MJS A Bit of Everything: Goto Goes to the Gala

“There’s only one thing I like you in better than this uniform,” Miho mused as she straightened Goto’s tie and smoothed her hands down his chest.

“What’s that?” he asked, offering her one arm, before holding the keys out to the valet with the other.

“Me,” she replied in so flippant a tone, it actually took a few seconds for it to register.

As a blush, as per usual when she said inappropriate things, especially in public.

“Is there any point in me asking you to behave tonight?” he exhaled, nodding to another officer and his date as they entered through the doors of the hotel.

“None at all,” she admitted with a grin, squeezing his arm. “But considering this is the first time I’ll get to meet your colleagues, I’ll do my utmost to avoid embarrassing you.”

“How very considerate,” he muttered, but he didn’t sound at all upset.

He, she, and the other couple stepped into the elevator, clearly on their way to the same event, and the doors had begun to close when a yell from the foyer caused Goto to groan.

“Hold the lift!” came a shout, and then pounding of hurried feet.

“Uh no,” Goto muttered under his breath, and leaned to press against the ‘close doors’ button.

Unfortunately for him, the energetic individual sprinting for the elevator managed to slide in at the very last second, his uniform indicating he was also an officer of the same rank as Goto.

Miho did not miss the way her fiancé’s face suddenly soured, and this only increased her interest in the man.

“Are you a colleague of Lieutenant Goto?” she enquired of the man, who smiled at her broadly like she’d asked about his favourite subject in the entire universe.

“That’s…” Goto began, actually putting himself between Miho and the other man, earning the three of them an interesting look from the other pair riding upward in the lift.

“Yes, it is my privilege,” the officer asserted, leaning around Goto a little to grin. “Though he acts a little cold, he’s really a very good friend. Lieutenant Kurusawa Toru,” he added, thrusting his hand toward her.

Miho met it before Goto could intercept, and before Miho had the chance to introduce herself, Kurosawa had turned her left hand over and stared from it, to Goto.

“Oops,” Miho chuckled quietly.

“Is your date already spoken for?” Kurosawa blinked, admonishment on the tip of his tongue – but then, with the widening of his eyes, he reached the more logical conclusion. “Goto? Is she…?”

“You’re far too noisy,” Goto grumbled, prying Kurosawa’s fingers away from Miho’s and providing a more satisfactory buffer, just as the elevator reached its destination.

Tucking Miho’s arm under his, Goto guided her out of the elevator, pretending – it seemed – that Kurosawa did not exist.

“Fujiwara Miho,” Miho chirped, looking back over her shoulder, her head swivelling as Kurosawa came up on her other side.

“Remember what you said earlier?” Goto sighed.

“I’m sure this isn’t how you imagined it, Seiji,” she replied softly, “but it’s a little hurtful to hear you think having your friends know about us is embarrassing.”

“He’s not my fr…”

“So it’s true?” Kurosawa blurted, nearly falling over himself to get in front of them. “You’re really, engaged? You’re getting married?”

“So noisy,” Goto complained, then stopped walking so Kurosawa didn’t trip and take out other couples walking toward the ballroom. “Yes. It’s true, Miss Fujiwara and I are engaged to be married, but just keep a lid on it unt…”

“That’s wonderful!” Kurosawa exclaimed, his face filled with genuine joy.

When he tried to clasp Miho’s hand again, however, Goto’s face darkened.

“What’s wonderful?” another voice joined them, and a slightly older man running a finger around the inside of his collar uncomfortably, joined them in the corridor.

“Chief!” Kurosawa bounced, and Miho thought he looked very much like a Jack Russell puppy.  “Did you kn…!”

At that point, Goto released Miho in order to slap his hand over Kurosawa’s mouth, and Miho had to laugh.

“And here I was thinking this whole law enforcement gala thing was going to be stuffy and boring,” she beamed, and Goto sent her a pleading look. “Okay, fine.”

“Just keep your mouth shut for a little longer?” Goto entreated of the man in his grasp.

“Getting on as well as ever,” Namba smirked, digging his hands into his pants pockets and strolling past them.

When he’d entered the ballroom, Goto released his counterpart, who honestly looked none the less enthused.

“Congratulations Miss Fujiwara,” he grinned broadly. “Goto’s an exemplary officer and an even better man.”

“I can believe that,” Miho smiled, as Goto placed her hand on his arm again.

“Come on Miho,” Goto encouraged, and they began walking again… with Kurosawa in step.

“So cute!” he gushed. “I didn’t even know you had a girlfriend; how mean to keep such a beautiful creature from us, and with such a lovely name, Miho.”

“Miss Fujiwara to you,” Goto corrected, and Miho patted his arm.

“And where is your date, Kurosawa?” Goto questioned, striding through the open double doors to pause at the seating plan.

“Umm….” Kurosawa stalled, rubbing the back of his neck.

“I heard,” a new voice chimed in from behind them, and Miho glanced beyond Kurosawa to a tall man with somewhat shaggy brown hair, and a much shorter one with what Miho would definitely call a blond bowl-cut, “she got a better offer.”

“I heard he, got a better offer,” the blond man put in, and Miho actually felt bad for poor Kurosawa.

“Now now, be nice,” she chided, despite knowing neither man.

Instantly Kurosawa perked up attempted to put his arm around Miho’s shoulder in a chummy fashion, but Goto was quick to pull her away from his grasp. The impact of this, was to draw the stares of the two knew figures.

“This is definitely the first time I’ve been told off by a woman whose name I don’t even know,” the brunette frowned, studying Miho intensely.

“This is Fujiwara Miho,” Kurosawa declared, and opened his mouth to continue when Miho interrupted with as much of a bow as she could manage with Goto’s arm around her still.

“Pleased to meet you,” she smiled and straightened.

“This is Captain Kaga Hyogo, and Lieutenant Shinonome Ayumu,” Goto introduced, before Kurosawa could open his mouth again.

“And where are your dates gentlemen?” Miho queried lightly, looking between the two, and Kaga leaned just a fraction closer, before looking at Goto. “I’m sorry,” Miho apologised, but she was still smiling flawlessly, “no doubt they’re having a lovely time with whomever it was Lieutenant Kurosawa intended to bring.”

“I’m in love!” Kurosawa exclaimed.

“No you’re not,” Goto snapped, and Kaga frowned.

“When did Goto get a girlfriend?”

“She’s not hi…” Kurosawa began, but Miho looked to him.

“Lieutenant Kurosawa, I would absolutely love some champagne,” she interrupted.

“Of course, of course,” he nodded furiously. “It’s not as if Goto could leave you side, some opportunistic underling might whisk you away.”

“Not if they wanted to live out the night,” she grinned, and offered him a wink.

Shinonome and Kaga remained just watching in silence.

“Oh I never would have guessed Goto the jealous type,” Kurosawa nodded thoughtfully.

“I don’t need to be,” Goto responded, finally managing a small smile of his own. “She’s the one you’d really have to worry about.”

For that, Goto was granted Miho’s elbow in his ribs, and Kurosawa made googley-eyes at them.

“So cute!”

“Shut up Kurosawa,” Goto growled, giving him a glare, and Kurosawa scuttled away, only to be replaced by another officer: tall and lean, and wearing glasses, with a pretty blue-eyed woman on his arm.

Miho recognised them both and smiled broadly.

“Good evening Captain Ishigami, Miss Starling,” she greeted cheerfully.

And both Goto and Ishigami straightened when they made eye contact.

Poised to reciprocate, Ishigami opened his mouth, but what sounded around the ballroom what the shrill cry of sound system feedback, and then Kurosawa.

The men around Miho let out a sigh in unison.

“We all know why we’re here tonight,” Kurosawa announced.

“Who let that idiot get to the mic?” Kaga scowled.

“But before we get to that, I just need to congratulate…” Kurosawa continued, and Miho felt Goto tense.

“Dear god…” he muttered.

“… because my good friend, Lieutenant Goto is getting married to the loveliest…”

Whatever he said after that, Goto didn’t hear. The burning of his cheeks caused temporary deafness. Meanwhile, Ishigami was staring at his subordinate, then slowly, adjusting his glasses as he did, slid his gaze to Miho.

“To you, Miss Fujiwara?” he asked, barely audible amid the roar of applause.

“That’s the rumour,” Miho chuckled, then Goto focused back in.

“Wait, Captain – you know Miss Fujiwara?” he blinked, and when Ishigami’s cheeks coloured a little, Goto looked absolutely horrified. “No… did you…?”

It was then the woman on Ishigami’s arm spoke a similar thought.

“Hideki, did you and… Miss Fujiwara…?” she questioned.

“How very incestuous,” Miho laughed just under her breath, and luckily only Goto heard her.

“You… you…?”

Meanwhile, Kaga and Shinonome had absolutely no idea what is going on.

“Relax,” Miho smiled, giving Goto’s arm a squeeze. “In answer to all questions, no, though you know confidentiality prevents me from disclosing further details.”

This was enough, however, to get both Goto, and Ishigami’s partner to relax, though the Captain himself still seemed uptight.

“Congratulations on your own engagement, Captain, Miss Starling,” Miho then smiled. “I do love a happy ending.”

“Liana, please,” the so named Miss Liana Starling responded. “And well, we owe, and continue to owe, you a lot.”

“I hate being out of the loop,” Kaga grated, glaring at Ishigami. “What have you gotten yourself into this time you four-eyed gimp?”

“That is, of course, none of your business,” Ishigami told him calmly, just as Kurosawa returned with a tray of champagne.

“Everyone take a glass!” he instructed, and Goto looked at him flatly.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Kurosawa cowered dramatically. “Two of my favourite people are getting married, so we have to celebrate.”

“What, the actual hell?” came a voice familiar to both Miho and Goto.

This time, Miho cringed inwardly a little.

“When were you going to tell me you were getting married, Pajamas?” Subaru growled. “Jesus, they don’t mess around – who’d they…?”

Then Miho turned slowly to smile at him brightly.

“Good evening Lieutenant Ichiyanagi,” she greeted with a cheeky wink. “Not working this evening?

You, Miss Fujiwara?” he blurted, and this caused the other officers, Ishigami most of all, to scrutinise the trio.

“Would you believe I’ve never had this happen before?” she chuckled, but Subaru now had eyes only for Goto.

“Don’t you dare say anything Rosemary,” Goto glowered, his voice warning.

“I don’t know where this train wreck originated,” Kaga smirked, nudging Shinonome lightly before pointing at Ishigami, “but look at the expression on this moron.”

“Pardon me?” Ishigami frowned ever so slightly.

“Don’t think I can,” Kaga snickered, then rolled his eyes when Kurosawa shoved the tray toward him. “As if anyone would want to marry that anally retentive twit.”

At this, Liana ruffled.

“That’s rich coming from a man going stag,” she snapped sharply, taking a step toward him and drawing Miho’s attention away from where Subaru and Goto were bickering.

“Perhaps Captain Kaga could use a referral?” Miho put in, and Liana sniffed – an indignant sound.

“I wouldn’t want to inflict him on you,” she declared, and before Kaga could retaliate, Ishigami had lightly taken up Liana’s hand and placed in on his arm.

“It seems I have inflicted him upon you,” he said apologetically. “Perhaps we should find our table?”

“Definitely,” Liana nodded, allowing herself to be led away, leaving Miho in Kaga and Kurosawa’s company.

“Could it be, Miss Fujiwara, that Goto and Ichiyanagi were love rivals for your affections?” Kurosawa asked, and Miho really had to bite her tongue.

Legalities aside, it wasn’t like she could just out and say she’d fucked them both, in all sorts of places.

“How romantic!” he exclaimed, his expression swoony. “Oh but what will happen now?”

“I imagine they’ll draw swords and fight to the death for my hand,” Miho responded seriously.

“That would be terribly exciting,” Kurosawa agreed enthusiastically, when Subaru turned to them and pointed at Subaru.

“Miho, tell him I proposed to you first,” he demanded.

“What a circus,” Kaga said, shaking his head and wandering off with Shinonome in tow.

“If you want to get technical,” Miho began, well aware it was now just she, Subaru, Goto and… Kurosawa in their conversation, “I proposed to Seiji first.”

Kurosawa gasped.

“But it’s a moot point,” Miho continued, “since you don’t love me, and he does.”

“Daaaw,” Kurosawa gushed, attaching himself to Miho’s arm and hugging it tightly.

“Get off my wife,” Goto growled, making such a scary face, Kurosawa scurried in behind Miho like she’d protect him. “And you,” he went on, turning his gaze to Subaru. “She’s mine, so all you can do now is be my best man.”

“What about me?” Kurosawa pouted from around Miho’s shoulder.

“Flower girl?” Subaru offered, and Kurosawa slumped a little. “You do realise the best man gets to make speech right?” he added.

“Well that could be interesting,” Miho chortled, but Goto frowned at him seriously.

“Don’t encourage him,” he grumbled. “I don’t want to regret this.”

Kurosawa sighed.

“I suppose I should just revel in the happiness you have found,” he sighed.

“You don’t want to be flower girl?” Subaru huffed. “I’m going to need to know, Kurosawa, because as best man it’s my job to…”

Stifling a giggle, Miho looked to Goto, and found him shaking his head.

“I now imagine Subaru fighting Jazz for control over wedding planning,” Miho whispered, reattaching herself to Goto’s arm.

“Maybe asking him to be best man was a bad idea,” he murmured as she gave him a squeeze.

“Of course not,” she smiled. “You fight like cats and dogs, but you’re best friends – sort of like Jazz and Selina and I, I suppose; but you’ve known him much longer.”

“I have,” Goto agreed, hedging them away from where Subaru and Kurosawa continued their animated discussion about how the wedding should play out, “but…”

“But it bothers you I slept with him,” Miho filled in, smiling at the people they passed on their way to their table.

“Yes,” he admitted, looking down like it was something to be ashamed of.

“I didn’t choose you over him, Seiji,” Miho told him, close, for her ears only. “That would suggest Ichiyanagi was ever a contender, and he wasn’t. Work was work, and now, both Jazz and I have interns to do the parts we no longer have a taste for.”

She stopped him before they reached their table and turned to him, gently taking hold of his lapels.

“I love you, Lieutenant,” she told him clearly, but stopped short of kissing him – even though she really really wanted to.

In addition to her earnest words, there were a lot of people now looking at them – she didn’t care, but she wondered if Goto’s cheeks would ever recover.

“Okay okay,” she chuckled. “Let’s just sit down.”


The table provided very little refuge, as both Kaga and Ishigami’s teams were seated together. With Soma and his date also in the mix, it was an amusing jig – for Miho anyway – explaining their relationship without breeching any of the terms of confidentiality agreements. Goto might not have agreed.

Moments of respite were provided by lengthy speeches and food, but Kurosawa, Miho learned, was like a dog with a bone. He wanted to know everything, in vivid detail, including some things that made even Miho blush.

Eventually, when all the formalities were done, partners took to the dance floor and the lights dimmed – Goto took Miho in his arms, and Miho winked over at Liana as Ishigami did the same with her.

“I thought we’d never escape him,” Goto muttered against the side of Miho’s face.

“Oh come on, I think he’s just somewhat besotted with you,” Miho chuckled quietly, her fingers lightly stroking against his shoulder where her hand was resting. “Perhaps I should be jealous.”

“Of that idiot?” Goto huffed grumpily, and Miho squeezed his hand with her other as they slowly meandered around the dancefloor.

“Of anyone who gets to spend more time with you than I do,” she told him matter-of-factly.

“Believe me, if I could be infiltrating drug dens with you, I…” he said, then changed what he was about to say. “Actually, I wouldn’t want you there either.”

“And I don’t really want you there,” she sighed, looking into his face before resting her forehead against his. “But, I’m told you’re very good at what you do.”

“Which,” he murmured, the world around them blurred out, leaving just the two of them in focus, “somehow reminds me of the conversation we had the other day.”

“Was it a dirty one?” Miho grinned, eyes wandering from his eyes down to his lips.

“Funnily enough, no,” he laughed, watching her debate just how far she could go in public. “The baby talk.”

“Ah, well it could have been dirty,” she smirked, the hand on his shoulder sliding across to rest against his neck. “I mean, we’re getting in a whole lot of practice.”

“Miho, I would love to have children with you,” he stated, and Miho’s mirth tangled around her ankles.

Luckily, Goto’s reflexes were on point, and he kept them both upright until she found her feet again.

“Let me finish before you go into panic mode,” he smiled gently. “I would love to have children with you, but, I need you, and if that means no kids, then I will be absolutely, regret free and content, just to be by your side for the rest of my life.”

And Miho stopped dancing, frowning as she inhaled, but Goto continued to smile because he knew this was just her attempting to cope with happiness.

Then she kissed him, unabashed, full force, hands gripping the back of his head and refusing to let him go until they were both breathless.

“Sorry,” she murmured, her peripheral vision revealing they had become somewhat of a spectacle.

“Young people these days,” Namba smirked, as he and his dance partner swirled nearby.

“You don’t know how old I am, Chief,” Miho responded with a wink. “I might even be older than you.”

“You’re not that old,” Goto disagreed, finally fighting free of his stupor.

“Jeez, I thought women were supposed to have a softening effect on a man?” Namba dropped with exaggerated hurt.

“Not that woman,” Subaru put in, having walked out onto the dancefloor to intercept Miho and Goto. “Mind if I cut in?”

“Yes,” Goto replied instantly.

“Oh come on, you won,” Subaru argued, then pointed through the sea of people. “Ishigami seems happy enough for his fiancée to dance with another man.”

Sure enough, through the bodies they caught glimpses of Liana laughing and dancing with Kurosawa.

“Hmm,” Goto grumbled. “If Ishigami…”

“Right,” Subaru grinned, and jerked Miho out of Goto’s arms.

“Hey, if you’re going to be rough…” Goto protested.

“I’ll always come back to you,” Miho smiled, a smile that then became a whole lot cheekier. “Do I need to kiss you again to convince you?”

“I don’t think his face can get any redder,” Subaru teased, and in response, Goto took the initiative.

And kissed her first, just lightly – no aggression or possessiveness, though obviously it was a statement of the latter.

“Well… uhh,” Miho exhaled when he let her go.

“Behave yourself, Rosemary,” Goto instructed curtly, giving him a stern look before letting Miho go.

“You know, I distinctly recall you telling me getting cosy with a client was not allowed,” Subaru pointed out, watching Goto cross the floor to sit with Ishigami.

“And I remember, you getting on my case for sleeping with random men for their happiness,” she countered, as they began to move to the music.

“But Goto? Are you sure?” he questioned. “You’re pretty adventurous from what I’ve seen and felt, and Mr. Pinstripes is so straight laced.”

“It’s funny how things work out,” Miho smiled, a dreamy smile covering some particularly wicked thoughts.

“I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised,” he sighed. “After all, you did call his name while I was fu…”

“Mmhm,” Miho interrupted by clearing her throat. “Sorry about that.”

“Yeah, losing to him is pretty galling,” he sniffed, clearly feigning the depth of his hurt. “Honestly, you were thinking about him the whole time?”

“Honestly?” she mused. “Not all the time.”

For a moment, Miho closed her eyes, and Subaru’s grip on her tightened a little when she shuddered at the vividness of the memory.

“Jeez, you’re thinking about it now?” Subaru chided.

“You brought it up!” she protested. “Best you just forget what we did, and focus on the matches I’ve already given you.”

“What if you’re as stuck in my head as you are in his?” he asked, and they both looked over at Goto, who frowned, no doubt wondering what they were talking about.

“Then you’re shit out of luck,” Miho answered with a grin. “But as a consolation prize, I will find you the perfect woman, someone who likes… whipped cream.”

The song stopped, and Goto was on his feet and heading to them toward them.

“Here to overwrite all the places I’ve touched her?” Subaru goaded as he released Miho and drifting back into Goto’s arms.

“Oh, I already did that,” Goto assured, but this only spurred Subaru on.

All the places?” he challenged, but Goto refused to back down.

“Don’t be such a sore loser, Rosemary,” he lobbed.

“I’m not the sore one,” Subaru chuckled, “so you should stop worrying and just be happy.”

“I am happy,” Goto grumbled, and Miho gave his arm a squeeze.


Kurosawa would not relent until Miho had danced with him, and after that, Miho and Goto made their escape.

In the car, he was quiet, and Miho left him to it considering all that had happened – and maybe she shouldn’t have worn the ring that ultimately gave them away.

He hovered closely behind her as she unlocked her apartment door, but the moment it clicked closed behind them, Miho found herself pushed up against the foyer wall.

“I’ve watched other men hold you all night,” he declared in a deep rumble.

“Three, Seiji,” Miho responded, wrapping her arms around his neck. “And one of them was your boss.”

“Still a man,” he pointed out, throwing his jacket off and dragging his tie away. “And you look… in that dress… it’s been torture all night.”

“How can I make you feel better?” she asked, but she had already pulled away his belt and dropped it to the tiles.

His answer was to kiss her with such need, with such incredible vehemence, Miho’s mind nearly blanked like a Voltage MC.

When his pants joined his belt, Miho attempted to reach the zipper of her dress, but he caught her wrist.

“Leave it on,” he told her huskily, tickling her ear with his desire.

“Kinky,” Miho grinned, slinky material gathering in Goto’s other hand, pulling it up over her thigh. “After the park, I think we may just have found your thing.”

“If you don’t know where my thing is by now, Miho,” he huffed, guiding the hand of the wrist he held to the front of his pants, “there is something very wrong with you.”

“Smartass,” she laughed, slithering her fingers into his underwear. “You want me to torture you some more?”

“Tonight I won’t let you,” he growled, pressing her back solidly, trapping her hand around his cock and their bodies. “You going to fight me?”

“No Sir,” she grinned against his lips. “Take me anyway you want me.”

Anyway?” he sought in clarification, and Miho raised an eyebrow.

“My limits are pretty few, and you know what they are,” she told him, struggling to squirm her fingers against him. “So, don’t ask, just do.”

Even in the darkness she could see his eyes shining with both affection at her trust in him, and the prickling of his lustful appetite for her.

With a jerk he dragged her out of the foyer and into the living room, where Miho found herself folded over the back of her couch.

“Oooh I like this,” Miho grinned, bracing herself as best she could, while Goto slid his hands from her ankles all the way up to her panties, pulling up the skirt of her evening gown as he went. “A little passive, but… ohh, I’m not going to complain if you’re going to do thaaa…”

That, was Goto’s thumbs parting her cheeks and his tongue making a slow upward slither through her folds, all the way to her asshole.

“And to think,” Miho whimpered, her legs already trembling, “Jazz wanted to sleep on this couch. Fuu…”

Leaning forward, Miho bit down on the nearest thing within her reach, tucking the large Domo plushie beneath her chin and sinking her teeth into the top of its head when Goto thrust several fingers into her moist opening. It muffled her moaning a little, but when the curl of his reach within her was joined by the rub of his other hand against her clit, and the foreshadowing swirl of his tongue around her sphincter, her approval was all sorts of evident.

“Why didn’t you lead with this?” she panted, her whole body moving back and forth against the couch that scraped a little against the floorboards. “Awhh… yesss, teeth,” she added as he scraped his teeth down her right cheek.

“You’re making a mess of the floor,” he noted, and though she was the one on the receiving end of pleasure, his voice was gravelly and his breathing short.

“Aww, it’s only going to get worse, if you keep tha… tha…” she coughed out before burying her face in Domo again, screaming her orgasm into the top of its head without any other mitigation.

Goto held his mouth over her as she shuddered and gushed, until her shaking subsided into breathy sobs.

“I love you, so, much,” she gasped, her body awash with dreamy heat.

Gently, Goto slipped his arm around her middle and drew her back against him, kissing the salt from her neck and rubbing between her cheeks with the full extreme of his yearning for her.

“You planning to put that somewhere dirty?” Miho hissed, rotating her hips, pushing them back against him as he took one still covered breast and squeezed it firmly.

“No part of you is dirty,” he whispered, biting down on her earlobe until she craned her neck so far he could kiss her mouth.

“Mhmm only you’d say that,” she chuckled, sucking his lower lip into his mouth and dragging it away as he bent her forward a little once more.

“I’m the only one who matters,” he rasped against her shoulder, slicking his erection over her clit, all the way between her legs until he’s settled his head against her rear entrance.

“Yes, yes you are,” she grinned, closing her eyes and relaxing as he pushed slowly forward.

The sound Goto made, a reverberating gratification as he inched into her, surprised even him, and for a second he paused.

Biting her lip, Miho tensed, squeezing tightly around the sensation of being filled by him in a new way, stretched to a fine edge of pain – for though perhaps bit quite as lengthy as Subaru, Goto was by far superior in girth.

“Please,” she begged, pushing back against him more firmly, “don’t stop.”

“I just…” he muttered, ragged as he leaned forward and pressed his chest to her back, hooking one arm diagonally between her breasts and gripping her shoulder, his other hand, strong digits, settling over the throbbing desperation of her inflamed nub. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t,” she whispered thickly.

Miho drew her pelvis toward the couch, sliding him out of her, deliberately, deliciously, and his response was probably more of a reflex than a conscious decision – but this time, his forward motion was unreserved, swift, and the slap of him buried completely sounded in tandem with Miho’s appreciative exclamation.

“Yes! Oh god, yes, Seiji,” she encouraged, but the energy she’d implored from him stole much of the volume from her voice, trapping it within the burning of her lungs, and heavily mitigated by the will required to keep her legs from buckling under Goto’s vigorous penetrations.

“Ghnn…” he growled against the back of her neck, flicking over her clit sporadically as he ploughed into her with greater ferocity.

“Don’t hold back,” she panted, desperately clinging to the couch. “I want to hear… I want to… growl into me…”

With eyes clenched shut, Miho pictured the two of them, peering down at their interconnected bodies like a perverse voyeur. Their flushed skin was sheathed in a bright sheen of sweat, even in the low light illuminating the taut of Goto’s back muscles, and the strain of his arms and shoulders as he brought their bodies together again and again. Each time they met, she was forced to the very tips of her toes, and though in her mind’s eye her face was an ugly crush of eye-watering, jaw tensing, and breathless exertion, the heightening song in her flesh told her she was well and truly prisoner to the libidinous ministrations of her future husband.


Before she could bark out the second syllable, Goto roared a snarling, animalistic assertion of warning, just before he came so hard he crushed all remaining air from Miho’s body. As he filled her, successive thrusts that scorched a fire hotter still, Miho released the couch and clung to Goto’s arm, digging in her nails.

“Please don’t…” she squeaked, but she needn’t have even sparked the thought, for the Goto did not cease the fervent kneading of her clit or his rolling plunge, until Miho wept out her own quivering ecstasy.

Heaving in great breaths, twitching and still interlocked, Goto eased them back onto the floor, curling himself around Miho and burying his face in her neck. There he whispered her name like Miho had never heard it before – not even with her first husband.

“Is there anything you’re not good at?” Miho questioned quietly, tangling their legs together.

“Letting you go?” he offered hoarsely, smoothing moist hair from her face and kissing behind her ear.

“Such a, terrible flaw,” she chuckled, smoothing her palms up his arm. “Still, you have to work tomorrow and…”

“You’re going to use work as an excuse to escape?” he murmured.

“I’m using work as an excuse to take this to the bathroom, Mr. Goto,” she replied, smirking though he couldn’t see, “in the hopes also, of saving this very expensive gown.”

“Right,” he chuffed, rolling her up and across his lap, before rising to his feet with her cradled in his arms.

“So glad I have floorboards,” Miho snickered as he carried her to the bathroom.

“We’ll clean up later,” Goto told her, placing her down on the tiles and turning on the shower for them.

The room flooded with steam as Miho shimmied from her gown, but for what she’d said before, she was quick to just cast it aside haphazardly and shove Goto back under the water stream. Soaking them both.

“I could do this with you all night,” she breathed against his lips, pecking softly.

“Just the night?” he smiled, following her curves with broad palms.

“What’d they feed you Public Safety guys?” she grinned when he pressed her back against the cold tiles, and she let out a yelp.

By the time they had finished there, towelled off and crawled into bed, the both of them were exhausted. Lying against Goto’s chest, Miho felt such a profound sense of contentment that actually made her feel a little weepy.

“Hey, what’s up?” Goto asked softly.

“I’m happy,” she whispered, interlacing their fingers. “And despite the unorthodox way your colleague announced our engagement, it feels… more real now. All we need now is…”

“… to introduce you to my family,” he finished, giving her a squeeze.

“You nervous about that?” she asked.

“No. You?”

“Yeah,” she laughed, her cheek against his peck. “So, how’d you meet my son? Oh, I was trying to find him a wife, and part of my business was to screw him to evaluate his sexual prowess and well, after fucking Seiji, there was just no way I could ever touch anyone else.”

This caused Goto to start coughing, and Miho to laugh.

“That might kill Dad, but Mum would probably want details,” he muttered.

He didn’t ask about her family again – they’d already talked about it briefly and he understood she was no longer in contact with her parents. She felt they had abandoned her when she needed them most, and they’d thought she had put them in unnecessary danger – it was ugly, and Goto didn’t want to stir a hornets’ nest.

“If I can convince Ishigami to give me a couple of days soon, we can go,” he told her, kissing her cheek. “I’m sure they’ll love you.”

“I hope so,” she mused, then let out a yawn before snuggling even closer.

“They will,” he assured her lovingly.

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