MJS Client report: Jazz x Aki Fujishima

Jazz was just typing her latest report, trying to finish this before her next client would come and occupy her time and attention. No, she had to get this done as long as the impressions were still fresh.

From time to time her thoughts wandered to that one client that she had handed over to Miho… she quickly shook her head, tried to focus on the task at hand. Once she set her mind on finishing the report it didn’t take her long and she could print it and file it away ten minutes before her next appointment. Enough time to get a little snack and a new cup of tea. She quickly hurried into the small tea kitchen and boiled some water.

“Hey Jazz,” Miho suddenly said behind her, making her jump a bit.

“Gosh, Miho! Stop sneaking up like this.” Jazz playfully swatted Miho’s arm.

“Were you spacing out again?” Miho watched her with a raised eyebrow.

“No, just needed a little pick-me-up. I finished the report about Mr. Yanase and my next client will come soon. Where’s Selina?” Jazz added some lemon juice and sugar to her tea – she was the only one who drank it that way but it was the perfect remedy for her little afternoon slump.

“Out with a client,” Miho answered. “And you might want to leave soon, too. Or stay in your office.”

Jazz frowned. “Why?”

“Because you shouldn’t meet my next appointment. No need to play with the fire.” Miho gave her a pointed look and Jazz understood.

“Thanks for the warning. I’m in my office, a new client will be here soon and we are having the first interview. So I guess I’m occupied for at least one or two hours. Will that be enough?” Jazz took her cup and looked at Miho.

“Sure. We are just finishing his profile. You already did most of the work after all.” Miho flashed her a smile and Jazz returned it. It hadn’t felt like work at all.

“Okay, I’m off then. Have fun.” Jazz appeared cheerfully, she had at least to smile for her next client. There was no use in pining for someone now.

She spotted the young man before she reached her office. He was looking at the pictures of happy couples, often wedding pictures the couples sent to as a ‘thank you’ for the successful matchmaking, that were displayed on the walls of the hallway.

“Mr. Fujishima? Hello, I’m Jazz Mann, let me welcome you to MJS marriage matchmaking agency.” She smiled and bowed her head slightly.

“Thank you for having me.” Mr. Fujishima returned the greeting and followed Jazz into her office where she offered him a glass of water and some cookies.

He smiled politely but declined the cookies, telling her that he actually had a café.

“Next time I’m going to bring you some cake from out store. You will love it, our pastry chef is just brilliant.” His smile was bright and charming and his blue eyes sparkled.

“You know how to woo a girl, don’t you? I will definitely not say no to such an offer.” Jazz winked and jotted something down.

“What kind of girl are you looking for, Mr. Fujishima?”

“I’m not looking for a girl, I’m looking for a woman,” he answered and Jazz immediately nodded.

“Of course, I am sorry. But I better say it now, most of our clients are not exactly 20 anymore.” She quickly checked his profile again. 26. That was rather young.

“That is fine. Age is just a number after all.”

She made a note. “Usually that’s something only people say who are either too young or too old for something,” she remarked and leaned forwards a bit, conspiratorially whispering as if she was telling him the biggest secret of her life. “Like myself when I sneak on a playground at night to sit on the swings for a while.”

He laughed. “I would like to see that.”

He was really cute, that young, carefree kind of cute Jazz had liked when she was still younger.

“So back to the topic. What age range are you still comfortable with?” She was back in work mode but Mr. Fujishima seemed to be having fun.

“I actually prefer older women. I like it when they already know what they want and how to get it. Not the insecure girls who need constant validation.” He looked her up and down and Jazz realized that he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And that he would love to get her out of hers.

“So I add ‘confident’ to the list of things you are looking for in a woman,” she smoothly said and jotted that down. Obviously she didn’t have to ask if he was comfortable with her being older.

They continued to create a profile for him and after some time Jazz asked the most important question of the day.

“So you are aware that our service also contains a real date simulation. You are not obliged to agree or go through with it, and you have the right to drop out at any point. But we really recommend playing the scenario through to the end so we can gather as many information for your profile as possible.” Jazz had never had a client who refused the test drive. Never. Some had been a bit reluctant at the thought but had turned out to be very eager as soon as they were in a more private setting. She handed him her own profile, medical report, the rules and the confidentiality agreement. He looked over them and nodded.

“I understand.” Mr. Fujishima smiled amicably and Jazz went on.

“I suggest you chose a setting you are comfortable with. A place that you like, an activity you enjoy. Maybe you show me your hobby or take me to your favorite bar. We can call it a date so no one gets suspicious when we are seen together. Or we meet somewhere alone, whatever suits you best.” She wanted to see him relaxed and natural, not putting up a front after all.

“Since I’m practically asking you out I would feel better if you called me just Aki.”

Jazz smiled warmly. “With pleasure. I’m Jazz. You can call me if you still have questions. I’m looking forwards to our date.” She got up and bowed, led him out of the office and sighed when she sat back at her desk. Aki would be quite a handful, she was sure of that.

One week later Jazz met Aki for their date simulation. He took her to a small club, mostly younger people who partied after a long week of work – or school, Jazz thought after she looked into some faces. They managed to get a small table in the back of the club.

“So you are into clubbing?” She had to yell so he would hear her over the loud music and he shook his head.

“No, not really. And not into drinking, but I wanted to take you here so you would understand why exactly I’m not into younger girls.” He flashed her a mischievous grin and Jazz couldn’t help but laugh. That had been a good idea, this way she could see what he didn’t want in a woman after all.

“Let me get us some drinks. What would you like?”

Jazz asked for her favorite cocktail and Aki nodded, went towards the bar and tried to get the attention of the barkeeper. She noticed the glances that some of the girls shot her and how some of the guys eyed her. She knew she was probably the oldest around here, expect for the staff maybe. Not that she minded. She knew she was looking great, her tight blue dress accentuating her curves perfectly. It was a very expensive dress after all, something she could easily afford, just like the designer shoes and bag. She simply smiled at the girls that shot her dirty looks and ignored the guys. She had been like that before, too, when she had just finished school and was still looking for her place in the world. Now that she had found it she was rather relaxed and enjoyed her life.

Since it was so loud Jazz and Aki had to sit close to be able to talk while they sipped their drinks. They smiled and flirted, leaned close to each other to talk, hands brushing every now and then – despite the hustle and bustle they managed to create a rather intimidate setting. Until a group of girls stopped at their table, maybe in their very early 20s.

“Aki? Is that you?” A bubbly girl with long dark hair beamed at him. Aki looked up and smiled politely.

“Yes,” he confirmed but didn’t say anything else. It was obvious to Jazz that he had no idea who the girl was.

“Michiru,” she said and pouted and a look of realization flashed over Aki’s face.

“Oh yes, of course, Michiru. I am sorry, I haven’t recognized you without your uniform.” His smile didn’t waver but Jazz noticed how his hand at the small of her back pressed a bit closer against her.

“I haven’t expected to see you here with your…” Michiru glanced at Jazz who smiled sweetly, waiting for her to finish the sentence. “Aunt?”

Jazz laughed. “Aki-kun, I’m going to dance a bit. Have fun playing with your little friend here.” She downed her drink and left the dumbfounded Aki with the giggling girls.

On the dance floor she immediately started moving, her eyes on Aki all the time. She made sure that he would be able to see her and just let the music lead her in her movements. Her hips swayed, she closed her eyes and ignored the gazes of the others around her.

She couldn’t ignore the guy who suddenly started dancing with her and she was fine with it until he put a hand on her waist and pulled her close. She quickly spun around and stepped to the side, out of his reach.

“Not interested,” she let him know without her usual smile. It wasn’t even necessary since Aki just appeared next to Jazz and turned her so she faced him while shielding her from the other man with his body.

“Did you come to dance with me?” She smiled at Aki and glanced towards the table just to see the shocked expression of that girl. Without a word Aki put his hands on her hips and started to move with her.

“So bold, Aki-kun?” Jazz teased him.

“You call this bold, after moving your hips like that? I think you are the bold one here and I think you did that on purpose,” he whispered into her ear, making Jazz grin even more. She pressed herself closer against Aki.

“That’s a rather rude way of talking to your aunt,” she purred and pushed him away a bit to turn around. His hands settled again on her hips when he started grinding against her ass a bit. “Since we are here already, let’s just dance a bit.”

They danced for three or four songs before they knew they had to get out of this club. They were panting and sweaty and the dancing was only partly to blame for it. But the way he touched her, the way she brushed against him over and over, moved against him, the flirty gazes she shot him, the teasing smiles he flashed – the tension and anticipation was building with every second, every beat, every breath. So it was no surprise when he kissed her, right there and then on the dance floor, without hesitation or restraint. Aki left the club with Jazz without so much as looking at Michiru who still tried to catch his eye.

“Where do you want to go now?” Jazz asked, grateful for the silence outside of the loud club.

“Would you prefer to go to your place?” he offered but Jazz shook her head.

“No, thank you. Your place? Or a hotel? Anywhere else?” Jazz never took a client to her place. Not only was it unprofessional, but she also didn’t want them to know where she lived.

“My place is not that far. We can walk.” Aki took her hand as if it was the most natural thing in the world and Jazz followed his lead. They casually chatted on the way to his place but when they came across a park he suddenly grinned mischievously.

“Do you want to make a short detour?”

The desire was simmering in her belly and she knew he felt the same way but if he offered she wouldn’t decline – he seemed to have something in mind after all. Hopefully not outdoor sex. It wasn’t warm enough for that.

Aki led her to a playground and pointed towards the swing.

“Let’s talk about that age thing again,” he suggested and Jazz smiled brightly.

“Loser has to push the winner on the swing!” She bolted away before Aki could even say anything, reached the swings and instantly sat down. “Winner!”

Aki followed her with a smile. “That cocktail earlier had been pretty strong, huh?” He stood behind her and gave a gentle push.

“Nope, actually I am like this,” she admitted. “Now come on, more!”

“More?” he asked, the smirk audible in his voice.

“More,” she confirmed and turned around slightly so she could look at him over her shoulder. “Harder.” The drop in her voice was unmistakable and when she arched her eyebrow Aki made a low ‘unf’ in his throat. But he pushed her harder this time, took some steps back to allow the swing bigger amplitude.

Jazz cheered and leaned back a bit, let the tingling in her belly rise and fall with the movement. Eventually she slowed down and Aki stopped pushing her, instead he gently stopped her completely, still standing behind her so that she could lean against his chest.

“That was fun,” she breathlessly announced only for Aki to chuckle.

“I can think of something else that would be fun.” He nuzzled her neck from behind and his hands wandered over her thighs, taking her skirt with them on their way upwards. Jazz gripped the chains of the swing tightly when his fingertips danced over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and she shifted a bit to give him better access to her sex, still covered with her panties. Aki slipped two fingers under the fabric and started stroking her folds, spread her wetness and growled lowly at the sensation of her silky skin under his fingertips.

“Whatever you are planning, you better stop it now. I’m afraid I’m falling off the swing if you keep that up,” she panted.

“Mhm… you’re right, this swing isn’t suited for playing like this…” His hands didn’t stop moving between her legs but he slowed down a bit. “You know, I have a better suited swing at home…”

Jazz feigned shock. “You have what?!” She giggled and gasped when Aki found her sweet spot again. “What kind?”

“What kind?” He seemed confused for a moment.

“Yes… you have read the rules, right? So no restraints during sex… is your swing one with loops for the thighs or hammock style?”

Aki stopped moving his hands and Jazz turned around slightly, a devilish grin on her face.

“What? You thought you could shock me with that? Honey, I had pegged you the teasing borderline dom type the moment you stepped into my office. But just so you know, I’m not very submissive. Adventurous, yes, but not obedient. So if you can keep that in mind I’m game.”

Aki muttered a heartfelt “Fuck” and practically dragged Jazz from the swing. In a swift pace they rushed towards his home, arousal and excitement swirling in her belly. This could be fun.

As soon as they reached Aki’s place he practically shoved her through the door just to pin her against it after he had closed it. He kissed her, his impatience and anticipation did not only show in his kisses but also in the bulge in his pants when he pushed his hips against hers.

“You kept me waiting long enough already,” he growled and nipped the soft skin of her neck.

“No marks,” she reminded him and laughed lowly. “And you chose the date. I would have been fine with just meeting up and fucking.”

He groaned at her choice of words. “You are quite a naughty girl, huh?” She pushed him off a bit and started tugging at his clothes.

“I’m hardly a girl anymore, but naughty? Definitely.” Letting her fingernails drag over his chest she left some pink trails on his skin. “But aren’t you the one with a sex swing? So I’d say you’re not exactly a good boy either.”

He grunted and searched for the zipper of her dress, pulled the fabric from her to reveal her black lace lingerie.

“I’m not a boy.” His voice was stern and cool but Jazz only smiled.

“And I’m not a sub so save your dom voice for someone else.”

“I’m not looking for a sub,” he mumbled into her ear. “I’m looking for a switch.”

Damn, that was hot. A switch… that was rare. Jazz wasn’t into that scene but even she knew that one didn’t meet switches often. And the thought of teaching him a bit from both sides… no, she wasn’t here for her own fun. But she duly noted this in her mental report.

“I’m not a switch either. But I think we can still have some fun tonight.” Her hands reached for his belt, she quickly unbuckled it and pushed his pants down. “And now get naked and show me that swing.”

He needed a moment to step out of his pants and walk over to closet to pull out a tangle of belts and ropes.

“No restraining, right?” He looked at her expectantly. For such a young guy he really was kinky. She liked it.

“Nope. I want to be able to walk out of here on my own to any given time.”

Aki nodded and flashed her a smile. She had already noticed that his smile was practically ever present and charmed a lot of people. Not even Jazz was completely immune to it.

“I understand.” He quickly hooked the swing up and Jazz noticed with interest the hook in the ceiling. Not a door swing obviously, this was already advanced equipment. Well, she only hoped he knew how to use his own equipment and did not try to distract from any deficiencies.

Once he was done he came back to her, pressed her against the door and kissed her, picking right up where they had stopped earlier. He tugged at her bra, simply pulling the cups down instead of opening the clasp in the back.

“Impatient?” Jazz teasingly said but gasped when Aki pinched her nipple lightly.

“You have no idea,” he growled and pushed her panties down while Jazz did the same with his boxer briefs. Okay, so this equipment seemed to be in good shape, too. She wrapped a hand around his rock hard cock and gave him a light squeeze before she let her hand fall even lower and cupped his balls. Aki was panting, his harsh breath fanned her neck while his own hand returned to the wetness between her thighs.

“Come on,” she muttered, her lips grazing his ear. “I don’t need any more prepping.”

“Then what do you need?” His voice was strained, no trace of the teasing earlier left. “Tell me.”

“I need you to be a good boy and fuck me senseless now.” She cried out in surprise when he plunged two fingers into her tight channel without warning.

“I told you, I’m not a boy.” He practically hissed, arousal and anger and the overwhelming need for release thick in his tone.

“Prove it.” This challenge was all it took for Aki to break. All playfulness forgotten he practically dragged her over to the swing, barked a curt: “Get up,” and turned to get a condom from a drawer. Jazz got on the swing, glad she could do it on her own what meant she would also be able to get off it without assistance later. It was like a small hammock, supporting her body without restraining her. There was no elegant way of sitting in it but she refused to lie back with her legs in the air like some rolled over bug. So when Aki turned back towards her, his cock tightly dressed in latex, she awaited him with her legs crossed and sitting more or less upright, her hands gripping the ropes tightly for support.

There were men that made it easy for Jazz to be submissive, at least a bit, but Aki wanted to play and nothing was as boring as instant surrender. He stepped close to her, uncrossed her legs and pushed them open. Her arms were trembling with the effort of staying upright.

“Relax,” he cooed and put a hand between her breasts to push her gently down. Jazz complied and wrapped her legs around his waist, trusting the construction of belts and ropes and fabric to support her weight. Aki’s cock nudged her folds but he didn’t line up just yet. Instead he helped her into a position that was both comfortable for her and offered good access for him.

“I only get one round, right?” He looked at Jazz for confirmation and she nodded and moaned when he slid his cock through her folds, bumping against her swollen clit.

“Then I better make it good.” With one swift thrust he buried himself into her to the hilt, made her scream out in pleasure and shock while he grunted at the feeling of her warmth tightly embracing him. He set a harsh pace, slamming into her over and over, making her dizzy and the swing gently sway in time with his movements. Although this hard and fast fucking was exactly what she needed just now part of her was a bit disappointed that this was it after all the teasing and the unspoken promise of a more playful approach. Well, she wasn’t one to ponder much, especially not in a situation like this, so she focused on the pleasure his pounding caused her. He was still young, eventually he would learn about the finer points of sex. It wasn’t her place to teach him.

Aki suddenly hit her sweet spot and Jazz cried out, just for him to slow down. He panted but smirked at her.

“Now what… do we have… here?” He angled his hips and slammed back into her, hitting that spot again.

“Holy-!” Jazz cursed loudly and grabbed the belts tightly.

“Perfect timing, I could use a break after all…” He changed into an infuriating slow pace now, dragging his cock over her sweet spot again and again, providing enough stimulation to make her squirm but not enough to make her come. And she really wanted to come by now.

“Stop… teasing me… already!” Jazz tried to shift but found no leverage in the swing and Aki made sure to hold her in place so she couldn’t rock against him like she did earlier.

“Uh-uh… you are going to… be a good girl… and just take… what I’m giving you…”

She whined in frustration and he chuckled lowly. “Wanna beg… for it?”

No. Jazz wasn’t one to beg. It was one thing to ask nicely, but she never begged. She was way too stubborn for that. She’d rather deny herself the pleasure than begging for an orgasm. But she was willing to play dirty – was there a better time for that than now?

She started clenching and unclenching her inner walls around him, making him groan and buck his hips. She grinned, almost triumphantly. Oh yes, he still had a lot to learn.

Or not. He stopped completely and pulled out of her, leaving her empty and wanting. What the-?! Jazz raised her head and saw how Aki dropped on his knees in front of her.

“You gonna take… whatever I’m giving you…” He pulled her legs over his shoulders and started nipping and kissing his way up her thighs until she could feel his breath washing over her folds – but nothing else. He spent what felt like a lifetime just breathing on her sex, kneeling on the floor, while she tried to shift into another position.


The level of frustration in her voice must have been enough to show him that her patience was wearing thin. With a low growl he licked a broad stripe over her folds, making her cry out and almost sob in relief. One of her hands left the rope of the swing and buried in his hair, tugging and guiding his mouth where she wanted it. She could feel the chuckle he made but didn’t care. Not at this point. He quickly found her clit, licked and sucked the swollen bud until Jazz felt the pressure inside of her almost boiling over. Almost.

“More… I need…” she stammered but he understood, slid two fingers into her and started searching for the spot he had found earlier. His other snaked around her so he could press it firmly on her lower belly, increasing the pressure even more.

Her legs trembled, her toes curled, the soft flesh of her belly quivered, her breath was ragged and she clung to the rope of the swing like it was a lifeline while she tried not to tighten her grip on his hair. She was so close, so incredible close, she could almost taste it so when he pumped his fingers faster and sucked her clit into his mouth she came with a loud cry, hips bucking against his mouth as good as possible. Aki increased the pressure of his palm on her belly, making her eyes go wide. Holy shit! What was he doing?

The pleasure and heat that was coursing through her seemed to pool under his hand, in her lower belly, and he kept moving his fingers inside of her, prolonging her high and teasing another, completely unexpected orgasm out of her – and a gush of liquid that coated his hand and parts of her thighs. That definitely gave him some extra credits.

Aki groaned a “so hot” under his breath and finally stopped when Jazz started to squirm, tried to get away from him and his greedy hands. She wanted to sleep. Not here of course, in her own bed, but yes, she was exhausted. Aki helped her off the swing and Jazz realized that he was still hard.

“Are you okay?” There it was again, this smile. She nodded.

“Good. Because I’m not done with you yet.” He led her towards his bedroom, his smirk never faltering.

When he told her to get on the bed, on hands and knees, ass in the air so he could take her from behind, she thought: ‘Wow, he’s got some self control.’ He should have come by now, but he held back. When he pulled out after a while and told her to lie on her back, kneeling between her thighs, pulling her legs up and over his shoulders, she was really impressed by his stamina. When he managed to make her come again in this position she gave him a gold star for his performance. When he still kept going after that it finally dawned on her that he was trying to kill her. There was no other explanation.

Aki proved one thing that night. Young men really have lots of stamina. When Jazz came into the office the next morning she was still tired and exhausted. Selina gave her a questioning look but Miho couldn’t help but make a comment. Of course.

“What’s wrong? Did lover boy kept you up all night?”

Jazz slumped down on her desk. “Exactly. I managed to get away at 4am… and no, we haven’t slept a wink until then.”

Selina cleared her throat. “Jazz, you know the rules. One round, not more.”

“That was the problem! He only came after I started playing really dirty! Thank god I know enough tricks or either his balls had exploded by now or my head!” She whined briefly. “I need coffee… and a sitz bad. I’m sore…”

“Ewww… can’t you keep that to yourself?” Selina made a disgusted face but Miho snickered.

“You can talk! Go out there and get fucked by some young guy for hours and then come back and tell me you are fresh like the ocean breeze.” Jazz was grumpy but at least she was well and thorough fucked. Not every client managed that.

“I’m going to get some coffee and start writing this report. And after that I’m leaving early and go to bed. Alone. Thank god.” She got up, hissed a bit but managed despite her sore muscles, and slightly limped out of the office towards the pantry.

“Oh, and put another pair of panties on his bill. He kept mine.” Under her breath she muttered. “But he damn well deserved them…”

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