Three’s a party

Jazz smile politely at the man to her right who seemed as uncomfortable in the setting as she felt. He had introduced himself as a reporter and started a conversation with Jazz who wasn’t sure if he was only chatting or actually hitting on her. Besides the fact that he probably was a few years younger than her, he was somehow stiff. Clever, no doubt about that, but the stick up his ass must have been quite impressive.

“And what are you doing?” Jazz blinked before she realized that he was asking her something.

“Oh, I’m an event planner.” She flashed him a small smile and took a sip of her drink.

“So your job is rather ‘eventful’, isn’t it?” He grinned as if he was really proud of that pun but Jazz inwardly groaned and rolled her eyes. Where was Miho? Did she got lost on her way to the restroom?

“So, Miss Event Planner, what else have you planned for tonight?”

That did it for her. Another pun and she would throw her drink right into his face – and it was a good drink, not something she wanted to waste, so she simply smiled again, said curtly “bye” and turned into the other direction, to the place Miho should sit if she only was back from the restroom. Instead her gaze fell on a man. Tall, dressed in a suit, sandy hair and goatee. He was drinking alone, just like she currently was, but he seemed deep in thought, oblivious to his surroundings.

“What are you looking at?” Miho’s voice suddenly sounded next to Jazz who almost jumped.

“The only decent looking guy here tonight.” She didn’t even turn around to check if that reporter was still there when Miho slid back on her seat and followed Jazz’s line of sight.

“He’s a looker, but what if he’s just another annoying, stupid jerk?”

“Oh please, I don’t want to marry him after all.” The eye roll was almost audible in Jazz’s reply. She motioned for the barkeeper and ordered that man another drink of whatever he was having, almost excited to see what would happen next.

The man looked up when the barkeeper put the drink down in front of him, eyes following the direction the barkeeper was pointing to. He smiled and raised his glass in a greeting and Jazz tilted her head slightly, silently accepted his thanks for the drink.

“What are you doing?” Miho asked and took a swig of her whiskey – straight, although Miho wasn’t completely straight herself – and kept looking at the man who snuck a glance into their direction every now and then, but made no move to join them.

“Come on, drinking alone is boring. Let us have some fun, okay? I know you had a shitty week and believe me, mine wasn’t much better. We can at least play a bit when we are out already.”

Jazz didn’t want to say it out loud but Miho really could used to get laid. Not that Jazz had any satisfying encounters lately, and she didn’t dwell on the fact that there was only one decent guy around here, but it was more important to drag Miho out of her slump than having fun herself.

There was one way to bait Miho, something she couldn’t resist. Jazz turned it into a competition.

“Besides,” she started with a smug grin, “in the end I will be the one taking him home, so don’t worry about him.” She took a sip from her drink, watched Miho straighten up a bit and throwing another glance towards the guy.

“You sure about that?”

“Yep,I mean, he’s obviously checking me out already. Should be a piece of cake.” Jazz grin only widened when Miho’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Oh, we’ll see about that.”

“How about we ditch this place and continue this conversation somewhere else?” With a bat of her lashes and her bottom lip between her teeth briefly Jazz looked at him, waiting for his answer. Not that she doubted he would accept, the question just was, which invitation would he take? After chatting and flirting for a while now it was the perfect moment to find out if that man, Nomura how he had introduced himself, would react to her plan.

“We could go to my place,” Miho offered and downed her drink.

He faced her, seemed to contemplate the invitation.

“Or to mine,” Jazz added, swirled the remains of her drink in her glass before she drained it, too.

His gaze flitted back and forth between them, pondering his options.

“I have the bigger bathroom,” Jazz pointed out.

“But I have more toys,” Miho shot back.

Nomura grew restless, this situation was strange, even for him. Two hot women basically fighting over him?

“That’s true,” Jazz admitted. “But I have hoped we wouldn’t need that many toys anyway if we have him.”

And suddenly it clicked. With an almost awestruck expression Nomura realized that they didn’t ask him to choose, they wanted to share him!

“We could also go to my place,” he suggested but their bewildered expressions told him that wasn’t really an option.

“Sorry, but we barely know you. I would feel much better – and safer – in a familiar place,” Jazz explained with an apologetic smile.

“Of course, I understand. But taking a stranger home – that’s not very safe, either, is it?” He wondered why the heck he was bringing that up just now, sabotaging this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Hm, if you are actually concerned about that we could still blindfold you so that you wouldn’t be able to find back to the place we’re taking you…” Miho suggested, eyes glinting and lips curled up in a grin.

“And I thought we’d safe the kinky stuff for when we’re out of here,” Jazz remarked with a shrug and motioned for the barkeeper to pay for their drinks. “So, how is it? You game?” She turned to face him, one hand rested lightly on the lapel of his jacket, a completely innocent touch but in combination with the way she looked up at him from under her lashes, lips slightly parted, it didn’t miss its purpose.

“I’m not completely sure what to expect but yes, I’m game.” He would have to be an idiot to let an offer like this one pass after all.

“Don’t worry, we’re not biting – too hard,” Miho reassured him and slid off her stool, looked at Jazz with a short nod.

“Okay, your place. But only because your shower is huge and I’m not keen on cleaning afterwards.”

In the cab they all shared the backseat, Nomura in the middle unsure if he was dreaming or not. But the solid weight of Jazz’s hand on his thigh, slowly and absentmindedly running up and down a bit, and Miho’s side pressed against him were proof that this was really happening. They didn’t speak, at least not with Nomura, but Miho and Jazz casually chatted about indifferent topics.

“Do you still have that body lotion? You know, that vanilla scented one?” Miho asked and leaned towards Jazz a bit who raised her arm so Miho could smell the faint hint of vanilla.

“Yep. You wanna borrow it?”

“Mhm. Afterwards.”

That word sent a pang of arousal through Nomura.

“Is it still far?” he asked and shifted a bit, jumped slightly when Miho’s hand came to rest on his other thigh.

“Maybe five minutes, depending on the traffic,” Jazz let him know. “You think you can wait that long?” With a quirk of her eyebrow she slid her hand higher up his thigh, fingertips grazing the inside, following the seam of his pants. Miho mirrored Jazz’s motions, and both leaned in closer to him, practically nuzzled his neck until he groaned lowly and closed his eyes.

“You’re going to be the death of me, am I right?”

Jazz giggled once and Miho nodded. “We’re going to eat you alive. And you are going to love every single second of it.”

When the cab pulled over Nomura almost threw the money at the driver, ushered Jazz out of the door and tugged Miho with him when he got out, almost tripped over his own feet.

“Hey, we thought you would be a bit more – I don’t know, casual about this,” Jazz teased but quickly unlocked her door as soon as they reached it. They all piled into the small entryway and took off their coats – only that no one bothered with their own coat. Jazz and Miho unbuttoned Nomura’s coat while he alternated between the zipper of Jazz’s jacket and the buttons on Miho’s.

Shoes were kicked off, one jacket dropped to the ground, carelessly discarded because other activities than hanging up a jacket were more important.

And still not even a single kiss on the lips was exchanged. Jazz nibbled at Nomura’s ear a bit and Miho brushed her lips over the other side of his neck.

“Anyone wants a drink?” In a flimsy attempt to be a good host Jazz pulled back slightly, smiled when she realized that Nomura’s eyes were closed.

“You know what I like,” Miho replied and grabbed Nomura’s hand, led him towards the living room.

“Indeed, I know,” Jazz smugly shot back and hurried into the kitchen, came back with glasses and a bottle and found Miho and Nomura on the couch, her legs thrown over his lap, his hands lightly running up and down her calves. Jazz handed both of them a glass of deep red wine, let her gaze sweep over the couch.

“Is there some room for me?” She put her own glass down, waited for Miho to lift her legs from his lap and straddled him, almost made him choke on his wine.

“Woah, that’s – pretty bold,” he mumbled but let her take his glass away again after a sip.

“I think it’s time for a kiss,” Jazz announced and smiled at him, but then she leaned to the side where Miho met her halfway in a soft kiss that made Jazz giggle. When she faced Nomura again his gaze flit back and forth between the two women.

“Okay, I have to ask that, just to know… are you two – together?”

Miho laughed and Jazz giggled again.

“Nope. But don’t worry, that’s not our first rodeo, cowboy,” Miho dryly answered.

“You are not interrupting something exclusive here and you are not an adventure to liven up our relationship. We are just friends – who happen to share something more than just the lipstick every now and then.” With an encouraging nod Jazz smiled at him, leaned in closer when he did and tilted her head a bit to the right, but waited for him to close the remaining gap.

His lips were soft and pliant, but his goatee was tickling a bit. Before they could deepen the kiss Jazz pulled back and made some room for Miho who was now sitting with her legs pulled under her body. Jazz watched the kiss between Miho and Nomura, grinned when they deepened it.

“You’re looking really hot together,” she casually remarked. It was true. Miho looked good with anyone because she was hot anyway, but the way he carded his hand through her hair while cupping her cheek was just the perfect balance between gentle and demanding.

But watching got boring soon, even if it was such a good sight. Jazz started kissing Nomura’s neck, switched to Miho’s eventually, boldly started undoing buttons here and there.

Still sitting in his lap she could feel how affected he was, started rocking her hips slightly so that Nomura groaned into the kiss with Miho.

“How about we go somewhere a bit more comfortable? I have a really nice, soft, huge bed,” Jazz suggested, kissed both of them once briefly and scrambled off his lap.

After she had smoothed down her skirt a bit she offered both of them a hand, led them to her bedroom. Luckily they were all far too distracted to pay attention to the clothes that cluttered up the corner next to her wardrobe, but Jazz hadn’t expected visitors. At least not two of them.

Miho was the first to crawl onto the bed, Jazz followed her, tugged Nomura with her.

“Do you – is there some kind of plan?” He was distracted by two sets of hands starting to undoing the buttons of his shirt.

“No, we are going to do whatever we feel like,” Miho explained and leaned in to kiss Jazz once more, as if to prove her point. Or maybe simply because she felt like it.

Nomura breathed heavily but watched in silence, in awe when Miho slid a hand in Jazz’s hair, pulled her closer. They started a heavy makeout session, open mouthed kisses and the slow exploration of every inch of naked skin, how little that was so far.

When they slowed down a bit, more cuddling now than actual kissing, interrupted by whispered words and giggles every now and then, the both shifted a bit, made room between them.

“Do you just want to watch or do you want to join in? Because I’m fine with both,” Miho casually invited him, but she was a bit breathless, cheeks slightly flushed.

“Is it just me or are we all still wearing too much?” Jazz asked, undid a few buttons and discarded her shirt just to reveal her silky chemise.

“Oh, you ended up buying it? Good choice!” Miho nodded appreciatively and Jazz laughed lightly.

“‘Sometimes we have to spoil ourselves’, were your words if I remember correctly. And it really is like silk to the touch, so it’s worth the money.”

“Great. And now take it off,” Miho demanded.

Jazz snorted a short laughter. “No way! That’s not the kind of garment you just take off yourself. It’s made for someone else to take off of me.”

Miho smoothed a hand down from the cleavage all over Jazz’s stomach to the hem of the chemise.

“True that.” She turned towards Nomura. “Do you want or should I?”

“Let me,” he quickly said and inched closer towards Jazz.

“Hi.” She smiled at him encouragingly and he leaned in to kiss her. His fingertips grazed her collarbone, followed the subtle lace trimming before he ran his hand over the length of the chemise to the hem.

“It’s really nice, feels like silk.”

Jazz’s breath hitched a bit when he slipped his hand under the fabric, his warm touch on her skin more than welcome.

“But you feel so much better…” It took him three more kisses before he finally pulled the chemise up and off her, let it drop to the floor and left Jazz in her satin bra.

In return Jazz reached for Nomura’s tie, slowly undid the knot and pulled it from him.

“This could come in handy. Do we want to keep it in reach?”

Miho grinned and nodded, but was busy tugging at Nomura’s vest and shirt. Together they rid him of his shirt and left him bare from the waist up. Next was Miho’s dress. Jazz opened the zipper but Nomura took it off, sighed approvingly when he saw her lacy bra and panties.

With a grin Miho pushed him down, started undoing his belt when Jazz joined her and opened the button and the zipper of his pants. Jazz’s skirt followed next so they were all in their underwear, kissing and touching each other.

So far no one had dared to cross the underwear line, no hands slipping under panties, no curious fingers under the waistband of his boxers. But when Miho casually grabbed the tie that Jazz had carefully placed at the pillow, it was like a sign to take things further.

“Are you okay with getting restrained a bit?” Jazz asked and pushed Nomura down on the bed, straddled him with a naughty grin.

“You – you are not going to rob me, are you?” He didn’t sound worried, more as if he was joking.

With a brief giggle Jazz leaned down, threw Miho a short glance before she kissed Nomura.

“We are going to rob you of your breath and sanity, nothing more.”

Slowly Jazz grabbed his wrists and pulled them up, towards the headboard of her bed. Another reason why she preferred her place, her bed was huge and sturdy. Exactly what they would need tonight. Miho leaned over Nomura and started tying his hands to the headboard, firm enough so he wouldn’t just wiggle out of the bonds but not so tight that they would have to cut him free in the end.

Once she was done she pressed her breasts against his face teasingly, laughed when Jazz slapped her ass.

“We are not done yet. You can let him worship your boobs when I got you out of your bra.” Immediately Jazz let her hands roam Miho’s back until she reached the clasp of the bra, snapped it open. Miho had straightened up again, shrugged the bra off and simply dropped it on the floor.

“Your turn.” On their knees, facing each other but with Nomura’s legs between them Miho and Jazz kissed playfully, their giggles mixed with his groans at the sight. Once Jazz’s bra dangled from Miho’s fingers they shifted their attention towards Nomura again. One shared glance, a cocked eyebrow and a slight tilt of the head – without a word Jazz and Miho pounced, slid down next to him on each side, settled half on top of him, legs entangled with his, hands meeting on his chest.

“Maybe we should have talked about that earlier, but – anything you don’t like?” Miho purred, fingertips drawing circles on his chest until she grazed a nipple, made him jerk a bit.

“I’m a pretty simple guy… so I’m fine with the basics but not too adventurous when it comes to – uhm… certain things.”

“So no pegging?” Miho asked to make clear and he coughed slightly, cheeks flushed a bit.

“Yeah, that. And I’m not keen on pain, neither on receiving nor causing. For everything else I’m at least open for suggestions.”

“We could just check in with you every now and then,” Jazz suggested and leaned in to run her tongue over his neck.

“Or you can just tell us if you don’t like what we’re doing,” Miho chimed in, let her fingers slowly wander further down.

Nomura squirmed lightly under their touches and kisses, his breathing already hard. And not only his breathing, Miho discovered when her hand brushed over his tented boxers. That was something they could work with. She only hoped he also had some stamina, for the night would definitely be long.

“Okay, just let us know if you don’t want anything,” Jazz decided and let her hand join Miho’s, teased and caressed him through his boxers for a moment.

“I don’t want us to wear underwear,” Miho announced and sat up, followed by Jazz who shifted until she knelt next to Nomura’s hips, started tugging at the boxer briefs.

Without much ceremony she pulled them down and off him, slid her own panties down her legs and kicked them off before she crawled up his body while Miho already had a hand wrapped around his hard cock, held it in place for Jazz to run her tongue from his balls up to the tip.

Nomura started tugging at his restraints, groaned when Jazz sucked his cock as deep into her throat as she could manage, meeting Miho’s hand at the base. She bobbed her head, slowly, eyes on Nomura’s who had raised his head as good as he could to not miss a single second of this.

“You look so good with your lips around a cock,” Miho praised, almost proudly, and Jazz hummed before she let his cock slip out of her mouth.

“You wanna join?”

Nomura let his head fall into the pillows before he strained his neck again when Miho leaned down, settled on one side while Jazz got comfortable at the other. They licked and kissed the whole length of his cock, meeting for kisses every now and then, giggled and moaned. It was messy, his cock, their fingers and lips slick with spit and precum, but they stopped before he could get too excited. After all they had plans for him.

“Condoms?” Miho panted when she sat up again and Jazz pointed towards the bedside table.

“Top drawer, second holds the toys.” Jazz stayed where she was, kept teasing Nomura, licked and nipped at his balls until Miho threw a condom at her.

“What else?” Miho stared into the drawer and Jazz raised her head.

“Cock ring, lube I guess. And whatever you feel like.”

“Cock ring?” Nomura rasped, eyes wide.

“Well, we don‘t want you to come before we are done, do we?” Jazz cooed and took the silicone ring Miho handed her.

“Don’t worry,” she assured Nomura, “it’s brand new.” With only minimal struggle she put first the cock ring on Nomura, then the condom. Miho was still rummaging through the drawer, pulled out a bottle of lube and some other items.

“We have to untie him,” Jazz just pointed out. “He’s too close to the headboard.”

“What exactly do you have in mind?” he asked when Miho undid the knot at his tie and both girls made room so he could scoot down a bit. Jazz and Miho shared a short glance, waited until Nomura had settled more or less in the middle of the bed.

“Well, we’d like to start with me riding your cock and Miho riding your face,” Jazz sweetly informed him, earned them a groan and an eager nod.

“Yeah, that – that sounds good to me.” He licked his lips briefly, looked at Miho who smirked, crawled up to his face and leaned in to kiss him.

Jazz didn’t waste any time and straddled him, slicked his cock by sliding it through her already wet folds.

Miho sat up and slid her panties off before she swung a leg over Nomura’s head, shifted until she she was halfway comfortable, facing Jazz who waited for Miho to find a good position. Nomura wrapped his arms around Miho’s thighs and pulled her closer, grunted when Jazz positioned herself and sank down on his cock with a satisfied moan. Once Jazz was still again Miho rested her hands on Jazz’s knees and leaned in a bit, kissed her softly and gasped when Nomura started parting her folds with his tongue.

When Jazz started moving a symphony of their moans, ragged breathing, hisses and some wet noises filled the room, together with the soft creaking of the bed.

Jazz rocked her hips, one hand behind her on Nomura’s thigh, the other in Miho’s hair while they kissed again and again, Miho’s hands still on Jazz’s knees for support while Nomura cupped Miho’s ass, occasionally squeezed the soft flesh and used the grip to keep her in place.

Miho slipped one hand higher on Jazz’s thigh and grinned, challenged her friend to stop her but that was far from Jazz’s intentions.

“Go on,” Jazz said, breath ragged, “you know I – hahhh… can’t get off from fucking alone…” She arched her back, raised her hips slightly so Miho could slip a hand between her thighs, gasped when Miho’s fingertips found her clit. Jazz’s moan was echoed by Nomura when Miho’s finger brushed against his cock every time Jazz slowly moved her hips. They found a rhythm, easily fell into a push and pull, a slow build of pleasure and arousal.

There was no need for haste, no rush to the peak, they all got lost in the moment, the sensations their dance caused them.

Miho was the first to get impatient. She raised her hips, evaded Nomura’s kisses and made him loosen his grip on her ass.

“What’s wrong? Did I do anything wrong?” he asked, slightly confused just for Jazz to lean in and kiss him, not caring about Miho’s taste on his lips.

“It’s fine,” she breathed against his lips. “Miho is hard to get off orally. She needs – a bit more.” As if to emphasize the last bit she rode him harder, now that she could move freely again. For a moment it was just the two of them, Miho still there but not actively taking part. Instead she browsed through the toys she had taken from Jazz’s drawers, grumbled at the sparse selection. She grabbed some lube and a toy, knelt next to Jazz and Nomura who had taken it up a notch, his hands on her hips now while she bounced on his lap.

Miho settled behind Jazz, straddling Nomura’s legs, and showed Jazz what she had picked.

“God… please, yes…” Jazz eagerly agreed when she saw the small vibrator Miho held in her hand and now slowly ran over Jazz’s body, from her collarbone down to her breasts, around the already hard nipples.

“Fuck, you both are looking so hot,” Nomura pressed out between gritted teeth, sweat on his forehead. Jazz tipped her head back, rested it against Miho’s shoulder.

“He’s right, you know? And you look so beautiful when you come… don’t you want to show him? How pretty you are when you’re begging to come?” Miho pressed her lips against Jazz temple, let her hand wander between Jazz’s thighs again. The first contact of the toy on her clit made Jazz hiss and jerk a bit, she was already so close that it was bordering painful. She switched from bouncing up and down Nomura’s cock to rocking her hips again, back and forth, against the toy with every move.

With one arm she reached behind her, wrapped it around Miho’s neck while the other hand rested on Nomura’s firm stomach. Her legs trembled at the strain and her arousal, but she didn’t stop moving.

“Miho…” Jazz whined, took her hand from Nomura’s belly and pressed it instead against Miho’s hand that was holding the toy.

“You want more?” Miho teased and Jazz whimpered in response. Nomura could only watch in awe how Jazz arched her body, her hips now moving faster and faster, chasing her release.

Miho’s other arm now wrapped around Jazz’s chest, her hand cupped a breast, pinched the nipple lightly. Jazz curled her toes, her body taut, her hand now back on Nomura’s stomach, fingertips digging into his skin.

“Hahh… oh fuck… oh my… gooooooood…” Eyes closed, head thrown back, her grip on Miho’s hair and Nomura’s skin tightening Jazz let the pressure in her core shatter, let the tension boil over and euphoria flood her body. She kept moving, panted, finally slumped forwards into Nomura’s arms. Miho pulled her hand back and pressed a kiss between Jazz’s shoulder blades.

For a short moment they stayed like this, let Jazz catch her breath before Nomura started to squirm a bit, still far from finishing.

Jazz scrambled off his lap and stretched leisurely, plopped down on the bed and watched Nomura and Miho who stared at each other, unsure how to go on from here.

“Oh, come on… Nomura, get up. Change the condom. Better take off the cock ring, too. Or do you think you need it to last?” Jazz winked cheekily and leaned over to the pile of toys Miho had gathered earlier, grabbed the lube and a small toy.

“Miho?” She showed her friend what she had picked and Miho nodded, grinned at Nomura who now stood next to the bed and just rolled off the condom and the cock ring, hissed slightly but kept moving his hand lazily over his cock.

Miho rolled on her stomach, looked at Jazz expectantly. “I love when you take charge, did I ever tell you that?”

Jazz chuckled and threw a pillow at Miho who stuffed it under her hips, raised her ass and wiggled it slightly.

“Impatient?” The clicking sound of a bottle of lube being opened followed Jazz’s question and Miho giggled.

“Well, I’m not the one who just came.”

“Don’t worry, you will,” Jazz assured her and dribbled some lube between Miho’s cheeks, coated the small buttplug with more lube and used it to spread the remaining lube around Miho’s puckered hole, ran the toy past it a few times without pressure before she slowly worked Miho open, under the watchful eyes of Nomura.

“Don’t worry, this is not for you,” Jazz let him know when she pushed the buttplug a bit deeper before she pulled it back again. “Just some additional fun for her…”

The sound of his groans mixed with Miho’s moans, with the wet sounds of lube and penetration, with Jazz’s heavy breathing. It only took a few minutes before the buttplug slid in place and Jazz sat up, panting. Both women looked at Nomura.

“Come here,” Miho invited him, pushed herself up on hands and knees. Jazz wiggled her way under Miho, giggled when they were face to face again. The bed dipped under Nomura’s weight when he joined them, let his hands run over Miho’s back to her ass.

“Ready?” His voice was hoarse already, strained.

“God dammit, yes!”

Jazz chuckled at Miho’s repeated display of impatience and shushed her with a kiss. She could feel the moment when Nomura pushed into Miho, the suddenly slacking jaw and lack of response from Miho gave her away.

“He’s good, isn’t he? So wonderfully thick and hard…” Jazz whispered and hummed appreciatively at the memory of it.

“Fuck… yes…” It wasn’t clear if Miho answered to Jazz or simply couldn’t contain her pleasure anymore, but both Nomura and Jazz moaned in response.

Jazz raised her hand towards Nomura, rasped a quick “Open up” before she stuck her index and middle finger into his mouth.

“Get them nice and wet.” Being in charge wasn’t her favorite thing but Jazz could pull that off without a problem and sometimes she even enjoyed bossing her partners around in bed. Not that she got that chance very often when Miho was involved.

Nomura sucked and licked at Jazz’s fingers until she was satisfied and pulled them back, only to slide them down Miho’s body, between her thighs and through her soaked folds.

“I know you’re a greedy little thing,” Jazz whispered to Miho who closed her eyes when Jazz’s fingertips started circling her clit. “And I think he won’t last much longer, so let’s just make sure to get you off properly, shall we?”

And Nomura gave it his all. Every thrust was deeper than the one before, harder, until he was pounding Miho into the mattress, or as much as possible with Jazz still trapped under both of them.

“Oh fuck… I… so close…” Miho’s arms trembled already, she dropped her head on Jazz’s shoulder, pushed her ass up higher.

All it took to tip Miho over the edge was Jazz tilting her head and pressing a sloppy kiss on her lips. With everything that was going on, all the different sensation and stimulations Miho just couldn’t keep the pleasure from boiling over any longer. So she took a deep breath and let herself fall into the promise of ecstasy, let the fire under her skin consume her with a choked out cry.

Nomura’s thrusts stuttered but he kept moving, until Miho relaxed again, her body void of any tension now, slumping down in Jazz’s arms. He tightened his grip on Miho’s hips, pushed two, three more times into her before he tensed, breath escaping with a hiss through his gritted teeth when he came.

Still panting he pulled out, almost collapsed next to both women after quickly discarding the condom.

“Wow… that was…”

“Mhm…” Jazz lazily agreed. “Miho, you are kinda crushing me… roll over already.”

“You know me,” Miho drawled sleepily. “Either we cuddle now…”

“Or?” Jazz asked, trying to see Miho’s face.

“Or…” Miho pushed up a bit, looked over to Nomura. “Round two?”

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