MJS Romance: Jazz x Kunihiko – Mile High

Jazz smiled at the airport security guard and walked through the metal detector. There was a short beeping and she sighed, took off her shoes and walked back through. Beep beep.

“Are you wearing metal jewelry?”

Jazz shook her head. “But my underwear contains some more wires than most bras,” she admitted. The corsage made of lace and satin sounded like a very bad idea at first, but after the flight from Japan back home when she had already worn something similar she was actually convinced of this piece of garment. It somehow made her feel better.

It took some time and convincing before she was finally allowed to pass. At the check in counter another surprise waited for her.

“Miss Mann, your ticket has been upgraded. Please go the check in for business class travelers. You can also wait in our lounge after checking in. Have a nice day and a pleasant flight.”

The woman smiled at Jazz who hesitantly took her ticket and walked over to the other counter. After check in and another affirmation that yes, her ticket had been upgraded but no, sadly the nice lady behind the counter couldn’t tell Jazz who exactly had upgraded her ticket, she went into the lounge for some refreshments. Much to her surprise she found a familiar face there.

“Kunihiko?! What are you doing here?”

He beamed at her and jumped up from his seat only to hug her tightly.

“You asked me to pick you up from the airport.” He sounded a bit smug but most of all happy. Jazz returned his embrace but was still puzzled.

“I did, but I was thinking you would pick me up in Tokyo, not here!”

“I wanted to surprise you,” he admitted and brought some distance between them, just enough for her to see his face.

“Well, I AM surprised. And happy. Thank you.” She hugged him again and giggled. Obviously she wasn’t the only one in this relationship who was good for a surprise every now and then.

“How was the wedding?” Kunihiko led her to a table and they both sat down, holding hands all the time.

“Nice. My cousin was a lovely bride, I was wearing a dress that I had chosen so it wasn’t hideous, the ceremony was a tearjerker. The food was great, there was enough alcohol and the music was fantastic. All in all it was a great party. Except for the fact that my mom had to tell everyone that I’m divorced now. What better occasion is there to announce the end of a marriage than a wedding?” She rolled her eyes and Kunihiko chuckled.

“They made me line up to catch the bouquet.”

He laughed even more. “And? Did you catch it?”

“Catch it? It came directly my way so I stepped to the side. No thanks, I’m done with marriages for some time now. No wedding for me.” She shook her head until she noticed his expression. Oh.

“Wait, you – you are not disappointed, are you? I mean, you are aware that I just got divorced, right?”

He looked away and sighed. “And you are aware that we met when I was looking for a potential wife, are you?”

“Oh.” The sudden silence extinguished the earlier happiness Jazz had felt. This was awkward. Well, they never had the time to actually talk about their relationship. Since she had left Japan a week ago they had talked over the phone, but most of those calls had ended rather steamy. Kunihiko definitely had a way with words.

“We – we should really talk about some things, huh?” She gave him an apologetic smile and he sighed again.

“Yes, we should. We have a long flight, we could talk a bit in the plane.”

Business class definitely was something else. The seats were comfortable, there was more space and less persons. It was like heaven above the clouds.

After settling into their seats and getting some refreshments from the flight attendant Jazz still felt a bit guilty. She actually had completely ignored the fact that Kunihiko had been looking for a wife, not just a girlfriend.

“Is your company okay with you just taking off a day or two to pick me up from my vacation?” she suddenly wondered.

“Well, Osanai wasn’t that happy when I told him but he made me visit a business partner in France yesterday, so I can consider this as extended business trip.” He shrugged and took off his jacket. Jazz wanted to reach over and undo his tie, followed by his shirt, but held back. Dammit, a week with phone sex was better than nothing, but now that she could see him, actually touch him it wasn’t easy not to just climb him.

Jazz busied herself with taking off her own jacket and getting comfortable.

“So, can we talk now?” Kunihiko looked at her expectantly and Jazz nodded.

“You don’t want to get married again? Ever?” There was a crease between his brows that she had never noticed before.

“That’s not it. I just don’t want to rush into the next marriage. Being rash hasn’t worked out for me so I want to take it a bit slower this time. I mean, we hardly know each other yet.” It was all rational and sensible, but she felt like a huge jerk saying it like this.

“You already know pretty much everything about me that there is to know. I admit I still have to learn a lot about you. This included.” He flashed her a small smile.

“So, uhm… are we okay?” Jazz still wasn’t sure how important the whole marriage part was for him but she hoped that he would rather be with her without getting married than marry someone else.

“Yes, we are okay. You didn’t say you would never marry me after all, only that it won’t be soon. I think I can live with that.”

Jazz sighed in relief and grabbed his hand, interlaced their fingers and smiled when he raised their links hands to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

The touch was light and still sent shivers down her spine. This was almost torture! Jazz snuggled closer to him, craving the feeling of his body next to hers, and rested her head on his shoulder. This was better than nothing after all.

They chatted a bit, kissed a few times. Almost chaste kisses, they were both aware of their surroundings and even if not all seats were actually taken they were still in public. After dinner and a movie Jazz got a bit tired, snuggled closer to Kunihiko – or at least as close as their seats allowed – and under a blanket, honestly trying to go to sleep.

“Are you tired?” Kunihiko whispered into her ear, making her squirm a bit.

“I am. Aren’t you?”

“A bit. But I just remembered some of the text messages you have sent me. I hope you know that some of them were torture for me. You can’t send things like that when I’m in the office.”

Jazz chuckled a bit. She might have gone a bit too far with one or two of them. The picture of her in the bathtub was still safe for work, but the text she had sent him wasn’t.

“You like that, don’t you? Knowing how much that affected me?” He was still whispering, so low that it was barely audible, but she nodded. That was a huge turn on for her after all, otherwise she wouldn’t do that.

“Can you imagine how uncomfortable it is to sit in a meeting with a huge hard on because your girlfriend sent you some very naughty texts?” He nibbled at her earlobe and Jazz shuddered a bit.

“No,” she breathed, “tell me about it.”

His hand rested on her thigh, hidden by the blanket, and for the first time in ages she cursed herself for wearing pants instead of a skirt. Well, naked skin and airline seats were not really a good combination after all but right now she would even endure that if she could only feel his hand on her naked skin.

“Well, I think I have developed a Pavlovian response to the sound of incoming texts on my phone,” he whispered on, the smile audible in his voice and Jazz grinned.

“Good to know… I will just send you text next time I want you to get hard then,” she cheekily whispered back. The next second his hand suddenly slid between her legs, pressing the seam of her pants against her core, making her gasp.

“Should I show you how uncomfortable it can be, getting aroused in public without the chance to take care of things?”

There was something in his voice, something that had her blood rush into her nether regions. Oh. Really? Here? That wasn’t part of his profile. But she liked a bit of thrill every now and then, not too much of course. Controlled danger.

So she simply bit her bottom lip and tried to stay quiet, her head on his shoulder. From time to time she grazed his neck with her lips and when he cupped her sex through her pants she had to stifle a gasp, making him chuckle lowly.

Jazz squirmed in her seat, hands clutching the armrests. After making sure that no one had noticed anything he slipped his hand under her waistband – thank god for stretchy fabrics – and Jazz shifted in her seat, giving him better access. It wasn’t ideal but she soon found herself rocking her hips against his hand, small, hardly noticeable movements. She was panting, still holding her voice in, so when he turned his head slightly and kissed her she was grateful for the distraction that provided some additional stimulation at the same time. But just when she started feeling the tingling, the tightening, when the pressure increased with every brush of his fingertips against her clit, he just stopped, making her whine quietly.

“See? Very frustrating, isn’t it?” His breath washed over her cheek and her neck since she had her face half buried in the crook of his neck.

When he didn’t make a move to continue she straightened up a bit and growled: “Restroom. Now.” Jazz quickly fixed her clothes and stood up, looked around and nodded once to show him it was okay. She noticed that he had to readjust parts of himself in his pants and grinned. At least she wasn’t the only one horny as hell right now.

The restroom was like she had expected. Small. Tiny even. But at least a hint bigger than the usual ones. As soon as he locked the door behind them Jazz grabbed him and pulled him closer, her lips on his, her hands already unbuckling his belt. Kunihiko mirrored her, pushed her pants and panties down. There wasn’t enough space to actually take them off so he turned her around and Jazz grabbed the edges of the sink, watched him in the mirror as he lined up but hesitated.

“Do you… are we going… do I need…?”

“Just do it already,” she snapped, half laughing half grumping. They had this talk before and yet he still asked. Too cute.

There was nothing cute about the way he suddenly pushed into her, though. She arched her back, hand gripping the sink tightly. Not making a sound was the hardest part, Jazz was rather vocal and actually enjoyed it. But there was only the sound of them panting, low moans and groans, the clinking of his belt buckle against the plastic of the vanity every now and then.

They both knew this was just a quickie but it was exactly what Jazz needed right now, hard and fast. And when he slipped a hand between her legs to find her clit again she came almost instantly, biting back her cries of pleasure, clenching her eyes shut and holding her breath until her high subsides slowly.

Kunihiko came shortly after her, biting into her shoulder to keep his own voice in. They needed a moment to catch their breath and when he pulled out and cleaned up with a paper towel a bit Jazz looked at him in the mirror. The way his cheeks were flushed, hair disheveled, his shirt and tie askew – and a wave of emotion almost swept her away. She couldn’t believe that he actually was here, with her, because of her.

“Are you okay?” He had noticed her staring, the wet shimmer in her eyes.

“Yeah, I’m – I’m just happy.” She grinned at him. “And now get out of here so I can freshen up a bit.” With a last kiss he slipped out of the restroom and Jazz couldn’t stop grinning. Not while she cleaned up, not when she was back in her seat, not when she woke up the next morning, almost back in Japan.

They walked through the airport hand in hand, the luggage already taken care of, when her smile suddenly vanished. Unsure whether she should let go of his hand or grab it tighter for support she stopped walking, frozen to the spot at the face she suddenly saw in front of her. An angry face.

“What’s-?” Kunihiko couldn’t even finish his question when an older woman came straight towards them, her eyes lingering on their linked hands for a moment before she stared at Jazz.

“What is the meaning of this?” she demanded to know and Jazz swallowed.

“Hello, Mama Kujoro,” she greeted the other woman in a small voice.

“A married woman, whoring around in broad daylight? Do you have no shame?! I knew Ai made a mistake by marrying you!”

Jazz was aware of the stares of the surrounding crowd but other than most Japanese women she had no problems with being stared at. It was something she had gotten used to ever since coming to Japan.

“Madam, would you please stop shouting and calling her names,” Kunihiko tried to calm her down but Jazz squeezed his hand slightly and took a deep breath.

“I take Ai hasn’t talked with you yet. A foolish coward, that’s what he is. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but we are divorced since – two weeks ago. Now, Kujuro-san,” she said, emphasizing the honorific suffix to point out that there was no connection, no familiar bond between them anymore, “I would like to bid you farewell and keep ‘whoring around’ in broad daylight.” She gave her former mother in law a short bow and tugged Kunihiko with her when she stormed off.

“Hey, slow down,” he suddenly said and pulled her back a bit, into his arms. “Are you okay?”

Was she? Jazz wasn’t sure. It was not the fact that she had been yelled at, Ai’s mother has never been very fond of Jazz. A foreigner, probably not even a virgin anymore when she married her son. As if that had been important for Ai.

“Yeah, I’m – I’m fine. Just angry at Ai that he still hasn’t grown some balls and told his parents.” She gave Kunihiko a wry smile and he hugged her briefly.

“Sorry you had to go through that.”

“It’s okay, I got used to it. Now, let’s get home, can we? I’m tired and want a shower – and some nice, slow, intense sex with you. How does that sound?”

Kunihiko smiled at her and nodded. “Sounds good. Your place or mine?”

“Yours. My fridge is empty and I definitely need something to eat.”

They would be at her place often enough. At least that was what she thought at that moment. Her smile was a bit dimmed but still in place when they hailed a cab and headed towards his apartment, towards an afternoon and a night full of kisses, passion, and food. What a way to come home.

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