MJS Client report: Jazz x Kunihiko Aikawa (mature)

Jazz opened the door after a moment of hesitation. A bar. A sports bar. Well, in her job she met a lot of different people and it took her to a lot of different places, but this was her first time in a sports bar. She mentally patted her back for remembering to bring some more business cards than usual. There would certainly be some men inside, maybe even some that were interested in finding the right woman. Not that Jazz was thinking of settling down herself, but she was a rational and business orientated woman and since her business was to bring men and women together she was always looking for said men and women.
But today she was here for another reason. She still had to finish the profile for her new client, Kunihiko Aikawa. A promising young entrepreneur, CEO of his own company, good looking, smart – should be easy enough to find some women interested in him in her database. But as a good matchmaking agent she wanted to know everything about him that would help her to find the perfect wife for him. And she intended on being thorough. 

Jazz walked towards the counter, pleasantly surprised that Mr. Aikawa was laughing, standing behind the bar in some casual clothes. This was a side of him she hadn’t expected to see but it helped her to understand him and his needs in a partner better. Obviously he wasn’t just some workaholic. Good. It made her job easier if her client was actually able to enjoy himself. Let his guard down.“Miss Mann! Glad you made it,” he cheerfully greeted her and she sat down with a smile. There were other patrons at the bar, all men, and some of them eyed her rather blatantly.

“Mr. Aikawa, I didn’t know you have a bar.” She ignored the black haired men next to her who stared at her, gave her a once over from head to toes.

“Well, it’s more a hobby than actual business. Most of my regulars are already here and they are actually my friends more than paying customers. But I spend quite a bit of my time in here and I thought you might want to add that.” He motioned towards the clipboard she was holding.

“Don’t you want to introduce us to this gorgeous creature?” The man next to her shot her a flirtatious smile. Oh god, one of those.

“This is Miss Mann, and she’s… uhm…” Mr. Aikawa scratched his nose and looked at Jazz who smiled.

“Hello, I’m Jazz Mann and Mr. Aikawa is currently in my care for a business matter.”

“Business? How boring. A stunning woman like you shouldn’t be forced to spend her evening with business meetings. I am Takamasa Saeki and I would love to-“

She raised a hand and cut him off in a sweet voice. “I can imagine what you would love to do, but I have to decline. And don’t worry about me. I am perfectly able to find some – pleasant aspects even about my work.”

She laughed at his stunned expression and turned back towards Mr. Aikawa.

“If it’s a bad time just now I can come back later.”

“No, it’s fine. I just wanted to close for tonight anyway.” A bit louder he added: “You heard it, guys. Drink up, I’m closing the bar.”

The other men grumbled and Jazz couldn’t help but smile at their banter on the way out. But she was also glad that they left. It had been a long day already and she didn’t want this to take longer than necessary. She wasn’t there for the others, only for Mr. Aikawa.

“Have you eaten yet? I could quickly whip something up,” he offered after he had locked the door.

She smiled. “You cook?”

He shrugged. “A bit. Nothing fancy, but my guests never complain.”

She quickly made a note of that. “So what’s your signature dish?”

“Pasta Neapolitana,” he confidently announced. “Do you want to try it?”

She nodded and made another note. A successful man who could cook – she would have to troubles finding someone interested in him. He scurried of into the kitchen only to come back after some moments of rummaging.

“Do you want some wine with your dinner? Or, uhm, can’t you because you’re on duty?”

Duty, yes… Jazz smiled at him. “It’s fine, a glass of wine sounds good. Will you join me, Mr. Aikawa?” She knew of the suggestive notion of her words and bated her eyelashes at him only to see him blush lightly. God, how she loved it when men blushed for her.

“I’m actually not that good with alcohol,” he admitted only to make her tilt her head a bit.

“You are running a bar for fun but can’t drink? That’s definitely unusual. But I think a lot of women like men who don’t drink. Or at least who know their limit.”

“Well, one glass won’t hurt me. But it has to stay the only one after all.”

He set two plates with pasta down on a table and went back behind the bar to fetch glasses and a bottle of wine. Jazz was still sitting at the bar but followed him to the table. It was a bit like a date and she smiled. He definitely got bonus points for that. Some clients directly started undressing them or her once the door was closed behind her, but someone who set the mood was much appreciated. Even if this was still business after all.

They clinked glasses, but he didn’t seem to know what to toast to, so Jazz smiled and said: “To a nice evening,” making him smile in relief.

After a sip and a first bite of pasta her eyes widened. “Mr. Aikawa, this is delicious!”

“Please, call me Kunihiko. Mr. Aikawa sounds as if I’m in the office and that’s a bit awkward right now.”

She smiled even brighter and raised her glass again. “Well, in that case: to a successful evening, Kunihiko.”

He huffed a short laugh but also raised his glass. “To a nice AND successful evening. Jazz.” The way he added her first name send a promising shiver through her spine. Some appointments were definitely more fun than others. And sometimes she almost regretted that she had to actually arrange a meeting with another woman in the end, especially if the client was as handsome and considerate as Kunihiko.

She quickly pushed these thoughts aside and focused on her dinner.

“Say Kunihiko, what kind of woman are you looking for? I can imagine you can’t complain about a lack of interest, so why did you come to our agency?” She took another bite of the pasta. No way that man had troubles finding a girlfriend!

He blushed again. How cute!

“Well, mostly because Takao talked me into it. He says I need to find someone to settle down. And since I’m not looking for ANYONE he suggested I get help.”

Mr. Maruyama… well, Jazz wouldn’t complain, Kunihiko was her favorite client so far.

“What kind of woman are you looking for? Tall or small? Blonde, redhead, brunette? Boobs, legs, booty?” She chuckled when he almost choked on his pasta.

“It’s okay, we all have preferences. I just want to know what I should be looking for,” she assured him.

“What about you?” he deflected the question. “What do you like?”

“Well, I’m not looking for someone right now, but I like my men tall, dark and handsome. Broad shoulders. Confident. And funny.”

“That’s me,” he jokingly said and Jazz took another sip of her wine, looking at him over the rim of the glass.

“Yes, that’s you.” She nodded and put the glass down. “Your turn. What do you like in a woman?”

He thought about it for a moment. “Not too tall. And not too skinny. I like a bit of curves.” He blushed slightly and Jazz leaned forwards a bit, giving him a better view of her cleavage.

“Cheerful and not too calm. Rather cute than sexy. But not childish, just – not too flashy.”

Jazz nodded. She had a good impression of what he wanted. “Age range?”

He shrugged. “Not too young. I have a younger niece and it would feel awkward if my wife is as old as the girl I used to babysit. Five years in both directions.”

She nodded.

“How about you? Age wise, I mean.” He looked at her intently and Jazz smiled.

“I like my men like my wine. Mature, with character.” She took another sip while holding his gaze. “Just like this one.” Maybe she should stop after one glass of wine. This was far too much fun and flirting for a business meeting. Sometimes she forgot that things shouldn’t get too personal. But she would have sex with him after all, it couldn’t hurt to create a comfortable atmosphere, and maybe a little spark.

She put her glass down and pushed the plate a bit away, indicating that she had finished her dinner. She shouldn’t eat too much now, she still had to work after all.

“How about some dessert now?” She smiled at him, promising and with a hint of teasing.

He quickly followed her example and put his cutlery down. “Sure, what would you like? There’s ice cream and – oh.“

His eyes went wide a bit when Jazz stood up and came over to him, waited until he had pushed his chair back a bit and straddled his lap. This was why she was here after all. Not the food or the wine. Just the dessert.

“Relax,” she whispered and put his hands on her hips. “Think of this as our third date. You know what they say about third dates, do you?”

He swallowed and nodded. There it was, the moment before the first kiss. She loved it, the anticipation, the tension. The build up. She saw his gaze flicker towards her lips and back to her eyes. Oh, she wouldn’t initiate it, that wasn’t part of the plan. She wanted him to take charge, after all this wasn’t about her skills. She knew that she was good, but she needed to find out how he was.

When he reached up and cupped her cheek gently she gave him an extra point for creating intimacy. When he brushed her lips with his at first he earned an extra point for teasing. And when he finally kissed her, really kissed her, she stopped giving points. This was just too good. She let herself get swept away by his kisses, the taste of the wine still lingering between them. A low rumble in his throat made her moan. God, this was really, really good. Gold star for kissing.

His tongue nudged hers, teasing, testing, just with the right amount of pressure. She welcomed him, returned his kiss with the same intensity he showed. His hand slid into her hair, pulled her closer and made her tilt her head while his other hand found the small of her back. She grabbed his shoulders for support and let him pull her into his lap, gently rocking against him. Oh, wow… yeah, she definitely wasn’t the only one affected by this kiss. She teasingly started to move her hips some more, trying to get an impression of what was awaiting her.

Well, she definitely was in for a treat it seemed.

She pulled away, brushed some stray strands of hair out of his face and raised an eyebrow.

“So, this is what you had in mind when you invited me here? Getting naughty in your bar? What would he health inspector say?” She rocked her hips again, making him groan, the hand in the small of her back grabbing her tightly.

“Not exactly… but I wouldn’t object…” He had his eyes closed, his head thrown back a bit. Jazz leaned in and kissed his neck, licked a strip over is throat before she sat up straight again.

“Tell me what you had planned? Do you want to bend me over the bar? Have me on a table? Stay just like this?”

There was a lot she could learn about a client just by the way they plan this special interrogation session. Some wanted her to come to their home – which gave her a good opportunity to find out more about them and their way of life. Some had asked her to come to their office or work place. Some chose ‘neutral grounds’, hotels for example. But this was the first time someone had invited her to a bar.

“Actually I wasn’t even sure what would happen, so I haven’t thought that far,” he admitted, looking a bit flushed and out of breath. Adorable. “But I have a room upstairs. With a couch…”

She giggled slightly. “I haven’t had sex on a couch since my student days… well, that could be fun.” She tried to get up but his hand held her back, pressing against her to keep her in place.

“We can go there. Later. For now I like it where we are.” He looked at her expectantly, his violet eyes dark, his hair slightly disheveled. She slowly shifted her weight, sank back down on his lap, biting her bottom lip. When she felt the hard bulge under her she moaned lowly, slowly grinding against him.

“You know my profile…” she whispered, teeth grazing his earlobe. “You know what I’m willing to do and what’s off limits. Now show me what you’ve got…”

He kissed her again, hungry and needy. It made her head spin, her skin tingle and her hips rock against him. Full score for kissing, no question.

She didn’t mind when his hands started tugging her blouse out of the waistband of her skirt, fingers sliding under the hem to touch her bare skin. She encouraged him by leaning back a bit, her hands on his knees for support, her back arched. He unbuttoned her blouse, one button after the other, slowly, teasing. Once he was done he pushed the fabric out if the way, his eyes followed his fingertips while they trailed from her sternum down, over the valley of her breasts to her belly button. His movements were unhurried but he focused completely on her. Definitely some extra points for that.

Jazz rolled her hips a bit, seeking friction, and he chuckled lowly. She sat up straight again, let the blouse drop to the floor and grabbed the hem of his black sweater, pulled it up and off him. He was toned, not overly packed but fit. Broad shoulders, strong arms, a firm chest. A bit of chest hair, not too much but enough to give him a very manly appeal. When she looked a bit lower she noticed the happy trail disappearing into his pants, making her thoughts wander. She looked up at him again, caught her staring at her.

“Now we’re even,” she said with a wink.

“No, we’re not.” He reached behind her and opened the clasp of her bra, pushed the straps down her arms and dangled the bra in front of her before he let it fall to the floor. “Now we’re even.”

His gaze wandered over her naked skin, awe and hunger mixed with growing impatience. She smiled softly at his reaction, her nipples hardening in the cool air, goose bumps crawling over her body. His hands settled on her sides, pulling her up a bit so he could bury his face between her breasts. He groaned softly and she giggled, her hands on his shoulders for support. Her laughter hitched in her throat when his lips found a nipple and closed around it, tongue flicking against the sensitive bud. Her fingers dug into his skin and she closed her eyes, her lips parted for a soft sigh.

Kunihiko licked the curve of her heavy breast before he switched to the other side, treating it the same as the first one. Jazz could feel the tingling in her core, the need build up more and more. And she wasn’t the only one.

“Hold on tight,” he rasped, voice hoarse with desire. He got up and Jazz immediately wrapped arms and legs around him, let him carry her over to the stairs. But instead of setting her down so they could go upstairs he pinned her against the wall, mumbled a low “I always wanted to try this,” and kissed her again, grinding against her, making her gasp. His hard cock pressed against her core through several layers of clothes but it sent jolts of arousal through her body.

Her hand buried in his hair she tugged his head back slightly.

“Kunihiko… I want you. Now.” She looked into his eyes, only leaned in for a quick kiss. “Set me down.”

He hummed deep in his throat. “No. Not setting you down.”

Just when she started to get frustrated he moved again, carried her up the stairs into a small room with a couch, a table and some boxes in a corner. This perfect display of his strength gave him some extra points – Jazz wasn’t that heavy, but carrying a grown woman up some stairs was still impressive. And kinda hot.

He didn’t walk them towards the couch but the table, he set her down on the cool surface, her legs dangling from the edge. As soon as she felt the wood under her ass her hands flew to his belt, unbuckling it impatiently while she kept kissing his lips, his neck, his chest. With the same urgency he opened the zipper of her skirt, but since she was sitting he couldn’t just push it down. Instead he pushed the fabric up to reveal as much of her thighs as possible. She had already opened his pants and reached into his boxer briefs to wrap a hand around his hard cock, making him hiss and drop his head on her shoulder. His hand slowly crept hp her thigh until he reached the lace of her panties. His fingers slipped under the last remaining barrier between them and started spreading her wetness over her folds. Jazz tilted her hips slightly until his fingertips found her clit, circled it, making her whimper.

This feverish fumbling felt heavenly. She had a hand on his cock, he had a hand on her pussy. Countless kisses and little nips, encouraging words and teasing glances passed between them, keeping the mood light despite the constantly growing arousal. When she couldn’t take it anymore Jazz pulled her hand back and stopped his, slipped from the table and dropped on her knees in front of him.

“Holy…” he gasped and watched her pulling down his pants and boxers, wrapping a hand around his cock and looking up at him.

“You… you don’t have to…” he started but she shushed him.

“It’s okay, I want to.” She stared at his cock for a moment, hard, heavy in her hand, the tip red and smeared with precum. Nice shape. Good size. Really good size. Her tongue darted out of her mouth to get a first taste. He was salty and slightly bitter, but she liked it. Jazz parted her lips and sucked his tip in, slowly working inch after inch into her mouth until he bumped against the back of her throat. His hand found her hair but he simply kept it there, not pushing or pulling, just seeking more contact. Slowly she started bobbing her head, relaxing jaw and throat as much as possible. She could feel his legs tremble and he hunched over a bit, his free hand resting on the table behind her for support while she swallowed him down as far as she could.

“You better… stop now… god… this is… too good…” He was panting and it sent a surge of pride through her. With a last suck she released him from her mouth only to get pulled up into his arms, his lips firmly pressed against hers. Within seconds he had pushed her skirt and panties down, leaving them both mostly naked. Jazz slipped out of her shoes and pulled away from him, confidently strode over to the couch and sat down, her legs crossed and her arms resting on the backrest.

“Condom,” she reminded him and he quickly nodded, searched his pockets for the foiled package and triumphantly showed it.

“For someone who claims he didn’t knew how this night would go you are awfully well prepared,” she joked and he shrugged with a grin.

“Not knowing doesn’t mean not hoping.”

She patted to the spot next to her and he came over only for her to stop him when he was in front of her. She took the condom, quickly checked it and opened the wrapper. She winked at him before she rolled it over his cock and placed a last teasing kiss on the tip.

Jazz expected him to get on the couch but instead he sank on his knees in front of her this time, parted her legs and pulled her hips closer to the edge. He kept looking at her while he positioned himself and slowly sank into her. Jazz’s eyes fluttered shut, the delicious stretch of his cock and the feeling of finally – FINALLY – having him inside of her almost too much to bear.

He moved with care, definitely holding back. The way he furrowed his brow, pressed his lips together and gripped her hips tightly showed her how much he just wanted to slam into her, but he didn’t. He made sure she had time to adjust, but after a few slow thrusts she knew she could handle more.

“Harder… don’t hold back…” She arched her back, threw her head back and cried out when he followed her order, slammed into her, his hips slapping against hers. He growled, a deep rumble in his chest that made her shiver. He leaned in and captured a nipple between his lips, sucked and bit until it was red and swollen.

Kunihiko pulled her even closer until she was half on the couch, half hovering in the air, her legs around his waist and his hands on her hips. She rested on her elbows, propped up next to her sides, the small of her back against the edge of the couch.

“You feel so good… so tight… and wet for me…” he grunted and kissed her, leaving her breathless. She was just thinking about sliding her hand between her thighs for some additional stimulation when he did it, easily finding her clit and rubbing it with his thumb, eliciting whimpers and cries from her lips.

Between the whole build up, the anticipation, the teasing and the incredible kissing it was no surprise for her to feel the pressure in her core rapidly increasing. She gasped for air, her toes curling, her hands clenching to fists, her whole body going taut. Two more thrusts, hitting all the right spots inside of her, and she came with a loud cry, trembling, clenching, panting. Her eyes were closed and only when the surging pleasure inside of her subsided she opened them again, only to find Kunihiko looking at her with awe, marveling at the sight of her bliss.

Jazz slumped down a bit, exhausted and sated. He had paused for a moment but was still hard inside of her, breathing heavily at the effort of this intense encounter. He carefully lifted her off his lap and helped her on the couch before he joined her again. She eagerly awaited him, arms open, legs parted. His weight in top of her felt just right and when he slipped back into her she caught herself thinking inappropriate and not businesslike thoughts. Jazz quickly pushed them aside, focused on the way he held her now – not that this was helping any – and how he pushed back into her.

She murmured encouraging words into his ear, urged him on, a skillful mixture of dirty talk and sweet spurring on. When his thrusts got erratic, almost frantic she knew he was close. Much to her surprise he kissed her again, moaning into her mouth, and it was exactly that what tipped him over the edge into his own release. A couple of thrusts later he stilled. His breathing was ragged and she could feel his heart racing against her own chest. Kunihiko dropped his head on her shoulder, nuzzled her neck slightly and they stayed like this until they had caught their breath and the air chilled their heated, sweaty bodies.

With a last kiss he pulled out and sat up to take care of the condom and Jazz stretched lazily, tired but satisfied.

“Uhm, will you – do you have to go now?”

She knew it would be better but some clients liked to get a short review of their performance.

“Depends. Do you want me to go?”

He shook his head.

“No. Wait a moment.” He walked towards the boxes and came back with a blanket before he picked up their underwear from the floor. Jazz looked at her panties – soaked through.

“Thanks, I pass for now.”

He blushed slightly but put his boxers on and motioned for her to lie back down before he covered her with the blanket and snuggled close. Okay… this was walking a fine line for her. But it should be okay.

“I – usually I don’t do this,” he mumbled, almost flustered. “I don’t just take women home and have sex.”

She giggled. “Technically you didn’t take me home. Don’t worry about it.” After a few moments in silence she asked: “Do you want to get a review?”

He hesitated. “Will it be good or bad?”

Jazz sighed contentedly. “Definitely good. Honestly, there’s nothing to fault. I really like the way you kiss. Gentle but passionate. Almost caring. Definitely a plus. You were constantly checking if I was enjoying myself. Another plus. Your body and your – equipment… plus and plus. A big plus.” She winked at him and he chuckled.

“You are a naughty girl, huh? Wouldn’t have thought so, you are looking so innocent.”

Jazz gazed at him, a smirk playing on her lips.

“Oh baby, you have seen nothing yet.”

The next morning Jazz came into the agency, wearing the same clothes as the day before. She quickly grabbed her spare outfit that she kept in the office and changed in the washroom.

“Did you have a good meeting?” Miho asked when Jazz came back, the innuendo clear in her voice.

“Yep, it was very – satisfying.” Jazz grinned but then got serious again. “I’m just writing my report, but… you might have to take over for me from here.”

They had clear rules. No dating the clients. No affairs. One test drive and afterwards it was purely business again.

Miho raised an eyebrow. “Was he that good or that bad?” They all had had both cases already.

Jazz plopped down on a chair. “The sex was good. Great actually. And he’s a great guy.” She sighed. “And I already have someone in mind for him. But I need you or Selina to finish this match. I would owe you. Please?”

Miho stared at Jazz but finally nodded. “Sure.” She smiled. “Sure. Don’t worry. Anything else I need to know?”

Jazz took a deep breath and smiled. “Yeah. Add the price for a pair of panties to his bill.”

Miho laughed. “Again? Wow, you really get the good ones, huh?”

Jazz nodded slowly, still smiling. “Yeah, seems like it.”

She knew she would never really ‘get’ the good ones. She would only ever test them. But then her smile widened when she saw her next client’s profile. This  should be fun…


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