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The scent of smoke/ crossover HLITF/MSB/SND

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One shots

Sparrows and nightingales (Her love in the force) Jin Namba and Jazz (smut/ short series, long read)

Genie out of the bottle (Havenfall is for lovers – Lovestruck) Razi Nassar smut

Morning after (Havenfall is for lovers – Lovestruck) Razi Nassar smut

Role Reversal (Mystic Messenger) Jumin Han smut

Watch me (Yuri on Ice) Yuuri Katsuki x Viktor Nikiforov smut

Three’s a party (Metro PD) Tadanobu Nomura smut

Leather jacket (Metro PD) Hiroshi Kirisawa smut

Always on the roam (Metro PD) Tadanobu Nomura smut Part 1        Part 2