MJS Client report: Jazz x Yu Kujo

After another sleepless night Jazz just knew that she had to change something. She wasn’t happy anymore and ever since her little fallout with Miho things in the office we a bit tense. Thank god Selina hadn’t found out yet why Jazz and Miho weren’t as chummy as before anymore. Jazz was still trying to figure out what to do now and Miho’s disapproving gaze didn’t help at all. After sending that letter to Kunihiko Jazz didn’t even knew if he was still a client or now, if Miho had already set him up with someone or if he had ever asked about her again.

She pushed the gloomy thoughts aside and got ready for the day,

With her phone at her ear she rushed into the coffee shop, desperate for some caffeine to keep her awake on this chaotic morning. She paused her call to place her order of a double espresso, making a point of smiling and looking the barista in the eyes – people working in service got enough crap and rude behavior all day, she wanted to make an exception – before she waited and kept talking to Selina on the phone about the few things she wanted to have done at her place.

“I know I can easily take care of it myself, but I’m tired of that, you know? I just want someone to do that for me. Only thing he needs is a drill and we’re good. Wait a moment.” She turned towards the person who had tapped her shoulder to get her attention, a sleazy looking guy with a wolfish grin on his face.

“Hey babe, I heard you want me?”

Jazz blinked a few times. What? This guy was definitely standing too close, invading her personal space and surrounding her with a cloud of his eau de toilette, something musky and sweet that made her want to gag. She instantly swallowed the polite “No, thanks” that was already on the tip of her tongue and instead stepped even closer, put a hand on his chest and smiled sweetly. The expensive fabric of his suit under her fingertips made her briefly wonder how some men just looked great in anything they wore, but especially suits, while others, like this one, only seemed to be held up by their clothes. Because they lacked a spine. She had seen enough of those guys and made her own, unfortunate experiences with them so that she already knew that his “drill” wouldn’t be bigger than a dentist’s drill and only just as pleasant for her. No way he had anything she wanted. But simply saying so would only lead to some discussion and honestly, that wasn’t exactly sexy. So it was better to be blunt, only to leave scorched earth so that jerk would understand that a) eavesdropping to other people’s conversations wasn’t exactly polite and b) no woman on earth would fall for such a stupid pick up line.

Jazz licked her lips briefly, making them wet and shiny before she leaned closer, towards the sleazeball’s ear.

“So you have a huge tool for me, yeah?”

His grin got even wider and he nodded. “You bet I do.”

Jazz let her voice drop an octave, something that would hurt her throat for the next hour or so but would do the trick.

“Wanna see if it’s bigger than mine?” She pulled back a bit and cocked her eyebrow questioningly.

The sudden flash of horror on his face was worth the sickening feeling of being so close to him and when he scrambled backwards he almost tripped over his own feet.

“Thought so,” Jazz said and took her coffee, thanked the barista and continued her call.

That was one thing that bothered her being an obvious foreigner around here, the men were either too shy to talk to her or simply assumed she was easy to get. At the least client she would meet today was a different kind of guy. Sweet, kind, funny. It wouldn’t be hard to find someone for him.

At the place where they were supposed to meet Jazz looked around, still waiting for her client to arrive. She was standing in front of an art gallery where an exhibition of Oriens’ treasures was just displayed.

“Jazz! Have you been waiting long?”

She smiled at the dark haired man with the blue eyes and shook her head briefly.

“No, I arrived here only two minutes ago. It’s good to see you again, Yu.” She bowed her head lightly, only implying it because she wasn’t exactly sure how to greet the head butler of Oriens. They had agreed on calling each other with their first names and he had teasingly said it would be appropriate to his position to call him “Master Yu”. Jazz had joked back, saying if he wanted her to call him ‘master’ he would have to wait until they were in bed. She had never before saw someone blush that hard.

She had quickly found out that Yu wasn’t a womanizer, but he didn’t hold back with complimenting her. That was really refreshing.

“You are really pretty today,” he just said, looking her once up and down. “I like that dress.”

“Thank you. You’re very handsome today, too,” Jazz returned the compliment and laughed when he seemed surprised.

“Most women I know would have blushed. European women are really something else.” He chuckled briefly, not noticing the look of annoyance flash over her face.

“So, why did you choose this museum?” she quickly changed the topic.

“Well, you said I should think of something that is related to me, that gives you more information about me. And this exhibition is about art and treasures of my home country. Afterwards we are having some tea. Does that sound good to you?” He smiled politely and she nodded.

The exhibition was actually very interesting .Yu could tell her a lot about the history and culture of Oriens, about the royal family and many other things. He was funny and kind, a gentleman that offered her his arm but also flirted shamelessly. He was an incredibly pleasant date and she wondered why he actually was coming to the agency for help. She would have bet that he had to fight off the women.

After the museum he took her to a nice little café where they could get some traditional tea and sweets from Oriens. Jazz was impressed by the graceful way Yu poured her the tea and he winked when he caught her staring, making her giggle like a school girl. This date was exactly what she had needed now. A pleasant client, funny and easygoing, and she soon noticed that she really liked him. Not in a romantic way, but he could be a great friend. Someone to take her mind off things, at least for some time.

“Thank you for this lovely date,” Jazz said after they finished the tea. “Especially since you came from Oriens just for today. I feel a bit guilty because of your long journey. Why haven’t you chosen an agency closer to your own home? Coming to Tokyo because of that – isn’t it a bit far?”

Yu set his cup down and smiled at her. “Your agency has a good reputation – although I only understood why that is after I read all the fine print in the contract. About this date for example.”

Jazz laughed briefly, remembering his face when she told him about this one feature.

“Still, I can’t imagine that our reputation travels that far.”

No it was Yu’s turn to laugh. “Okay, I confess. I wanted to find someone outside of my usual circles. I just wanted to make sure that the woman has no ties to Oriens at all.” There was something in his gaze and his voice that made it impossible for Jazz to ask why. She simply knew that something was hurting him so she swallowed the question down and smiled warmly.

“Well, I hope I can find someone for you soon. I can’t imagine that it will be hard.”

He didn’t know what to answer to this so he laughed lightly and looked away.

“Anyway, is there anything else you have planned for our ‘date’?” The way she said the word made him blush and Jazz giggled lowly.

“It’s fine, you don’t need a plan for everything,” she quickly assured him.

“Actually, as a butler I value plans and organization, but when comes to these things…” He shrugged and Jazz nodded.

“Sometimes it’s better to be spontaneous, I agree. But I was referring to a place. Are you leaving today?” She knew that he didn’t have an own apartment in Tokyo and she wouldn’t ask him over into hers.

“Oh, yes, of course. A place… well, I’m leaving tomorrow so I have a room in a hotel here in town. Would you – would you like to accompany me there?”

There it was again, this politeness that he sometimes showed, and Jazz knew that he was hiding his true thoughts. Well, who didn’t?

“I would love to,” she agreed and took his arm, letting him lead the way.

It was a nice hotel, not Tres Spade but a touch classier that the one Ishigami had chosen. Jazz knew that comparing clients was a no go, but comparing hotels was just fine. And this hotel was clean, the staff was friendly and the room beautiful. She wasn’t surprised to see that his clothes were neatly hanging in the closet and everything was tidy and clean. No used towels, no discarded socks on the floor. It was a hotel after all, but normal people tended to leave some traces of their personalities even here. As a butler he seemed to be really organized, though.

“Can I get you something to drink?” he offered and Jazz smiled gratefully.

“Some water would be nice.” She suspected him to busy himself with idle activities so he wouldn’t have to face the true reason she was here. Maybe he needed a moment to warm up to the thought. Maybe he only wanted to show his butler skills or his quality as a host. He didn’t get a drink either, just sat down on the bed – the only armchair was occupied by Jazz – and watched her.

“Am I making you nervous?” She took a sip of her water.

“Should I be nervous?” he shot back.

Jazz shrugged. “That depends. You understand that I won’t make you anything you don’t want to and that I have the right to stop at any point? This is purely consensual or not happening at all.”

“I understand.” He was completely serious now, the mischievous glint in his eyes gone.

“Then there’s nothing to be nervous about.” She set her glass down and got up, smoothed her dress down and walked over towards him.

“It’s just – I don’t do this very often,” he explained.

“I can imagine that working in the palace takes up a lot of time. Not many opportunities for privacy.” Jazz nodded and slowly straddled his lap, letting her weight press him further down into the mattress.

Yu swallowed. “Yes, exactly.”

“And I guess it’s difficult to meet someone. Are liaisons between members of the staff permitted?” She brushed some strands of hair from his forehead and he closed his eyes.

“Not really, it’s just –“

“Not appropriate?” she offered and he nodded, opened his eyes and suddenly she knew. She knew everything. But as long as he didn’t ask her to stop she wouldn’t get up, she wouldn’t ask.

“It’s complicated, huh?” she breathed, their lips almost touching now.

With a deep growl he suddenly closed the gap, pulled her in and kissed her firmly, almost fiercely, eyes closed. One hand buried in her hair, the other in the small of her back he kept her in place. Jazz wrapped her arms around his neck, went pliant under his assault, just let him take what he needed. His tongue met hers, without hesitation he deepened the kiss further, almost desperate. Jazz found it difficult to keep up with his pace and intensity.

When she pulled back and gasped for air he immediately kissed her neck, down towards her shoulder. Jazz tugged at the hem of his shirt, pulled it up and off him without hesitation while he searched for the zipper of her dress. In a flurry of activity they undressed each other as far as possible without changing the position so that they were both naked from the waist upwards, one of his hands covering her breast while his mouth worked on the other one. Neither of them said a word, ragged breathing and primal moans and groans filled the room.

Yu lifted her up and off his lap, his hands on her hips, guiding her onto the bed in one fluid motion. She scooted into the middle and watched him taking off his pants. In their underwear they eyed each other, but the lust had built enough for them not to hesitate anymore. No matter what difficulties they faced in their lives, right now everything was so simple. He was a man, she was a woman, both of you them aroused as hell. There was no harm in giving in to their desires. Jazz had long ago figured out that she was able to separate her physical needs from her emotions. She had sex with someone she was in love with before and that hadn’t always been that great. She had sex with practically strangers that had been incredible. Nothing wrong with that.

For the first time since – well, since HIM – Jazz stopped paying attention to every little detail, stopped constantly writing the report in her mind. She simply let Yu remind her that sometimes observing wasn’t as good as partaking; even if Jazz had taken an active role from time to time during those date simulations, it had been a while for her to just let go, to forget about her inner reviewer and just enjoy the moment. So she did now.

So when Yu came back into her arms, kissing and touching her all over, slowly sliding her panties down her legs, she focused on the physical sensation and it felt great. His touch alternated between gentle and rough, soft and impatient, teasing and serious. He left butterfly kisses all over her stomach before he sucked harshly at her nipple, playfully bit into the soft flesh of her ass cheek before drawing a wiggly line all over her back with his tongue. Yu turned and twisted her into any position he wanted and Jazz simply went with the flow, let him manhandle her all over the bed. She wasn’t sure what he had in mind but figured she just let him take the lead, every trace of his former nervousness gone by now. And it wasn’t as if he didn’t know how to touch her, to kiss her to make her crave more. He brought her to edge and held her there, backing off again to let her cool down before he assaulted her again, fingers and lips and tongue teasing her sensitive spots until she thought she couldn’t take it anymore.

Begging wasn’t something Jazz did, it was against her nature. She didn’t like feeling submissive, needy, no matter how needy she actually was. But asking nicely was always an option.

“Please…” she whimpered, her hips rocking against Yu’s hand that was currently trapped between her thighs. How many times did he work her up so far just to deny her the release she wanted? Four times? Five times? A hundred? She had lost count but this time was different. Yu was already panting, too, he must have been painfully hard by now, still wearing his boxer briefs.

“You are so beautiful like this,” he whispered and kissed her temple. “When you want me like this, need me. You want me?”

She nodded eagerly, her body tingling all over already.

“Then say it. Say that I’m the only one who can give you what you need.”

Every alarm in her head went off. She should stop this now, should tell him to get dressed and leave. But she couldn’t. Not only because she wanted this, because her body screamed at her for the sweet pleasure he was promising. No, because she just knew that it would break him if she rejected him now.

“Yu, please… I really need you to fuck me now.” That technically wasn’t begging, but it did the trick. He kissed her, all teeth and tongue, quickly pushing his boxers down. Jazz was already reaching for her purse to get a condom, handing him that small foil square and waited for him to decide how he wanted her. As long as he did it fast.

He slotted in behind her, his hard cock pressed against her ass, his hand grabbed her upper leg and lifted it, pulled it over his own leg before he lined up and thrust into her.

She groaned lowly, hands grabbing the sheets tightly. He set a harsh pace, no slow buildup now, not that she needed it. One hand on her hip, the other snaked under her body to grab her breast he pushed into her again and again, making her throw her head back against his shoulder. She had her back arched, the ass pushed towards him, so he could move easier.

“That feels… so good…” she panted, encouraged him, praised him. And he answered with grunts and groans, picked up the pace. Although he seemed to enjoy the praise he didn’t talk, and Jazz got the feeling that he didn’t want her to talk, either. So non-verbal praise it was. Jazz didn’t hold her voice back, she moaned and cried out whenever she felt like it. When his hand on her his slid further down and forwards, between her thighs, finding her still sensitive clit, she almost sobbed. That was what she needed now, all the edging before had build up such pressure that she was almost afraid to let go. But he rubbed her mercilessly, still pounding into her. She reached with one arm behind her, around his neck, the need to hold onto something just too much.

Yu was a master in multitasking. One hand between her thighs, the other teased her nipples, his hips snapping harshly, slamming against the curve of her ass. When Jazz felt his teeth scraping over the junction of her neck and shoulder she lost it. He bit into that sensitive point, not hard enough to leave a mark but enough to make her shudder. This additional stimulation sparked her free fall headfirst into an incredible orgasm.

It started as a tingling all over her body, her hair stood on end, goose bumps covered her skin. She clenched her eyes shut, mouth open, jaw slack, a deep moan escaped her, got higher and even louder, a long drawn ‘ohhhhhh’ until her breath hitched in her throat and cut her voice off.

The pressure in her core exploded, her body was flooded with ecstasy and bliss, toe curling, muscle tensing anticipation turned into relief that seeped into every fiber of her body, left her boneless and breathless. She didn’t even resist when Yu rolled her on her stomach and kept pounding into her, ragged breath and the slapping of skin on skin the only sounds in the room until he roared out his own climax, shuddered and jerked before he slumped down on her, just as exhausted and sated as she was.

Yu slowly pulled out of her and took care of the condom before he plopped down on the bed again, spooning her from behind.

“So you’re already in love with another woman,” Jazz stated casually while trying to catch her breath. She could feel him tense up behind her, his arm slid from her waist.

“What makes you say that?” He sounded suspicious and Jazz smiled wryly, turned around to face him.

“It’s interesting that you didn’t ask: ‘What makes you think that?’. I’m saying it because I think it’s true. And of course I’m wondering why you want us to find a wife for you if you already love someone else.”

Yu frowned but didn’t say anything.

“You know, I already had an inkling earlier, but the sex just now confirmed it for me. You tried to forget that it was me you were sleeping with, didn’t you? Closed eyes, no kissing, a position that made it impossible for you to see my face… am I right?”

He hesitated for a moment. “Are you offended now?”

Jazz shook her head. “No. I had fun, don’t worry, but I’m aware that you didn’t sleep with me because of a deep, emotional bond we’re sharing. Of course it’s a bit strange to realize halfway that you’re thinking of someone else while being with me, but I won’t blame you. It’s okay, really.”

She gently touched his chest, where his heart was still beating rapidly from the effort of having sex with her.

“A heart is a fickle thing,” she mused loudly. “It wants what it wants and can’t be betrayed. Even if we find the perfect match for you, you won’t be happy as long as your heart is set on her.”

When he didn’t say anything Jazz snuggled closer, seeking his warmth now that she was cooling off after their passionate encounter.

“Tell me about her,” Jazz quietly asked. Yu sighed and wrapped an arm around her.

“I know her her whole life already. We grew up together, she’s just a few years younger than me. I moved to another town and we haven’t seen each other in ages, but when I met her again I instantly knew she’s the one.”

Jazz smiled against his chest. “That’s very sweet.” She waited but Yu didn’t say more.

“Is she married?” Her own situation popped up in her mind, like always when she thought about love and the fact that she couldn’t have that.

“No.” The way he said it made her curious.


Yu shook his head.

“Does she love someone else?”

He hesitated. “I – I really don’t know. Sometimes I think she does, and then again I think- it doesn’t matter.” He sighed. Jazz sat up and looked at him.

“It doesn’t matter? If you weren’t so in love I would be deadly offended that you were thinking about another woman while sleeping with me. Do you even know how many men would love to be where you are now? And you say it ‘doesn’t matter’?” She was exaggerating, glaring at him jokingly. Yu chuckled lightly.

“No, really. You love her, I can feel it when you talk about her. Why don’t you tell her? What do you have to lose? If she has no one else, just go for it. Maybe she’s in love with you, too, but is too shy or too scared to tell you?”

Jazz pulled the covers over her naked body. It didn’t felt right to talk about love in her current state.

“I – it’s just, I’m not the man she deserves. And I know that there is someone who loves her, maybe just as much as I do. Maybe he can be the one for her…” He ran his hands over his face and hair.

“Yu, there is no man better suited for her. You know her well, you love her. Enough to put her happiness above your own. Tell her. You will regret it your whole life if you don’t even try. You will always keep thinking about her, unable to love someone else. Do you want to stay in the dark your whole life?” While she was still talking she knew it was more about herself than him, but it was easier to give advice than to follow it.

“What if she – what if she doesn’t feel the same?” His voice was so full of longing, full of fear, like her own heart.

“Then you will at least know and might be able to move on.” She leaned in and kissed him gently before she got up and started to get dressed.

“I suggest we cancel your contract. You will still have to pay for our service so far, your profile is almost done after all, but as long as we don’t set you up with someone you will get off lightly.” She put on her shoes and smiled at him. “You are a wonderful man, and she can call herself lucky to get you. So don’t hesitate any longer. Go and get her.”

It felt strange to just leave the room, walk down the hallway towards the elevators, knowing she had just lost a client, something that had never happened before – at least not like this. But she really hoped he would get happy in the end, with the woman he loved. Yu was a great guy, not a jerk or some arrogant bastard. He was kind and sweet, funny and hot as hell. A perfect package. If she weren’t still so hung up on someone else – even in her mind she refused to say his name – she could even imagine to develop a crush on him.

Deep in thought she reached the elevator, rode down to the ground floor and stepped into the foyer when a man came running after bursting through a door, leaving quite a stir in his way. Since it wasn’t even late yet there were some staff and hotel guests in the foyer, most of them probably on their way to dinner. He looked familiar but Jazz just couldn’t put her finger on it. And he looked determined. Probably needed to catch the elevator. Jazz kept her distance but she was close enough to recognize the woman in the small cabin when the doors opened. Miho?

She slowly inched closer, trying to hear the half whispered, half shouted conversation between them when she finally remembered where she had seen that man. He was a client. Miho’s client to be exact. But – why were they here? His profile said that Miho had already finished the date simulation. Jazz was sure about that because she had checked his profile earlier that week, looking for a match for one of her female clients. Did they meet by chance here? On purpose? Was – oh my god, was Miho breaking company rules? AGAIN?!

The man stepped into the elevator, apologized to the involuntary audience and the doors closed, leaving Jazz puzzled and with the vague feeling that MJS would face some major changes in the near future. She quickly took her phone and wrote Miho a text.

“Ever heard of discretion? Elevators are basically public space, just saying. Hope you had fun.”

When Jazz came back to the office the next morning she knocked at Selina’s door.

“Do you have a minute?” This would be hard and Jazz felt a knot in her stomach forming, a heavy feeling that dragged her down. But she had to do it. She couldn’t go on like this forever, pining for a man she couldn’t have. She needed a change of scenery.

“Sure, come in. If it’s about another pair of panties-“ Selina barely looked up, still busy with her paperwork. That woman needed a change of scenery, too.

Jazz cut her off. “No, not this time.” She suddenly noticed that she actually wore her panties when she came home last night. Odd.

Jazz took a seat and inhaled deeply. “I think I want to go back home.”

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