MJS – Open For Business!

A girls’ night was never as successful as that fateful evening, Selina, Jazz and Miho congregated atop the roof of Jazz’s building with several bottles of good wine. Who exactly came up with the idea of a marriage matchmaking agency was clouded by the amount they drank, but in the days following that, they all thought long and hard about the perks and pitfalls.

Mostly the perks.

There was no shortage of money to establish their new venture, and no shortage of knowledge to ensure nothing was left to chance. There were medical screenings to take care of, and for that Miho line up some on the side work for collarbone fetishist, Luke Foster, while Jazz signed lawyer Maruyama Takao – the latter took a little more convincing, but ultimately, the lure of a substantial discount on MJS Marriage Matchmaking Agency services in the future proved too much, even for his delicate sensibilities. Jani, on the other hand, had absolutely no difficulties in convincing Baba to jump on board; someone had to scout out the female clients of course and ensure they were of as marriageable material as the gents.

What more did they need?

The concept was quite simple. Clients seeking an easier way to marriage enlisted MJS’s services: signed some pretty impressive nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements to ensure the security of all involved, undertook some routine medical tests, answered some basic questions, agreed to have their finances probed and then… the road test.

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