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Star Crossed Myth

On that one special day, the King of the Heavens wishes the Goddess of Corvus would fall madly in love with him, even though the rebellious goddess had rejected him several times.

Though she begged her powerful brother, the Minister of the Department of Wishes himself, not to grant it, Leon ultimately fulfilled the King’s wish; Miho was lost to her love and lust for the King.

Like most things, however, Miho held but limited amusement for the king, and as his interest in her waned, her heartache grew. Bereft, and completely unaware her desire manifested only as the result of a cruel and selfish wish, Miho sought solitude and yet, very much a possession still, she was not allowed to move on.

It was then, seeking always to undo the King’s hold over the Heavens, the Dark King had Miho’s memory restored. When she saw what the King had done, the choice her brother had made to force his own sister to be no more than a plaything, she was consumed by rage.
She vowed vengeance, and absconded with the Dark King, and was rarely spoken of in the Heavens for obvious reasons.

So… when the Dark King was defeated…did what remained of his power just evaporate?
Or did it go to someone promised the time for reprisal would one day come?

Many stars will fall.

Original Sin
I – V
VI – X
Two Endings


This fiction, featuring Miho as an Astoria journalist (not as the MC from the game A:FK), follows on from the Hydra storyline, with Zeus throwing a hissy-fit about Hera-MC and Deandra. It helps to have played Hydra’s route, but entirely unnecessary.
Despite following the Hydra timeline/events, this fic is Hades centric.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven