Lost girl (KBTBB + MPD) Mamoru x Clairese x Hanai (mature)

Hanai sighed and returned his attention to the reports in front of him. The beeping of the machines was steady and annoying, but he tried to tune it out. There wasn’t much for him to do now besides trying to finish this report. The girl was still asleep. He hated sitting in this hospital, waiting for her to wake up and tell him what had happened. And why. And when they were already at this topic, who it did. But for now she was still sleeping and he couldn’t ask anything. She couldn’t tell him anything. And he was wasting precious time here, sitting around and waiting.

Kirisawa had told him to watch over her. The injuries she had were severe, but the biggest problem weren’t the recent ones. Some bruises, a cracked rip, a strained wrist, several cuts. What really made Kirisawa suspicious were the older scars. Some of them had a very peculiar shape, a pattern of sorts and he was convinced that it was connected to the condition of the girl. The girl without a name.

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