MJS Romance: Miho and Goto on Ice

Yawning against Goto’s bare chest, Miho was reflected on her good fortune… their activities prior to the bone deep tiredness that made her body feel so heavy was also a good reminder. Idly she scrawled little patterns against his skin with her fingertip, and after a few moments Goto turned his face into her hair and kissed her tenderly.

“What’re you thinking?” he asked.

“You want the clean or the dirty answer?” she replied cheekily, craning her neck to look at ar his face, and Goto chuckled quietly.

“I’m learning getting a clean answer out of you is a rare thing,” he noted teasingly, shifting her off his shoulder to the pillow, and turned onto his side so he could look down into her face properly. “But you fidget when you’re deep in thought,” he noted. “So you’re deliberating something.”

“Look at you being all observant,” she grinned. “Anyone would think you’re a detective or something.”

“You’re a tough case to crack,” he admitted, brushing her cheek and sliding his fingers into her hair. “If I don’t have my wits about me, you might disappear.”

Miho’s smile tempered a little.

“You’re not actually worried about that are you?” she enquired.

“Maybe just a little,” he admitted honestly, his brows twitching. “As determined as I was, a part of me can’t quite believe you’re here.”

“Do I need to remind you… again?” she asked softly, sliding her leg in between his, bending it all the way up until she could press no further.

“I won’t say no,” he smiled wryly, “but, you know you haven’t answered my question.”

“Mmm, can’t get anything past you, Lieutenant,” she snickered. “I was thinking how lucky I am. Lucky that you’re persistent, lucky that this persistent man is everything a woman could want in a partner.”

Even in the dimness of Goto’s bedroom, Miho could see him blushing – but she didn’t call him cute this time, though she was certainly thinking it.

“That all?” he prompted, watching her closely as she inhaled a deep breath then released it.

“Mmm, Jazz went back home to Europe for a ‘vacation’, but I don’t know,” she explained. “She’s been doing everything she can to thwart my efforts to get her to accept the affections of a client, so I have to wonder if maybe she’s planning a more permanent change of scenery.”

“You really think she’d move to the other side of the world for that reason?” he asked.

Of course he didn’t know the ins and outs of Jazz’s very broken marriage, but even to Miho who did, though it truly extreme if Jazz did plan to stay out of Japan.

“Well, I know she was hurt, a lot,” she thought aloud, eyes fluttering closed as Goto gently rolled her earlobe between his fingers, caressing it softly. “And despite protests she might make to the contrary, she is easily more stubborn than me.”

“That’s pretty stubborn,” Goto mused, and Miho opened her eyes and glared at him. “You can glare all you like, you know it’s true.”

With a huff she rolled her face into his hand and nipped at it.

For her troubles, she ended up trapped beneath him, not that she put up that might of a fight.

“So what are you going to do?” he breathed into her face.

“Right now?” she hissed, wrapping her legs around him. “I’m thinking about how I’m still hungry for you.”

“About Miss Mann,” he chuckled, though he did move slightly, purposefully, teasingly.

“Mmm, I’m going to… save her from herself,” she said after a little squirming failed to provoke Goto into moving any further. “I did promise her I’d find him a nice wife, after all, and I wouldn’t be doing my job for MJS if I didn’t set him up with the best possible candidate, nor as a friend if I let her believe all men can’t be trusted.”

“It sounds to me like you two have a fair amount in common,” he noted, rubbing against her ever so slightly, and how maddening Miho found this was blatantly apparent in her frustrated expression.

“She is pretty hot,” Miho agreed with smug nod. “This one time…”

She began that sentence, but cut it off suddenly when Goto raised an eyebrow.

“This one time?” he encouraged, giving her a calculated nudge.

“You sure you want to know what we got up to with edible glitter after a few drinks?” she smirked, wriggling beneath him again. “Damnit Seiji, you’re being mean.”

“That’s hurtful,” he frowned, and she was surprised at how serious his tone was, when his eyes were laughing – she didn’t think that was very like him.

“I’ll kiss it better then,” she declared, lifting her head from the pillow, but he inched his face away. “Oh, like that is it?”

“Edible glitter?” he prompted.

“And people think I’m evil,” she muttered, narrowing her eyes at him. “We were single, horny, getting ourselves suitably drunk, and had access to all sorts of interesting implements,” she revealed. “One thing led to another and another and another – she makes the most incredible noises and…”

She’d had every intention of getting into the nitty gritty details, but it seemed Goto had had enough, shutting her up finally with his lips. And finally he pressed forward, slowly, inching inside her, no barrier between them at all now.

“Wait, wait,” Miho gasped, holding him tightly against him, and he looked into her face concerned.

“Are you all right?” he scowled, completely falling still. “Or, should I not… oh I didn’t even…”

“No, no it’s fine,” she smiled, sliding her fingers up his back, neck, and into his hair. “I just want to take a moment to…”

Miho closed her eyes and contracted the internal muscles that held him deep within, and the result was Goto growling low groan against her throat.

“Don’t tell me to stop and then do that,” he growled, nipping at her neck and then smoothing his tongue over the marks he’d made. “This… Miho, I want this forever, this close to you.”

At this, Miho blinked, relaxed her body and made eye contact.

“How can you just, say things like that?” she wondered.

“You don’t feel the same?” he responded, his brow creasing a little, and it only intensified when Miho squeezed once more around his cock.

“I feel the same,” she smiled. “It’s just hearing you say something like that is… so romantic, and I love you.”

“No more holding back,” Goto announced, and no more was spoken but for lascivious moans and the desperate whisper of each other’s name.


Goto woke up in his apartment, certainly as he expected to do. This morning was different to most, however. Miho was not beside him where he had left when they’d finally drifted to sleep, and there was a delicious scent permeating the air.

After pulling on a pair of boxers and raking his hair into some semblance of presentable, he wandered from the bedroom to find Miho pottering about the kitchen.

“Morning,” she smiled as she turned, blowing on a mug of coffee until there was barely any steam rising from it, before holding it out to him.

“This has to be a dream,” he murmured, taking the mug, and a peck from Miho on the cheek.

For her to remember and act upon his inability to cope with hot food and drink was just one more sign she was right for him.

“Yeah well, don’t get too used to it,” she chuckled. “I’m not exactly the world’s best house wife, but, your days off are pretty rare, so I thought I’d let you sleep in a little at least.”

“I thought we could go out,” he said after sitting down, watching as Miho covered the table with various breakfast foods, Japanese and international.

“Are you asking me on a date Mr. Goto?” she smirked over her shoulder as she flipped an omelette onto a plate and added it to the collection.

“Only if you want to,” he replied – still a little unsure of how best to handle her perhaps.

“What shall it be then? Amusement park? Shrine? Oh, aquarium?”

“Am I really that unoriginal?” he frowned mildly, and Miho laughed.

“I’m sorry. You have ideas?” she grinned, sitting down with him at the table.

“Well I remember you said something about ice skating,” he began cautiously, watching carefully for her reaction. “It’s not really the season to do it outdoors, but there is an indoor rink not too far from here.”

“Ice skating?” Miho repeated, appearing to be turning this over in her mind. “Were we born to make history?”

At this Goto looked a little confused.

“Oh oh, I foresee a Yuri on Ice marathon in your near future,” she grinned maniacally, and Goto’s confusion turned toward concern. “Oh don’t look so worried, you’ll love it. It’s adorable, like you.”

“Damnit Miho,” he grumbled, blushing as he always did when she called him something cute – which is entirely while she did it.

“Okay, I’m a little bit sorry,” she giggled. “Ice skating sounds fun.”


It sounded fun.

And really, Goto did it because he thought it would make Miho happy, and it did – though her hysterical laughter at his complete inability to ice skate was not exactly what he had in mind.

Miho skated graceful circles around him for a little while, until even trying to help him ended up with them both sliding across the ice.

With wet bums, they decided to take a breather, and sat down in the rink’s café for a drink.

“Why did you suggest skating if you’re not so hot at it?” she asked him, her tone fond, and Goto went back to looking embarrassed over grumpy.

“Like I said, you mentioned it,” he grumbled over the top of his iced coffee. “And all the suggestions from my colleagues were…”

“Amusement park, shrine, aquarium?” Miho filled in, and Goto nodded.

“Wandering aimlessly around a mall, and the city, were also on the list,” he went on. “But that doesn’t sound any different to what people do every other day. I didn’t expect you to be so good at this though; you’ve been skating before?”

“Roller hockey back home, if you’d believe it,” she explained. “Almost the same as ice skating. Less wet though.”

“And less painful I imagine,” he muttered, shifting in his seat.

“Do you need me to kiss it better?” Miho grinned cheekily.

“Let’s save that until a little later,” he replied, then looked thoughtful. “Actually, I was thinking about last night.”

“What did you think I was just talking about?” she snickered, but toned it down when he took her hand. “Uhh, which part about last night?”

“Well, ahh,” he began, and only now seemed a bit uncomfortable about the subject he’d been the one to broach. “You know we, used protect the first, and second time, but then…”

It dawned on Miho.

That, huh. Yeah we got a bit caught up hmm?” she acknowledged.

She knew he wasn’t worried about some STD; MJS screenings were good for that – pregnancy on the other hand was an unknown for him at least. Her profile on him told her everything she needed to know about his desires for the future, and that he’d ‘like children sometime in the not too distant future’ rang clearly in her recollection.

“Kids are a deal-breaker in many pairings,” she declared slowly, quietly, meeting his attentive gaze, “which… is why I guess I’ve been avoiding it, even though I know it’s pointless.”

“You don’t want any,” he surmised, and Miho nodded slowly.

“Never have,” she admitted on a sigh. “Daisetsu was the same, so it was never a necessary discussion, but you… you do.”

Silence fell between them, and even the noise from the rink couldn’t penetrate the bubble. The longer it stretched, the louder Miho’s internal screaming became.


“You think I want out because you don’t want children?” he asked finally.

“I think I know men who’ve regretted not following their instincts, and women who’ve been left by husbands who decided it wasn’t too late to try somewhere else,” she answered, no bitterness in her tone at all, no judgement, just a bit of fear. “And I don’t want either, not for you or me. It’s not that I don’t love you enough, it’s just not something I’ll ever be changing my mind about. You’re a bit younger than me, could still happily have an atomic family, so, you should take some time to think about it, seriously.”

“I don’t want to think about not being with you,” he frowned, voice low.

“No, me either,” Miho nodded soberly. “But I also don’t want to make you unhappy by not being willing to give you all of what your heart truly wants.”

Goto sighed and gave her hand a squeeze before letting it go and getting to his feet.

“Let’s go get some lunch,” he suggested, though Miho didn’t feel all that hungry.

“You sure your body’s up for that?” she smirked, trying to lighten the mood. “I’m betting you have all sorts of bruises.”

“You’re the old one, remember?” he responded, taking her under the elbow like she needed help to walk.

“You are sooo lucky I’m not sensitive about my age,” she muttered, but allowed his touch to linger as they headed toward the exit.

But Goto suddenly paused, his expression becoming extremely focused and alert.

“What’s up?” Miho questioned, studying his face as Goto pulled her closer and encouraged them to move out onto the street more quickly.

“Just a feeling,” he told her seriously.

“Feeling like what?” she scowled. “That we’re about to be attacked by ninjas?”

“Something like th…” he began, but as they stepped out of the building, wind blew rain sideways against them and they were forced back up against the wall.

“Weather controlling ninjas?” Miho offered, her body shielded for the most part by Goto’s.

“Okay, I’ll grab us a taxi,” he decided, still not seeming all that happy, and Miho could see it wasn’t the rain’s fault. “Do not move from here,” he instructed firmly, turning to look at her so she could see he meant it.

“Yes Sir,” she nodded, stopping short of a salute given how grave he sounded.

While he moved to the curb and looked up and down for an unoccupied cab, Miho searched the street, and glanced back into the ice-skating rink for what might have spooked Goto – but there was no one in particular that stood out as being suspicious or threatening.

“Miho,” Goto prompted, the back door of a taxi already open and waiting for her, and she scuttled to it and all but dived in.

When both were seated, the taxi pulled out into traffic in the direction of its passengers’ destination – and whether Miho saw something or not, the vehicle was observed until it disappeared around its first corner.



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