nothing serious!” She could hear his footsteps until he suddenly was behind her.

“I think it’s better if I carry the coffee into the living room.” His voice, low and with a hint of mirth, washed over her and she closed her eyes and grabbed the edge of the kitchen counter to steady herself. He shouldn’t be able to shake her like this, to make her want him like this. She should be stronger, resisting. But she wasn’t.


“Yes?” His hands found her waist.

“Dance with me.”

He chuckled. “There’s no music,” he pointed out, but it wasn’t a ‘no’.

“Easily fixed.” Jazz turned around and found herself trapped between Kunihiko and the counter. Her breath hitched in her throat for a moment and she had to look away or else she wouldn’t have been able to resist. Her fingers itched to feel his skin but even in her drunken state she wanted to respect his limits. She’d rather bend them than break them.

“Come with me,” she breathed and slowly walked him to the living room, his hands remaining on her waist the whole time. She grabbed the remote and turned the music one, quickly selecting the title. Nina Simone, ‘Feeling good’.

Kunihiko raised an eyebrow and titled his head slightly.

“You’re into jazz?”

“Sure. So could you…” She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed herself against him, made him feel the warmth and the softness of her body. His only answer was a low growl, deep in his throat, a rumbling in his chest she could feel even through the layers of clothes that still separated them.

They moved slowly, swaying to the music, Jazz on her tiptoes, her temple resting against his shoulder. One of his hands slid down to the curve of her ass, the other arm wrapped around her back, pressing their bodies even closer together. She felt like in a dream, everything so unreal, floating, a haziness that had nothing to do with the bottle of champagne that she had almost emptied on her own. Yes, she was tipsy, but she was even drunker on this feeling, the excitement, the closeness. She wanted more.

So when she slowly tilted her head a bit, lips grazing his jaw, she held her breath, unsure how he would react. Would he stay strong and controlled, make sure they didn’t do anything stupid? Or would he give in, kiss her, touch her, throw caution to the wind and spent this night with her? Just like she wanted? Just like he wanted, too, judging from the growing hardness against her belly?

Kunihiko took a sharp breath, feeling her lips against his skin, and his self control wavered. Jazz could feel his jaws tensing and she sighed against him, half disappointed and half hoping.

“We-“ he began but she interrupted him.

“I know…”


“I know.” Pulling her head back slightly she tried to look at him, offering a small smile. It was okay.

No, it wasn’t. Not for him apparently. With an almost desperate sigh he pressed his lips on hers, making her moan lightly. Jazz clung to him, pressed her body impossibly closer to him. She wanted to feel him, taste him, undress him, taste even more of him, kiss him – everything at once and especially now.

He didn’t protest when her hands slid up and into his hair, pulling the tie out and messing up the curls. He didn’t protest when she started pushing his jacket off his shoulders. And she didn’t protest when he slid his hands down her thighs, prompting her to jump so he could carry her into the bedroom.

With her legs wrapped around him and her lips peppering his neck with kisses she distracted him but they managed to reach the bed without incidents. When he set her down Jazz swayed a bit, had to cling to him for support.

“You okay?” His voice was hoarse, low and incredible sexy.

“Perfect,” she reassured him with a dazzling smile before she pulled him close again, one hand against his chest and one using his tie to reel him in. More kisses, with growing hunger and urgency, while he slowly opened the zipper of her dress, eliciting moans and giggles from her. Jazz already had undone his tie and was clumsily working on the buttons of his shirt.

“This is… are you sure… this is a good idea?” Although still hesitating Kunihiko pulled her dress up and off her.

“This is… a fantastic idea…” Jazz confirmed, stripping him finally off his shirt before she plopped down on the bed, scooted into the middle and reached a hand out towards him. “Best idea I ever had.”

Kunihiko crawled on the bed, right into her arms, covered her with his body, hips flush with hers. Jazz pulled him in for another heated kiss, wrapped her legs around his waist so she could feel his hardness through his pants and her panties. She rolled her hips against him, urging him on to grind against her. Kunihiko moaned against her lips, making her giggle, a sound that turned into a moan of her own when he cupped one of her breasts and squeezed lightly. She could feel her nipples harden and strain against the fabric of her bra.

His kiss was dizzying, her head spun and she needed to breathe. She pushed lightly against his chest.


He hummed against her skin, his lips already traveling down her neck.

“Kunihiko!” There was more urgency in her voice now and he looked up. “I’m… dizzy…” she groaned. It wasn’t the nice kind of dizzy, the butterflies in the belly kind of dizzy, the dizziness that came from happiness and arousal. No. This was the champagne.

“Do you need a glass of water?” He was panting, his hair disheveled, his lips swollen from the kisses. He was incredibly sexy.

“That would… that would be great…” Jazz closed her eyes, screwed them up as tightly as she could, hoping to get the world to stop spinning. She could feel him leave, his weight lifting off her, his warmth fading, the dipping of the mattress. Jazz took some deep breaths and cursed herself for drinking at all.

Kunihiko came back not even a minute later, a bottle of water and a glass in his hands. When he noticed that she had fallen asleep he sighed and took of his pants, adjusted himself in his boxers and covered Jazz with a blanket before he joined her on the bed again, holding her close.

The next morning came much too soon and with too bright light. Jazz groaned and tried to bury her face in the pillow when she noticed that she wasn’t alone. A careful peek showed her a still sleeping Kunihiko.

Oh. She quickly checked her state of undress – still in bra and panties. Okay, that wasn’t too bad. Who was she kidding? This was awful!

She slipped out of bed, careful not to wake him, and hurried into her bathroom. After a quick shower and a very thorough teethbrushing to get rid of the taste and the fuzzy feeling in her mouth she sneaked back into the bedroom to get dressed.

“Good morning.” His voice startled her while she was just trying to close her bra. She turned around and smiled sheepishly.

“Did you just wake up from the sound of my dropping towel?” she teasingly asked him.

He chuckled. “No, it was more the sound of your nakedness. I think I will always wake up for that.”

She smiled but grabbed a dress and put it on quickly. “Sorry, I just wanted to go and get us something for breakfast.”

“I could think of something.” The way his eyes raked up and down her body made clear what he was thinking of.

“Hmm, that sounds tempting, but I’m actually hungry and that makes me a bit – cranky. So let me get us some breakfast and coffee first, okay? Sorry, I wasn’t expecting overnight guests. My fridge is empty.”

She leaned down and kissed him quickly. “Stay in bed, doze off for a bit. Or take a shower. I put a towel and a toothbrush out for you. I’m back in ten minutes.”

Before he could pull her back into bed she was already on the way out.

Kunihiko padded into the bathroom, taking a shower like she had suggested. When he stood in front of the mirror, a towel wrapped around his waist and the toothbrush in his hand, he suddenly realized why the bathroom seemed to be off. There were no bottles. No lotions, shampoo, no makeup or other products, nothing but some toothpaste on the sink and her toothbrush. He walked back into the hallway and he was still standing there when Jazz came back, coffee in her hands and breakfast in a bag.

“Now that’s a nice welcome. I could get used to this sight when I get home,” she teasingly said and eyed his naked chest. She only hesitated when she saw his serious expression.

“When did you want to tell me?” His voice only barely masked his anger.

“Tell you what exactly?” She knew what he meant but she wanted him to say it.

“You are leaving?” Kunihiko pointed towards the suitcase that stood in her hallway. Jazz made a face, she cursed herself for preparing everything in advance.

“Yes, I am. Quite obvious, isn’t it?” She walked past him towards the kitchen to set their breakfast down.

“When?” He seemed so vulnerable, only dressed in a towel in her hall, it was almost surreal.

“Around noon,” she admitted. There was no use in lying anyway.

“And it didn’t occur to you to tell me?”

Jazz sighed. That was why she had wanted to talk. But no, she had to get wasted and now he was angry and hurt.

“I am sorry, I didn’t plan to hide it from you. It just – there was no good opportunity last night.” She looked at him, open and honest.

“There was no good opportunity? What about: ‘Come in and stay here tonight, but you have to leave in the morning because I’m going to leave the country tomorrow?’!”

It was the first time she saw him angry. She was aware that he was capable of this emotion, but seeing him like this was strange. She had made him angry. Because the thought of her leaving Japan hurt him. Without thinking she rushed towards him and kissed him. He struggled a bit but when she pulled back and smiled at him he only frowned, but didn’t push her away.

“I’m visiting my family. My cousin is getting married and I will be her maid of honor. I will be back at the end of next week.”

It was funny to see his face fall for a second. He blushed slightly and scratched his neck awkwardly.


Jazz chuckled a bit.

“Sorry, I had planned everything a bit differently. I wanted to get my life back on track before I call you. Probably right after coming back.”  Her fingers played with his hair and she kissed him again, tasting the minty toothpaste.

“You are so clean…” she noticed. “Makes me want to get you dirty again. When is your first appointment today?”

“I still have some time,” he answered, getting bolder himself so he pulled her close.

“I still have to make it up to you for last night.”

Her hands dropped to the towel and she slowly untied it, pulled it off him so he was completely naked now. He was already getting hard but she stepped back a bit, quickly pulled of her dress and turned round, threw him a wink over her shoulder and went back towards the bedroom, hips swaying. She laughed silently when she heard him following her, almost tripping over his own feet.

He reached her before she could make it to the bed, his arms holding her back, wrapped around her waist so he could pull her back against his chest.

“So just to make that clear,” he breathed against her neck. “I’m not a client anymore.”

“No,” she confirmed, almost moaning the word.

“And you are not doing those – date simulations anymore, right?” He nibbled at the sensitive skin of her neck now.


“So that means we can negotiate about some of your rules?” His fingers dipped under the waistband of her panties, causing her to gasp for air when his fingertips tickled over the sensitive skin of her lower belly, just above her sex.

“We have already… broken some of the rules, remember? Back in the… shower? Or the… third round? That was definitely… against the rules…” she panted, pressing her ass against him, trapping his hard cock between their bodies. Kunihiko groaned, either because he did remember – and Jazz liked to remember that particular breach of rules – or because of the way she wriggled her hips a bit against him.

“Hm, yeah… I remember.” His voice was low and promising, and his hand had found the way between her thighs, lightly dancing over her sex without any pressure yet. “But I was thinking of something else.”

Jazz blinked a few times. “And what were you thinking of?”

“If you are leaving for a week I would like to give you a little reminder of me.” He nibbled at her skin again and Jazz suddenly understood.

“Hm, I might like that.” But before he could actually use more strength she added: “But keep in mind that I will be wearing a dress and I don’t want to explain my conservative grandma why I’m having a hickey. Especially since I will attend the wedding alone.”

Kunihiko sighed in disappointment. “But somewhere else? More hidden?”

Jazz turned around in his embrace and cupped his face in both her hands.

“God, yes, please. From the knee upwards to my neckline – just go for it.”

The dark lust that flashed in his eyes only fueled her desire more. Yes, she wanted him to mark her up, after all the time of being careful not to have any traces left on her body she really wanted something to remind her of him. After another scorching kiss and a surprisingly skillful disposal of her bra and panties Kunihiko slowly walked her to the bed, his hands and lips on her the whole time.

“I missed you,” he mumbled against the skin of her thigh once they were on the bed again, nipping and kissing his way up her body.

“I missed you, too,” she honestly answered. Jazz was missing him right now, all the confusion and the revelations so far had boiled up to something she couldn’t ignore any longer.

“I need you.” She didn’t mean only now but she could only hope that he understood. She was still too afraid to burst the bubble.

“I need you, too. Couldn’t stop thinking about you,” he confessed and kissed her again. With every kiss her heart clenched a bit, but she knew she was doing the right thing.

“Yeah? Because the sex was so good, huh?” she teased and bucked her hips a bit.

“No. Ever since I walked into your office for the first time.” A finger gently brushed over her forehead, smoothing out the creases when she frowned. “You had greeted me with this smile and it was as if the sun was coming out. I just couldn’t forget you.”

How should she respond to that? Without starting to cry? Jazz pulled him closer, kissed him almost frantically.

“Need you now, Kunihiko… please…”

He groaned and tried to bring some space between them, planned on looking for a condom, but Jazz gently pulled him back.

“It’s okay… I mean, we are both tested and I’m on the pill… we could – you know, if you want to…” It was strange, Jazz was able to verbalize her needs pretty easily when it came to sex, but this just felt really weird. Like her first time. She was shy. A feeling she hadn’t experienced in quite some time now but there were so many feelings that he had somehow managed to resurrect that she wasn’t even surprised anymore.

“Are you sure?” His furrowed brow and uncertain expression was one thing, but the way his cock twitched against her belly told her that she was on the right track with this.

“Completely. If there was any risk I wouldn’t even offer. It’s just – I want to be as close to you as possible.”

Kunihiko closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. “You are killing me here, you know that?” But when he opened his eyes there was so much love in his gaze that Jazz couldn’t even get a single word out. She simply nodded and he dropped a light kiss on her lips, settled between her legs and wiped some strands of hair from her face.

With another deep breath he positioned himself and started pushing into her, slowly, to let her feel every inch of him, taking her breath away and making her grab the sheets tightly. Once he was fully inside of her he rested his forehead against hers, grabbed her hand and laced their fingers together before he started to move.

Every thrust was aimed at her heart and every thrust found its aim. Jazz clung to him, legs wrapped around his waist, one arm around his neck she let him rock their bodies together. This wasn’t the passionate and ecstatic sex she usually had, not adventurous and experimental. It was making love, lots of kisses and touches, stuttering breath and a slow, slow burn.

Kunihiko reached his peak before Jazz could, but she didn’t even care. She still tried not to cry after all, the sweetness of that act made her wish it could have been their first time together. It was just perfect. So when he flooded her with his warmth it was strange and unfamiliar, but also deeply satisfying.

She excused herself and hurried to the bathroom before the mess between her legs could get uncomfortable and when she came back Kunihiko was sitting in the bed, just ending a phone call.

“Work?” she asked and slipped back into bed to him. “Do you have to go?”

“No, I just called my secretary and told him that I won’t come into office before noon. I thought I could take you to the airport.” He pulled her against his chest. “You – uhm, you didn’t come, did you?”

She chuckled at his tone, almost hesitantly and a bit apologizing.

“No. But that’s okay. I enjoyed it very much.” Jazz snuggled closer. “And I just admired the hickeys you left on my breasts. Very skillful I have to admit.”

He stroked her back and hummed in agreement. “It was my pleasure.”

“Sure was,” she teased him, earning a quick poke into her ribs with his index finger.

“You know, if you had told me earlier I could have accompanied you to that wedding.” His tone was serious and Jazz smiled.

“And then I would have to explain my family why the Japanese guy with me doesn’t look like on our wedding pictures,” she pointed out. “But since we are still having some time you could add some more reminders of you on my body.”

She straddled him and kissed him deeply, raked her nails over his chest to give him a reminder of her, too. This time she did reach her peak. Twice.

And when she finally arrived at the airport her legs were still wobbly, she was tired and a bit sore but felt better than in ages, knowing he would wait for her to come back.

MJS in office drama: Jazz x Kunihiko

“Jazz? Jazz!” Kuni made his way through the sea of tables in the café until he reached her, pointedly ignoring the man she was with. Jazz stared at him, looking shocked and a bit embarrassed.

“Mr. Aikawa? What are you doing here?” She got up and shot her company an apologizing glance.

“Miss Fujiwara told me I would find you here.”

“She did?” Jazz’s expression clouded over. She would have to talk with Miho about this; she had definitely crossed a line. This was not okay.

“Jazz, dear, won’t you introduce us?” The other man looked up at Kuni with an amused smile and Jazz wanted to kick him so bad – and she would. Later.

“Oh, sorry. Of course. Mr. Aikawa, this is my – my husband. Mr. Kujuro. Ai, this is Mr. Kunihiko Aikawa, a client.” She swallowed, the word had left a foul taste in her mouth. Husband. And client, too.

“Oh,” Kunihiko’s face fell for a second. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know… I don’t want to interrupt your date. I just thought – anyway, continue your date. Sorry, Miss Mann.”

Her heart broke. She had been prepared for it but not like this, not now. She stared at his back while he hurried away. Ran away. It was better like this, at least she tried to convince herself of that.

“So that’s the type of man you’re working with? Lucky girl,” Ai smugly remarked. Jazz slowly sat down again.

“Not now, okay? Can you please just try to act like a human being and stop being such a jerk?” She rubbed her temples with her fingertips, trying to will the tears away. She had just told the guy she was crushing on like crazy that she was married. She didn’t tell him that she was married to some giant douchebag who just never considered her feelings – not even now.

“I’m just saying, I wouldn’t mind ‘testing’ him myself.” Ai grinned and waggled his eyebrows.

“Screw you,” Jazz hissed, pressing her eyes shut, hoping to keep the tears at bay.

“Wait – are you crying?” His voice suddenly sounded almost gentle. “Oh hun, is it that bad?”

“What do you care? Sign the damn papers already so we can get this divorce!” Getting angry now was safe, much better than thinking about the look on Kunihiko’s face. ‘It’s better this way, it’s better this way’ ran like a mantra though her head, she could only hope that her heart would understand this rather sooner than later, too.

Ai sighed. “You like him, don’t you?”

Jazz stubbornly refused to look at the man that legally was her husband.

“Don’t try to fool me, I know that expression. You’re head over heels for him.” Ai quickly glanced towards the exit where Kunihiko had disappeared shortly before.

“That doesn’t matter,” Jazz said, still trying not to choke on her own emotions. Pesky little buggers.

“From the way he looked at you I’d say he likes you, too.” Ai simply ignored her objection, instead he watched her face.

“That. Doesn’t. Matter. He’s a client after all.” And a man. A funny, smart, incredible sweet man. Handsome.

“Hm, might be hard to marry him off when the only one he has eyes for is you,” he mused, making Jazz huff a bitter laugh.

“I’m not the ideal wife material, don’t forget that.”

Ai stared at her, searched her face for the answer to questions he didn’t want to ask. Are you okay? Will you make it? Did I really hurt you that much?

“What happened to that cheerful and romantic girl I met back then?” His smile told of fond memories of a younger Jazz, a few years ago.

“She found out her fairytale of love and marriage was just a lie.” Jazz’s voice was flat, but her words still found their target. Almost as an apology she added in a softer voice: “How’s Kou doing?”

Ai flashed her a small smile. They had a history of hurting each other, but somehow they always managed to stay at least friends. Sort of.

“Good. Very good. We are going on a trip next week.”

Jazz nodded weakly.

“By the way, are you coming to grandma Kujuro’s birthday? You know how much she likes you.”

Jazz chuckled. “She doesn’t like me, she likes the sweets I’m bringing for her.”

They were silent for a moment before Ai took the papers in front of Jazz, signed them and put his seal on them.

“There, all done. The apartment is yours now.” He smiled and so did Jazz.

“So the divorce is next, right? When will you tell your parents?” She put the papers away, glad that this was taken care of.

“I have hoped you would accompany me…”

Jazz laughed. “Fat chance!”

Ai chuckled. “Figured so much. Now, what will you do about that hottie earlier?”

Jazz smile faded. “Nothing.” She shrugged. “It wouldn’t work out anyway. I’m all kinds of fucked up after all – thanks to you.”

“Love, you have already been fucked up before you met me,” Ai replied sweetly, making Jazz swat his arm.

When Jazz came back to the office Miho was already gone. Good, that gave her a short period of grace before Jazz would chew her out – or the other way around, one could never be too sure when it came to Miho.

She checked her schedule again and made a quick call before she dropped by Selina’s office.

“Hey Sel, will Miho be back today? Or is she done for today?”

Selina looked up from her computer screen. “She said she had a test drive and won’t be back before tomorrow around noon. Do you need anything?”

Jazz shook her head. “No, nothing urgent.” She couldn’t tell Selina the whole story after all, still hoping to get this mess figured out before Selina figured it out.

“Well, I’m off for today, too. I have another appointment and won’t be back today. No clients scheduled for the rest of the day anyway. If you need anything, call me.”

She waved and Selina just nodded before she went back to – do whatever she did at that desk all day. She really needed to get out every once in a while. Maybe Selina should take a client or two herself instead of burying herself in the paperwork.

With that thought Jazz headed for the office of her lawyer, Mr. Takao Maruyama, to hand over the paperwork that made her sole owner of that cute but not so little apartment in a very nice part of the city.

When Jazz came back to work the next day she was still angry at Miho, but the first flare of rage had already subsided. She would at least not throw a tantrum now. Instead she thought back to that conversation she had with Takao who had asked her for a private talk, unrelated to the legal issues she had been there for.

“I just got a call from a friend,” he had said with a serious expression. “Kunihiko Aikawa?”

Jazz had nodded. She knew what that most likely was about. “One of our clients.”

This was no breach of confidentiality yet. Besides, Takao was a lawyer and he had to keep every conversation with a client confidential, too. He knew what he was allowed to say and to ask after all. But this wasn’t a lawyer-client talk. He had asked her for a minute in private so Jazz knew she had to watch her words.

“Well, he was a bit upset because he just found out that he had obviously… uhm…” Takao had blushed and Jazz would have been delighted if it had been for another reason.

“He had obviously what?”

“It seems as if he had sex with a married woman and now he feels bad because he didn’t know. He doesn’t want to interfere with the marriage of two people, even if it was a one time thing.”

Jazz had wanted to kick herself. Of course Kunihiko was the kind of man who would be upset because of that. Not only because he might feel betrayed by her, but because he might feel as if they both had betrayed her husband.

So after a not so good night’s sleep she knew she would have to talk to Miho – who was the reason for this drama after all.

Miho’s office was dark, but she was in there for sure. Behind the closed door, she rubbed at her temples and grimaced at the laptop screen in front of her like it was performing some terrible torture on her.

“In what universe is prognorious a real word, Microsoft?” she muttered, irritably punching at the delete key several times.

Jazz considered knocking but decided on a different tactic. A knock immediately followed by her opening the door. No time for Miho to actually answer but Jazz didn’t want to be rude. Not from the get go at least.

“Whatever the laptop did to you, you probably deserved it,” she coolly said, arms crossed in front of her chest as she glared down at Miho.

“Can’t argue with that,” she shrugged, squinting as the light streamed in through the door behind Jazz.

She took a moment to study her friend and colleague, her own expression a little cloudy – hung over perhaps?

“I’ll deal with the laptop’s grievances later,” she then declared. “Apparently yours are a lot more pressing.”

Her tone of voice wasn’t quite as flippant as usual, but Miho had a list of all the questionable things she had done and would do, so she knew all the possible reasons Jazz might be mad at her.

“I take it Mr. Aikawa caught up with you then?”

Right to the point. The faintly smug expression that remained on Miho’s face, just as if she still was convinced that she had made a very clever move, fanned Jazz’s anger.

“Oh yes, he found me. Nice little café by the way, you would like it. Remind me to send you there next time I ruin your life.” Jazz grabbed a chair and sat down.

“He came just in time to find me with another man, who’s is currently still my husband, I’m just saying. It got a bit uncomfortable, but hey, at least that rids me of the question whether I should do anything stupid and throw all my convictions over board or not.”

She threw her hands up as if it was a reason to celebrate before she glared at Miho again.

“Honestly, what were you thinking?! I just asked you to take over this client so stuff like this exactly would not happen!”

Miho listened, tilting her head here and there, nodding to ensure it was clear she was listening. She winced at the husband part – that she had not known, mostly because Jazz hadn’t mentioned it. In Miho’s world, if a guy is a fucktard, you divorce him.

“Okay the whole cafe, husband thing – yeah that was shitty,” she agreed, leaning back in her chair a little, but not TOO comfortable so as to seem like she was gloating. “For forcing that situation on you, I apologise – but you know precisely what I was doing, and precisely what I WOULD do the moment you handed me sexy IT CEO barman over to me for reasons that were and are, very obvious. You’re mad it went south…”

She leaned back in a little.

“… because you love the guy.”

“Stop spouting nonsense! I’m mad because you forced this situation on me, yes! Because I had to act like a fucking adult and you KNOW how much I hate that! If I were good with this stuff I would have handled this whole mess on my own, without your meddling! And now this poor guy thinks he’s some kind of homewrecker, he blames himself instead of me for being a cheater.”

Jazz slumped down on the desk in front of her, her forehead connecting with the wooden surface, making a little thud.

“All I wanted was some distance so I could figure this out and now I’ve really hurt him and Ai, this gloating bitch, is having a field day!”

She straightened up again and quickly wiped her face.

“Okay, I might have blown any chance with Kunihiko, but I want him at least to know that he has done nothing wrong. So since he is your client now, you will call him and tell him you are sorry, that you didn’t know I’m still married because I’m actually just getting a divorce. That there’s nothing he should feel guilty about, my currently still husband knows about the conditions of my job and no, that’s not why we are getting divorced.”

She hesitated for a moment.

“You don’t have to tell him that I was stupid enough to marry a gay guy.”

“Do you know, why, I sent Mr. Aikawa… or is it Kunihiko, now… to see you?” Miho posed evenly.

“Because you love to see me suffer?” Jazz asked back, her tone tired but full of sarcasm.

“Other than that of course,” Miho smirked, leaning back again. “Because even before you’d actually articulated, as you actually did just now, that you even wanted ‘any chance with’ Mr. Aikawa, it was clear he wants the same.”

Jazz groaned in frustration. “Of course he does! I fucked his brains out! You know that this happens sometimes, he’s just projecting some feelings into this – this thing between us, but they are not real! I mean, he came to us because he is looking for love. That is why I wanted you to find him a nice wife.”

Actually saying it hurt. Even thinking about it hurt every once in a while. But Jazz wasn’t stupid. She could come across as a bit naïve or careless, but she wasn’t stupid. Except for that one time she dove head first into a marriage with someone she fell head over heels with she usually didn’t make rash or unreflected decisions.

“He wants someone to love, but he doesn’t want me.” It didn’t matter what she wanted. She would not fuck this up even more.

“I AM finding him a nice wife,” Miho insisted. “A petulant, jaded, slightly damaged, barely self-deluding one, but a nice one non-the less. Mr. Aikawa didn’t mentioned you over and over just because you had some sweet sex – man like that, money like his, he’s had all the great fucks he can ever want in his life. No, he left here the moment your location was from my lips like the devil was snapping at his heels because he, like you, made a much deeper connection.“

Jazz wished so much for this to be true, so much that it hurt, but she couldn’t believe it. She was afraid. Handing him over to Miho, distancing herself from him wasn’t only meant to protect him, it was mostly to protect her.

All the flirting, the dating other men, the sex with her clients – it didn’t mean anything to her. Just some fun, nothing serious, nothing that could hurt her. And still she was sitting here, fighting her tears, trying to be reasonable.

“You know that I can’t do this…” she whispered. “You know it… and I thought you would help me, not make it worse…” She took a deep breath.

“Tell him we are sorry. He can get a refund if he wants to. I’m done with this.” Jazz got up and left Miho’s office, practically fleeing it to lock herself into her own office, and cried.

Miho clicked her tongue, and stared blankly at her laptop screen for a moment.

Of course it hurt to see Jazz that way, but someone had to dish out the tough love, and that someone was Miho.

She cracked her knuckles, placed her hands to the keyboard, and send Jazz an email to be found whenever she checked it next.


Subject: Re: Aikawa Kunihiko

Message: You want to be childish? Two can play at that game. No. I won’t call him. I won’t apologise. I won’t tap-out on your behalf. YOU do it if that is what you ACTUALLY want. Just know that if you somehow do manage to pull off that piece of bullshit, he WILL be married within three months, I will make it my single-minded mission.


It took Jazz half an hour to get over with this ugly crying fit. Honestly, did really people exist who looked pretty while crying? She doubted it. But she had no meetings today and although her eyes were red and swollen it was nothing a bit of concealer and new mascara couldn’t fix.

The mail from Miho didn’t help at all. Jazz took a few deep breaths and started writing a letter to Kunihiko. He deserved to be free of guilt after all. He deserved to be happy, even if Jazz couldn’t be.

Dear Mr. Aikawa,

please accept our deepest apology about the incident concerning Miss Mann. Her relationship status has changed already some time ago yet she wasn’t able to file a divorce due to personal reasons. Her job is in no relation to the end of her marriage. Unfortunately Miss Fujiwara wasn’t aware of that detail; to no time it was her intention to mislead you.

We regret if this has caused you distress and offer you a full refund of your payment.

If you want to continue our cooperation we will gladly make sure that no future inconveniences will occur again and we offer a special support of your case with a guaranteed marriage after three months.

Sincerely, MJS marriage matchmaking agency

Jazz sealed it with the company stamp and shoved it into an envelope before she could change her mind.

MJS Client report: Jazz x Kunihiko Aikawa (mature)

Jazz opened the door after a moment of hesitation. A bar. A sports bar. Well, in her job she met a lot of different people and it took her to a lot of different places, but this was her first time in a sports bar. She mentally patted her back for remembering to bring some more business cards than usual. There would certainly be some men inside, maybe even some that were interested in finding the right woman. Not that Jazz was thinking of settling down herself, but she was a rational and business orientated woman and since her business was to bring men and women together she was always looking for said men and women.
But today she was here for another reason. She still had to finish the profile for her new client, Kunihiko Aikawa. A promising young entrepreneur, CEO of his own company, good looking, smart – should be easy enough to find some women interested in him in her database. But as a good matchmaking agent she wanted to know everything about him that would help her to find the perfect wife for him. And she intended on being thorough. 

Jazz walked towards the counter, pleasantly surprised that Mr. Aikawa was laughing, standing behind the bar in some casual clothes. This was a side of him she hadn’t expected to see but it helped her to understand him and his needs in a partner better. Obviously he wasn’t just some workaholic. Good. It made her job easier if her client was actually able to enjoy himself. Let his guard down.“Miss Mann! Glad you made it,” he cheerfully greeted her and she sat down with a smile. There were other patrons at the bar, all men, and some of them eyed her rather blatantly.

“Mr. Aikawa, I didn’t know you have a bar.” She ignored the black haired men next to her who stared at her, gave her a once over from head to toes.

“Well, it’s more a hobby than actual business. Most of my regulars are already here and they are actually my friends more than paying customers. But I spend quite a bit of my time in here and I thought you might want to add that.” He motioned towards the clipboard she was holding.

“Don’t you want to introduce us to this gorgeous creature?” The man next to her shot her a flirtatious smile. Oh god, one of those.

“This is Miss Mann, and she’s… uhm…” Mr. Aikawa scratched his nose and looked at Jazz who smiled.

“Hello, I’m Jazz Mann and Mr. Aikawa is currently in my care for a business matter.”

“Business? How boring. A stunning woman like you shouldn’t be forced to spend her evening with business meetings. I am Takamasa Saeki and I would love to-“

She raised a hand and cut him off in a sweet voice. “I can imagine what you would love to do, but I have to decline. And don’t worry about me. I am perfectly able to find some – pleasant aspects even about my work.”

She laughed at his stunned expression and turned back towards Mr. Aikawa.

“If it’s a bad time just now I can come back later.”

“No, it’s fine. I just wanted to close for tonight anyway.” A bit louder he added: “You heard it, guys. Drink up, I’m closing the bar.”

The other men grumbled and Jazz couldn’t help but smile at their banter on the way out. But she was also glad that they left. It had been a long day already and she didn’t want this to take longer than necessary. She wasn’t there for the others, only for Mr. Aikawa.

“Have you eaten yet? I could quickly whip something up,” he offered after he had locked the door.

She smiled. “You cook?”

He shrugged. “A bit. Nothing fancy, but my guests never complain.”

She quickly made a note of that. “So what’s your signature dish?”

“Pasta Neapolitana,” he confidently announced. “Do you want to try it?”

She nodded and made another note. A successful man who could cook – she would have to troubles finding someone interested in him. He scurried of into the kitchen only to come back after some moments of rummaging.

“Do you want some wine with your dinner? Or, uhm, can’t you because you’re on duty?”

Duty, yes… Jazz smiled at him. “It’s fine, a glass of wine sounds good. Will you join me, Mr. Aikawa?” She knew of the suggestive notion of her words and bated her eyelashes at him only to see him blush lightly. God, how she loved it when men blushed for her.

“I’m actually not that good with alcohol,” he admitted only to make her tilt her head a bit.

“You are running a bar for fun but can’t drink? That’s definitely unusual. But I think a lot of women like men who don’t drink. Or at least who know their limit.”

“Well, one glass won’t hurt me. But it has to stay the only one after all.”

He set two plates with pasta down on a table and went back behind the bar to fetch glasses and a bottle of wine. Jazz was still sitting at the bar but followed him to the table. It was a bit like a date and she smiled. He definitely got bonus points for that. Some clients directly started undressing them or her once the door was closed behind her, but someone who set the mood was much appreciated. Even if this was still business after all.

They clinked glasses, but he didn’t seem to know what to toast to, so Jazz smiled and said: “To a nice evening,” making him smile in relief.

After a sip and a first bite of pasta her eyes widened. “Mr. Aikawa, this is delicious!”

“Please, call me Kunihiko. Mr. Aikawa sounds as if I’m in the office and that’s a bit awkward right now.”

She smiled even brighter and raised her glass again. “Well, in that case: to a successful evening, Kunihiko.”

He huffed a short laugh but also raised his glass. “To a nice AND successful evening. Jazz.” The way he added her first name send a promising shiver through her spine. Some appointments were definitely more fun than others. And sometimes she almost regretted that she had to actually arrange a meeting with another woman in the end, especially if the client was as handsome and considerate as Kunihiko.

She quickly pushed these thoughts aside and focused on her dinner.

“Say Kunihiko, what kind of woman are you looking for? I can imagine you can’t complain about a lack of interest, so why did you come to our agency?” She took another bite of the pasta. No way that man had troubles finding a girlfriend!

He blushed again. How cute!

“Well, mostly because Takao talked me into it. He says I need to find someone to settle down. And since I’m not looking for ANYONE he suggested I get help.”

Mr. Maruyama… well, Jazz wouldn’t complain, Kunihiko was her favorite client so far.

“What kind of woman are you looking for? Tall or small? Blonde, redhead, brunette? Boobs, legs, booty?” She chuckled when he almost choked on his pasta.

“It’s okay, we all have preferences. I just want to know what I should be looking for,” she assured him.

“What about you?” he deflected the question. “What do you like?”

“Well, I’m not looking for someone right now, but I like my men tall, dark and handsome. Broad shoulders. Confident. And funny.”

“That’s me,” he jokingly said and Jazz took another sip of her wine, looking at him over the rim of the glass.

“Yes, that’s you.” She nodded and put the glass down. “Your turn. What do you like in a woman?”

He thought about it for a moment. “Not too tall. And not too skinny. I like a bit of curves.” He blushed slightly and Jazz leaned forwards a bit, giving him a better view of her cleavage.

“Cheerful and not too calm. Rather cute than sexy. But not childish, just – not too flashy.”

Jazz nodded. She had a good impression of what he wanted. “Age range?”

He shrugged. “Not too young. I have a younger niece and it would feel awkward if my wife is as old as the girl I used to babysit. Five years in both directions.”

She nodded.

“How about you? Age wise, I mean.” He looked at her intently and Jazz smiled.

“I like my men like my wine. Mature, with character.” She took another sip while holding his gaze. “Just like this one.” Maybe she should stop after one glass of wine. This was far too much fun and flirting for a business meeting. Sometimes she forgot that things shouldn’t get too personal. But she would have sex with him after all, it couldn’t hurt to create a comfortable atmosphere, and maybe a little spark.

She put her glass down and pushed the plate a bit away, indicating that she had finished her dinner. She shouldn’t eat too much now, she still had to work after all.

“How about some dessert now?” She smiled at him, promising and with a hint of teasing.

He quickly followed her example and put his cutlery down. “Sure, what would you like? There’s ice cream and – oh.“

His eyes went wide a bit when Jazz stood up and came over to him, waited until he had pushed his chair back a bit and straddled his lap. This was why she was here after all. Not the food or the wine. Just the dessert.

“Relax,” she whispered and put his hands on her hips. “Think of this as our third date. You know what they say about third dates, do you?”

He swallowed and nodded. There it was, the moment before the first kiss. She loved it, the anticipation, the tension. The build up. She saw his gaze flicker towards her lips and back to her eyes. Oh, she wouldn’t initiate it, that wasn’t part of the plan. She wanted him to take charge, after all this wasn’t about her skills. She knew that she was good, but she needed to find out how he was.

When he reached up and cupped her cheek gently she gave him an extra point for creating intimacy. When he brushed her lips with his at first he earned an extra point for teasing. And when he finally kissed her, really kissed her, she stopped giving points. This was just too good. She let herself get swept away by his kisses, the taste of the wine still lingering between them. A low rumble in his throat made her moan. God, this was really, really good. Gold star for kissing.

His tongue nudged hers, teasing, testing, just with the right amount of pressure. She welcomed him, returned his kiss with the same intensity he showed. His hand slid into her hair, pulled her closer and made her tilt her head while his other hand found the small of her back. She grabbed his shoulders for support and let him pull her into his lap, gently rocking against him. Oh, wow… yeah, she definitely wasn’t the only one affected by this kiss. She teasingly started to move her hips some more, trying to get an impression of what was awaiting her.

Well, she definitely was in for a treat it seemed.

She pulled away, brushed some stray strands of hair out of his face and raised an eyebrow.

“So, this is what you had in mind when you invited me here? Getting naughty in your bar? What would he health inspector say?” She rocked her hips again, making him groan, the hand in the small of her back grabbing her tightly.

“Not exactly… but I wouldn’t object…” He had his eyes closed, his head thrown back a bit. Jazz leaned in and kissed his neck, licked a strip over is throat before she sat up straight again.

“Tell me what you had planned? Do you want to bend me over the bar? Have me on a table? Stay just like this?”

There was a lot she could learn about a client just by the way they plan this special interrogation session. Some wanted her to come to their home – which gave her a good opportunity to find out more about them and their way of life. Some had asked her to come to their office or work place. Some chose ‘neutral grounds’, hotels for example. But this was the first time someone had invited her to a bar.

“Actually I wasn’t even sure what would happen, so I haven’t thought that far,” he admitted, looking a bit flushed and out of breath. Adorable. “But I have a room upstairs. With a couch…”

She giggled slightly. “I haven’t had sex on a couch since my student days… well, that could be fun.” She tried to get up but his hand held her back, pressing against her to keep her in place.

“We can go there. Later. For now I like it where we are.” He looked at her expectantly, his violet eyes dark, his hair slightly disheveled. She slowly shifted her weight, sank back down on his lap, biting her bottom lip. When she felt the hard bulge under her she moaned lowly, slowly grinding against him.

“You know my profile…” she whispered, teeth grazing his earlobe. “You know what I’m willing to do and what’s off limits. Now show me what you’ve got…”

He kissed her again, hungry and needy. It made her head spin, her skin tingle and her hips rock against him. Full score for kissing, no question.

She didn’t mind when his hands started tugging her blouse out of the waistband of her skirt, fingers sliding under the hem to touch her bare skin. She encouraged him by leaning back a bit, her hands on his knees for support, her back arched. He unbuttoned her blouse, one button after the other, slowly, teasing. Once he was done he pushed the fabric out if the way, his eyes followed his fingertips while they trailed from her sternum down, over the valley of her breasts to her belly button. His movements were unhurried but he focused completely on her. Definitely some extra points for that.

Jazz rolled her hips a bit, seeking friction, and he chuckled lowly. She sat up straight again, let the blouse drop to the floor and grabbed the hem of his black sweater, pulled it up and off him. He was toned, not overly packed but fit. Broad shoulders, strong arms, a firm chest. A bit of chest hair, not too much but enough to give him a very manly appeal. When she looked a bit lower she noticed the happy trail disappearing into his pants, making her thoughts wander. She looked up at him again, caught her staring at her.

“Now we’re even,” she said with a wink.

“No, we’re not.” He reached behind her and opened the clasp of her bra, pushed the straps down her arms and dangled the bra in front of her before he let it fall to the floor. “Now we’re even.”

His gaze wandered over her naked skin, awe and hunger mixed with growing impatience. She smiled softly at his reaction, her nipples hardening in the cool air, goose bumps crawling over her body. His hands settled on her sides, pulling her up a bit so he could bury his face between her breasts. He groaned softly and she giggled, her hands on his shoulders for support. Her laughter hitched in her throat when his lips found a nipple and closed around it, tongue flicking against the sensitive bud. Her fingers dug into his skin and she closed her eyes, her lips parted for a soft sigh.

Kunihiko licked the curve of her heavy breast before he switched to the other side, treating it the same as the first one. Jazz could feel the tingling in her core, the need build up more and more. And she wasn’t the only one.

“Hold on tight,” he rasped, voice hoarse with desire. He got up and Jazz immediately wrapped arms and legs around him, let him carry her over to the stairs. But instead of setting her down so they could go upstairs he pinned her against the wall, mumbled a low “I always wanted to try this,” and kissed her again, grinding against her, making her gasp. His hard cock pressed against her core through several layers of clothes but it sent jolts of arousal through her body.

Her hand buried in his hair she tugged his head back slightly.

“Kunihiko… I want you. Now.” She looked into his eyes, only leaned in for a quick kiss. “Set me down.”

He hummed deep in his throat. “No. Not setting you down.”

Just when she started to get frustrated he moved again, carried her up the stairs into a small room with a couch, a table and some boxes in a corner. This perfect display of his strength gave him some extra points – Jazz wasn’t that heavy, but carrying a grown woman up some stairs was still impressive. And kinda hot.

He didn’t walk them towards the couch but the table, he set her down on the cool surface, her legs dangling from the edge. As soon as she felt the wood under her ass her hands flew to his belt, unbuckling it impatiently while she kept kissing his lips, his neck, his chest. With the same urgency he opened the zipper of her skirt, but since she was sitting he couldn’t just push it down. Instead he pushed the fabric up to reveal as much of her thighs as possible. She had already opened his pants and reached into his boxer briefs to wrap a hand around his hard cock, making him hiss and drop his head on her shoulder. His hand slowly crept hp her thigh until he reached the lace of her panties. His fingers slipped under the last remaining barrier between them and started spreading her wetness over her folds. Jazz tilted her hips slightly until his fingertips found her clit, circled it, making her whimper.

This feverish fumbling felt heavenly. She had a hand on his cock, he had a hand on her pussy. Countless kisses and little nips, encouraging words and teasing glances passed between them, keeping the mood light despite the constantly growing arousal. When she couldn’t take it anymore Jazz pulled her hand back and stopped his, slipped from the table and dropped on her knees in front of him.

“Holy…” he gasped and watched her pulling down his pants and boxers, wrapping a hand around his cock and looking up at him.

“You… you don’t have to…” he started but she shushed him.

“It’s okay, I want to.” She stared at his cock for a moment, hard, heavy in her hand, the tip red and smeared with precum. Nice shape. Good size. Really good size. Her tongue darted out of her mouth to get a first taste. He was salty and slightly bitter, but she liked it. Jazz parted her lips and sucked his tip in, slowly working inch after inch into her mouth until he bumped against the back of her throat. His hand found her hair but he simply kept it there, not pushing or pulling, just seeking more contact. Slowly she started bobbing her head, relaxing jaw and throat as much as possible. She could feel his legs tremble and he hunched over a bit, his free hand resting on the table behind her for support while she swallowed him down as far as she could.

“You better… stop now… god… this is… too good…” He was panting and it sent a surge of pride through her. With a last suck she released him from her mouth only to get pulled up into his arms, his lips firmly pressed against hers. Within seconds he had pushed her skirt and panties down, leaving them both mostly naked. Jazz slipped out of her shoes and pulled away from him, confidently strode over to the couch and sat down, her legs crossed and her arms resting on the backrest.

“Condom,” she reminded him and he quickly nodded, searched his pockets for the foiled package and triumphantly showed it.

“For someone who claims he didn’t knew how this night would go you are awfully well prepared,” she joked and he shrugged with a grin.

“Not knowing doesn’t mean not hoping.”

She patted to the spot next to her and he came over only for her to stop him when he was in front of her. She took the condom, quickly checked it and opened the wrapper. She winked at him before she rolled it over his cock and placed a last teasing kiss on the tip.

Jazz expected him to get on the couch but instead he sank on his knees in front of her this time, parted her legs and pulled her hips closer to the edge. He kept looking at her while he positioned himself and slowly sank into her. Jazz’s eyes fluttered shut, the delicious stretch of his cock and the feeling of finally – FINALLY – having him inside of her almost too much to bear.

He moved with care, definitely holding back. The way he furrowed his brow, pressed his lips together and gripped her hips tightly showed her how much he just wanted to slam into her, but he didn’t. He made sure she had time to adjust, but after a few slow thrusts she knew she could handle more.

“Harder… don’t hold back…” She arched her back, threw her head back and cried out when he followed her order, slammed into her, his hips slapping against hers. He growled, a deep rumble in his chest that made her shiver. He leaned in and captured a nipple between his lips, sucked and bit until it was red and swollen.

Kunihiko pulled her even closer until she was half on the couch, half hovering in the air, her legs around his waist and his hands on her hips. She rested on her elbows, propped up next to her sides, the small of her back against the edge of the couch.

“You feel so good… so tight… and wet for me…” he grunted and kissed her, leaving her breathless. She was just thinking about sliding her hand between her thighs for some additional stimulation when he did it, easily finding her clit and rubbing it with his thumb, eliciting whimpers and cries from her lips.

Between the whole build up, the anticipation, the teasing and the incredible kissing it was no surprise for her to feel the pressure in her core rapidly increasing. She gasped for air, her toes curling, her hands clenching to fists, her whole body going taut. Two more thrusts, hitting all the right spots inside of her, and she came with a loud cry, trembling, clenching, panting. Her eyes were closed and only when the surging pleasure inside of her subsided she opened them again, only to find Kunihiko looking at her with awe, marveling at the sight of her bliss.

Jazz slumped down a bit, exhausted and sated. He had paused for a moment but was still hard inside of her, breathing heavily at the effort of this intense encounter. He carefully lifted her off his lap and helped her on the couch before he joined her again. She eagerly awaited him, arms open, legs parted. His weight in top of her felt just right and when he slipped back into her she caught herself thinking inappropriate and not businesslike thoughts. Jazz quickly pushed them aside, focused on the way he held her now – not that this was helping any – and how he pushed back into her.

She murmured encouraging words into his ear, urged him on, a skillful mixture of dirty talk and sweet spurring on. When his thrusts got erratic, almost frantic she knew he was close. Much to her surprise he kissed her again, moaning into her mouth, and it was exactly that what tipped him over the edge into his own release. A couple of thrusts later he stilled. His breathing was ragged and she could feel his heart racing against her own chest. Kunihiko dropped his head on her shoulder, nuzzled her neck slightly and they stayed like this until they had caught their breath and the air chilled their heated, sweaty bodies.

With a last kiss he pulled out and sat up to take care of the condom and Jazz stretched lazily, tired but satisfied.

“Uhm, will you – do you have to go now?”

She knew it would be better but some clients liked to get a short review of their performance.

“Depends. Do you want me to go?”

He shook his head.

“No. Wait a moment.” He walked towards the boxes and came back with a blanket before he picked up their underwear from the floor. Jazz looked at her panties – soaked through.

“Thanks, I pass for now.”

He blushed slightly but put his boxers on and motioned for her to lie back down before he covered her with the blanket and snuggled close. Okay… this was walking a fine line for her. But it should be okay.

“I – usually I don’t do this,” he mumbled, almost flustered. “I don’t just take women home and have sex.”

She giggled. “Technically you didn’t take me home. Don’t worry about it.” After a few moments in silence she asked: “Do you want to get a review?”

He hesitated. “Will it be good or bad?”

Jazz sighed contentedly. “Definitely good. Honestly, there’s nothing to fault. I really like the way you kiss. Gentle but passionate. Almost caring. Definitely a plus. You were constantly checking if I was enjoying myself. Another plus. Your body and your – equipment… plus and plus. A big plus.” She winked at him and he chuckled.

“You are a naughty girl, huh? Wouldn’t have thought so, you are looking so innocent.”

Jazz gazed at him, a smirk playing on her lips.

“Oh baby, you have seen nothing yet.”

The next morning Jazz came into the agency, wearing the same clothes as the day before. She quickly grabbed her spare outfit that she kept in the office and changed in the washroom.

“Did you have a good meeting?” Miho asked when Jazz came back, the innuendo clear in her voice.

“Yep, it was very – satisfying.” Jazz grinned but then got serious again. “I’m just writing my report, but… you might have to take over for me from here.”

They had clear rules. No dating the clients. No affairs. One test drive and afterwards it was purely business again.

Miho raised an eyebrow. “Was he that good or that bad?” They all had had both cases already.

Jazz plopped down on a chair. “The sex was good. Great actually. And he’s a great guy.” She sighed. “And I already have someone in mind for him. But I need you or Selina to finish this match. I would owe you. Please?”

Miho stared at Jazz but finally nodded. “Sure.” She smiled. “Sure. Don’t worry. Anything else I need to know?”

Jazz took a deep breath and smiled. “Yeah. Add the price for a pair of panties to his bill.”

Miho laughed. “Again? Wow, you really get the good ones, huh?”

Jazz nodded slowly, still smiling. “Yeah, seems like it.”

She knew she would never really ‘get’ the good ones. She would only ever test them. But then her smile widened when she saw her next client’s profile. This  should be fun…


Never have I ever

It was a lazy summer evening and at Long Island were no guests, just the usual bunch of guys and Jazz hang around. Kunihiko was reading a woman’s magazine, there was a baseball match on TV and Jazz had a cardboard box in front of her.

“What is this?” Yamato poked his head between Jazz and the box and extended a hand to its content.  She swatted his hand away.

“Don’t touch this. My parents have sent me some of my old things. Yearbooks, some old photos, private stuff.”

“Yearbooks?” Saeki suddenly stood beside her. “Come on, let’s have a look. I’m dying to see you in your school uniform.” He winked at her.

“Then die.” Ren was unfazed and focused his attention on the plate with food in front of him. Yuta and Takao joined the others and tried to peek into the box. Kunihiko looked up from his magazine.

“Have they sent your trophies, too?”

“You have won trophies?” Yamato sounded skeptical. “I can’t imagine Pouty to be the best at anything.” He laughed.

“Thank you, Yamato, you are such a sweetheart. I’m really surprised that you don’t have a girlfriend,” Jazz replied sulkily.

“What are the trophies for?” Yuta asked.

“Weeeeell~” Kunihiko started to answer but Jazz interrupted him.

“Uhm, nothing special, just some contests…” she tried to change the subject. “Hey, have you ever won a contest?”

Everyone nodded and started to talk at the same time. “Sure, for writing…”

“A science fair at school…”

“Piano contest…”

“I won an award as start-up entrepreneur…”

“Some sports competitions…”

“For a paper I submitted two years ago…”

“Hey, not all at once!” Jazz laughed and closed the box before one of the guys could find something embarrassing inside.  “I know you all for several months now and still there is so much to learn about you.” She pondered for a moment. “I know! Let’s play a game! We have played this in camp a lot to learn things about each other.”

Yamato groaned and rolled his eyes, Yuta smiled widely, Takao nodded lightly and Saeki smirked.

“Oh Jazz, tell us more about you at camp. Was it a girl’s camp? Have you made pillow fights and practiced kissing with each other?”

“Ewwww… Saeki, you are such a pervert.” Ren shuddered.

Jazz rolled her eyes. “No, nothing like this. It’s called ‘Neverhave I ever’ and is really simple.”

“It has to be or otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to play it.” Yamato smirked.

“Oh, shut up. We can make it a little bit more interesting. I know, wait a moment!” Jazz dashed behind the counter and grabbed some glasses and a bottle. Then she cleared a table and set the glasses down.

“Okay, come here and take a seat.” She sat down at a chair and the guys joined her. Jazz sat between Yuta to her right and Kunihiko to her left. Next to Yuta was Takao, then Yamato, Ren and Saeki.

“So, everyone of us says something like: ‘Never have I ever been abroad.’ It has to be true of course. Then everyone who actually has been abroad has to take a shot.” She filled the glasses with liquor.

Kunihiko frowned. “What’s that? Shuchu?” Jazz nodded.

“Wait a minute.” Kunihiko stood up and went to the counter to fetch some bottles. He handed her one of them. “Here, take this. It’s not as strong as shuchu. Otherwise the game won’t be long.”

“Oh, okay.” She shrugged and took the bottle. Then she continued to fill the glasses and handed them out.

“One round as example?” Takao and Ren nodded.

“Okay. Let’s stick with this abroad thing. Who actually has been abroad yet?”

Ren, Saeki and Kunihiko raised a hand. “You have to drink.” The three men downed their shots and Jazz immediately refilled their glasses. “Yuta’s next.”

“Uhm, okay… oh, I know! I have never been bungee jumping.” Jazz, Yamato and Takao drank.

“Takao, your turn.” Takao considered the task.

“Uhm, never have I ever cheated on a test.” Yuta and Kunihiko.

“Uncle, really? And you have always told me to be honest.” Jazz giggled.

Yamato: “Never have I ever came in last in a race.” Jazz rolled her eyes and made a muffled sound, then she took her glass as the only one.

Ren: “Never have I ever lost my keys.” Jazz, Yuta and Yamato.

Saeki: “Never have I ever smoked.” Kunihiko made a face and drank. To the surprise off all the others Ren drank, too.

Kunihiko: “I have never written a book.” Saeki took his glass.

“Very funny, really.” He drank.

Jazz: “Never have I ever kissed on a first date.” Yamato, Saeki, Kunihiko and Yuta.

Yuta: “Never have I ever been in a fight.” The others all took their glasses.

“Jazz, too?” Yuta asked in surprise. She nodded and Kunihiko chuckled.

“Yeah, she was quite a tomboy.”

Takao: “Never have I ever stolen something.” Yuta, Yamato and Saeki.

Yamato: “Never have I ever been in hospital over night.” Jazz, Ren, Yuta.

The mood got lively, they laughed and made jokes. Ren fell asleep with his head on the table.

Saeki chuckled: “Never have I ever been so drunk that I passed out.”

Kunihiko, Yamato and Yuta. Suddenly Jazz glanced to her uncle, an eyebrow slightly raised. He nodded stealthily.

Kunihiko: “Never have I ever I have never made out in a public place.” Saeki, Yamato and Jazz.

Jazz: “Never have I ever had a one-night stand.” Yamato and Saeki. Jazz silently tapped on Yuta’s thigh and pointed at Saeki under the table. Yuta immediately got the hint.

Yuta: “Never have I ever dated more than one girl at a time.” “Wait, what about Jazz? Shouldn’t we rephrase that so it applies to her, too?” Yamato interjected.

Jazz nodded. “Okay, but let’s not say it specifically each time. You say ‘girl’ and I just assume you said ‘or boy for Jazz’, okay?”

Everyone nodded. “So, what about dating more than one girl at a time?” Yuta asked again. Saeki drank.

Takao: “Never have I ever cheated on anyone.” He blushed and glanced at Jazz who slightly smiled. Saeki drank.

Yamato had noticed what the others were doing. “Never have I ever used a pick-up line.” Saeki, Yuta and Kunihiko.

Saeki: “Never have I ever… uhm, I think I have to resort to the boring stuff… Never have I ever stayed till the end of a party and helped to clean.” Jazz and Takao.

Kunihiko: “Never have I ever had a threesome.” A wicked smile played on his lips. Saeki drank.

Jazz: “Never have I ever seen porn.” She grinned. The guys looked a little bit guilty, all except Saeki. Takao blushed a little bit, but they all drank. Little by little their pronunciation got sloppy.

Yuta: “Uhm, never have I ever dated the ex of a friend.” Saeki and Yamato.

Takao: “Never have I ever had a blowjob.” His cheeks were bright red and Jazz couldn’t hold back her laughter. She winked at him. “We could change that.” She giggled and Takao blushed even more.

Saeki, Kunihiko, Yamato and Jazz drank. Jazz gave Takao a meaningful look while she downed her glass.

Yamato: “Never have I ever been sued.” Saeki drank.

Saeki: “Never have I ever – never been… uhm… never been… ” He was obviously really drunk and struggled to keep awake. “I have never been… I have never been in jail!” He swayed. No one drank.

Kunihiko: “Never have I ever been hit by a girl.”

Saeki and Yamato drank. Jazz drank, too. Takao stared at her wide-eyed.

“Does that mean you have been hit by a guy?!”

“When I was ten or so. He was hardly bigger than me at that time. Relax, Takao.” She laughed. “Oh, is it my turn again? Uhm, never have I ever have I ever had sex in a car.” Saeki and Kunihiko.

Yuta: “Ugh, it’s getting harder already… wait… Never have I ever been naked in public.”

“Really? I would have sworn you were the type of guy to streak during a sports match or at a party…”

Jazz giggled again, then took her glass. She was the only one. All the guys, except for Ren and Saeki, who was really drunk by now, looked at her shocked.

“I lost a bet, okay? Don’t ask any further.”

Takao: “Uhm, never have I ever tried to secretly make pictures of the girls I slept with?”

Yamato laughed. “Is that a question or a fact?”

“Huh, oh, a fact of course.” Takao blushed again. Saeki drank or better, he tried to, but he spilled more than he actually swallowed.

Yamato: “Never have I ever bought a new car.”

Although he had downed quite a lot of shots he was still chipper. Kunihiko and Saeki drank. One moment later Saeki passed out on the table.

Jazz jumped up from her chair and cheered, Yuta joined her and gave her a high-five while Kunihiko and Yamato smirked. Only Takao was a little bit too tipsy to celebrate.

Jazz looked at her unlce. “I told I could drink him under the table! You owe me ten bucks!”

Takao’s eyes widened. “When did you make that bet?” She grinned and showed him her phone.

“He texted me that I would pass out before Saeki if I kept drinking like that.” She danced a little victory dance when Yamato came and patted her on the back.

“So Jazz, and now back to the beginning. What about these trophies?”

Her bright mood instantly darkened. “That’s none of your concern.” She soot a glare to Kunihiko. “Don’t you dare tell them about it!”

Her uncle chuckled. “Don’t be mean to me, after all it was me who passed you the bottle with shuchu so that you could fill it in Saeki’s glass.” He winked at her. “You better tell him or you’ll never hear the end of it.”

Jazz pouted. “Fine.” She shrugged. “I was a contestant in some beauty pageants and won the first price like three or four times.”

Yamato gaped at her, then he began laughing. “Yeah, sure. That’s a good one!” Yuta, who had been fetching some water, opened the box and took out a trophy.

“Uhm, Yamato? She’s serious. First place ‘Miss Cherryblossom’.” He waved with the little golden cup. “And there are more inside.”

Yamato stopped laughing, Jazz snatched the trophy from Yuta, Kunihiko grinned and Takao muttered: “I think she’s pretty enough to be Miss whatever she wants…”

“Well, at least you’ll always be Miss Pouty.” Yamato blew her a kiss and laughed at her disgusted face.

Jazz threw the trophy at him but failed, then she grabbed Takao’s hand and pulled him from his chair. “What? Where are we going?” The lawyer was confused.

“I wanted to change one of your ‘nevers’.” She winked at him and giggled while she dragged him out of the bar under the surprised eyes of the others.