I am below the age of legal consent in my country, is this blog safe?

Nope. Some things are better waiting until you’re older, so please navigate away from this page immediately.

Do you take fanfiction requests?

It’s possible, but we have to have the time, and be inspired by said request.

Do you take original fiction requests?

Hmm, that’s an odd one – we don’t think we’ve ever had anyone ask us to write them something completely original. Again, it’s possible – you lose nothing by asking right?

What won’t you write?

We are both adults; we don’t shy away from swearing or sexual content, but neither of us will write non-consensual sexual encounters (or anything involving animals or children), and will use our own judgement when deciding about dubious consent.
Violence also has it’s limits, but Miho is definitely the more bloodthirsty between us.

Furries are also out, and so is teacherXstudent.

Do you write different gender pairings?

Sure. Though we’re both more familiar with writing F/M, under the right circumstances we might also right F/F and M/M (Yuri on Ice influence!). Miho has written at least one non-binary character, but not in a romantic setting, and we’ve both written group encounters.

Do you take gratuities, because I know you otherwise provide free written entertainment for internet readers?

For copyright reasons, we cannot take money for fanfiction commissions.

Original work, however, is an entirely different story, as are ‘gifts’ given simply out of gratitude for our existence. Neither of us is wealthy, we won’t say no, provided everything is above board.

Miho and Jazz aren’t your real names, are they?


What are your real names?

The beauty (and sometimes the ugly) of the internet is anonymity. You don’t need to know our real names or our life stories in order to enjoy what we do here. If you want to get to know us, then by all means do so, but we’ll respond to our monikers when called, so just use those.