Role reversal

People used to think that Jumin Han was cold. He rarely showed emotions, only in front of his best friends, his closest confidents. And of course in front of you.

But most people thought Jumin was some kind of robot, without emotions and desires.

Seven often joked that he was your dom, that it must be hard for you to satisfy the perfectionist so he wouldn’t even let you try.

They couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact Jumin was one of the most devoted men you ever met, constantly looking out for you. He wanted to spoil you in every aspect of life. Although he claimed to have never felt like he did for you, that he had no idea how to behave in a relationship, no idea how to convey his feelings, you have never felt so loved before. Not when he was throwing his money around for you; you didn’t care for that. But he gave you the feeling that you were the centre of his world.

Especially in bed.

Your pleasure was his pleasure, he loved to take you to new heights, to make it better, longer, more intense. When he found out that you could come multiple times in one night he set himself a goal, to see how often he could bring you to orgasm in one hour, one night. He usually didn’t stop before you begged him to, in most cases after having climaxed three or four times at least. When you were exhausted, overly sensitive, when the pleasure bordered on pain – only then he would allow himself to give in and come. And afterwards he would take care of you, carry over to the bathroom if necessary, take a bath or shower with you, help you getting dressed for the night.

He still wasn’t that keen on lacy lingerie, he preferred your naked skin or at least silky nightgowns, although you were more into comfy and simple sleepwear. You still indulged him and wore classy and luxurious negligees after your passionate nights together and he indulged you and slept with you in his arms.

But no matter how fantastic sex with Jumin was, you still felt a bit guilty. He had a hard and demanding job, he shouldn’t have to be in charge at night, too. You wanted to spoil him like he spoiled you, but how should you get the perfectionist to hand over the metaphorical reins and let you be in charge? Would he even be able to give up control, even for only one night?

You were determined to find out and you knew that he actually couldn’t deny you a sincere wish, so you hoped that it would be the same this time.

When Jumin came home in the evening, after a day with a schedule packed with meetings and presentations, you welcomed him with a smile and a glass of his favorite wine. He simply put the glass down and wrapped his arms around you, inhaled your scent slightly. You could feel him relax in your arms and smiled, happy that you were his safe haven. That was what you wanted, the trust and the comfort, knowing you could give him what he always wanted. And tonight you wanted to test this bond, to stretch it, to make him understand how strong it really was.

“Hello my love, how was your day?” you asked him, enjoying the tender affection he showed you.

“Long. Dull without you,” he replied and let you go with a sigh. You led him towards an armchair and gently pushed him down, let him pull you into his lap.

“At least now you are here, with me. Where you belong to,” you purred and ran your hands through his hair. You loved to disheveled his usually impeccable hairdo, it was turning the serious and respectable Mr. Han into your Jumin. He sighed and closed his eyes, enjoying the way you caressed his scalp, tugged at his hair slightly and let it slip through your fingers.

“Good?” you asked lowly, hands slipping down his neck towards his tie.

“Mhm…” he hummed in pleasure while you loosened his tie but didn’t take it off.

Instead you straddled him, grabbed the tie and pulled him closer until your lips were only a hair’s breadth apart.

“Jumin…” you practically sighed, your lips almost touching his. He opened his eyes, but due to your closeness he couldn’t really look at you. It was more that he needed the feeling of control and for that his vision was important. The fact that he COULD see, not what he actually saw. A blurry image of your face in close up.

“What is it, my love?” he asked back, his voice like a caress. How could anyone think he was anything else than sweet to you?

“If I had a wish…” you began slowly, trying to gather your courage and pick the right words when he interrupted you gently.

“I would grant it if it’s in my power.”

You smiled at his sincerity and pecked his lips softly.

“Good. All I want from you is to trust me. Do you think you can do that?”

“Of course I do. You’re one of the few people I really trust. Are you doubting that?” He raised a perfectly groomed eyebrow, pulled his head back slightly to better look at you.

“I don’t,” you softly assured him. “But I want to be sure before I continue.”

“Continue? With what?”

Your hands were still toying with his tie, slowly undoing the knot. “I want you to trust me. Today I want to take care of you – just like you always take care of me. If you don’t like anything, just tell me. But please give me a chance…” You pulled the tie away from his neck, looked him in the eyes and waited for him to nod.

“Good. You have the choice. I can either use this-” you held up the tie for him to see, “to blindfold you or to tie your hands together. What would you rather do? See me or touch me?”

He scowled slightly, the crease between his eyebrows deepening.

“Both options don’t sound very appealing to me.”

That was what you had expected. “Jumin, I really love what you are doing with me, but if I don’t restrain you in any way you will end up taking control again. And that just isn’t an option tonight.”

You knew that didn’t sound very sexy, but you also knew that he was amenable to reason and logic. Telling him what you thought and felt was the best way to make him understand after all.

He hesitated. “When I see you I also want to touch you. But touching you without seeing your reaction? That’s a tough choice.”

“And one you don’t have to make immediately.” You put the tie away for now, but within reach, before you slowly unbuttoned his shirt until you reached his vest. You stopped there, leaned in to trail kisses down his neck, his collarbone, the part of his chest you could reach.

He let you, obviously holding back now that he knew what you wanted. When you slid of his lap and knelt in front of him, between his thighs, his fingers twitched but he kept his hands on the armrests. No matter how much he liked pleasuring you with his tongue, he never asked you to return the favor, not wanting you to feel degraded in any way. As if sucking his perfect cock would make you feel anything but pleasure.

For now you nuzzled his crotch with your face, playfully followed the outline of his slowly hardening cock with your nose.

“You – you don’t have to…”

“Shhh, or I will have to use the tie to gag you.”

He frowned, obviously actually thinking you’d do that but you indicated with a chuckle and a shake of your head that you were joking. Your hands found the remaining buttons of his vest and shirt and he squirmed slightly when you ran your nails down his chest, grazing his nipples and leaving light red marks on him.

“Eyes or hands?” you asked again, fingertips dipping under his waistband.

His breathing had sped up already, chest rising and falling in a sensual rhythm.

“H-hands…” He sounded wrecked already, the decision the hardest part of his day – for now.

You smiled up to him, reached over and grabbed the tie just to gently wrap it around one of his wrists. You tied him to the armrest before you opened his belt, slowly pulled it out of the belt loops and wrapped it around his other hand, leaned up and placed a kiss on his lips.

“Is this okay?” You wanted to make sure that he was still comfortable with it and it thrilled you to see his gaze, his pupils dilated, lips slightly parted.

“I need to hear it,” you softly insisted and he nodded slowly.

“It is fine so far.”

“Believe me, this will be so much better than fine,” you promised in a low voice, hands already busy again, opening his pants. You liked how the shirt was still half on his body, revealing him only partly to your gaze, but you definitely wanted the pants gone. For now you left his black boxer briefs, though, and when you had his pants tugged down far enough you leaned in and mouthed along the outlines of his cock under the thin fabric. He was already much harder now and the groan you heard spurred you on further. So when your fingers curled into the waistband of his boxers, slowly dragging them down to reveal his pubic hair – neatly trimmed of course – and next his cock until you could place a soft kiss on the tip.

He drew a sharp breath, grabbed the armrests tightly.

“You really don’t-“ he began, panting, voice hoarse.

“You are not calling the shots tonight,” you reminded him. “I do what I want to do and now I want to taste you. So let me.”

You rid him of his pants and boxers, tugged the socks off his feet before you got comfortable between his legs, or at least as comfortable as it can get, kneeling on the floor. At first you only watched him, the slight bobbing of his cock with his pulse. Then you leaned in and placed your tongue on his balls, dragged it upwards to the tip of his cock, following the big vein on the underside of it.

He groaned louder now and you looked up, held his gaze when you grabbed his cock with one hand and parted your lips. The almost disbelieving look on his face made you smile when you took his cock into your mouth, as deep as you could manage before you started sucking him off in earnest.

All those times he had done this to you, had used his hands and tongue to bring you right to the edge, and now it was your turn. Soon you could feel his legs tremble, saw the way the muscles in his body tensed. You pulled back, lips shining with your saliva and his precum, swollen and pink.

“Did you like that?” You were slightly breathless but incredibly turned on by now. You couldn’t wait to start with the next part.

“T-that was… very stimulating… and enjoyable…”

“For me, too,” you assured him and stood up, your knees slightly protesting but this was worth it. “I enjoy it to give you pleasure, too. Although I enjoy the things most that give both of us pleasure.” With that you let the dress fall from your body and pool at your feet, leaving you in some silky panties.

“Actually I like that best, too.”

With a smiled you climbed into his lap. “Well, in that case you will love what I have planned for us.”

His cock trapped between your bodies you started rocking against him, his hardness such a delicious contrast to the soft silk, just providing enough friction for you to moan lowly without being enough to actually get you off.

You shared feverish kisses, breathy moans, your hands buried in his hair, tugging, sliding. With your hips still rocking and rolling against him you created a wonderful symphony of sensations, just kept him aroused and brining you closer, too.

“Tell me – what you want me to do,” you purred into his ear, making him looking at you n confusion.

“I thought you were the one in control tonight?”

“That doesn’t mean I’m not open to suggestions. And I want you to talk dirty to me.”

His brow furrowed, his lips moved slightly without making a sound.

“Can we define the rules for that?”

This wasn’t exactly sexy, but it was completely Jumin.

“Just tell me what you want me to do to you. Or what you want to do to me.” You pulled your panties to the side, let his cock slide through your drenched folds.

“I want – I want you to… get the utmost pleasure… out of this…” This was the closest of an invitation you could get so you simply took this as your cue, angled your hips a bit and let him slide into you, let him fill you up, stretch you.

He groaned, the armrests creaked under the pressure of his hands. With your hands on his shoulders you started to ride him, accompanied by his panting and grunting, by your own moans and heavy breathing.

Jumin buried his face in your chest, squished between your breasts, nibbling, kissing, licking wherever he could reach. The control you had now was exhilarating, the way he moaned for you, how he was at your mercy, how it was you who made him feel like this. Made him tense and squirm. You didn’t want him to beg, you didn’t want him to degrade himself in any way. Jumin was a proud man after all and allowing you this much already was more than you could have hoped for. You wanted to give him pleasure, not make him feel bad. No, you wanted to make him feel fucking great.

Circling your hips alternating with bouncing in his lap you pushed the both of you higher and higher, your legs trembling, sweat covering your body. But nothing in the world would make you stop now. You wanted him to let go, wanted him to experience the bliss he always caused you.

“Let go… Jumin… come for… me… I wanna feel… it… deep inside of… me… fill me up…” You were babbling incoherent pleas and dirty words, begged him to come for you, to take this was you were offering him.

He did. With a loud gasp, slightly muffled since his face was still between your breasts, he tensed, hips bucking up, cock twitching in your pussy. You rode out his orgasm, kept moving until he hissed at the overstimulation before you stopped, tipped his head back to kiss him.

“That… that was… incredible…”

You moaned in agreement, too tired now to move off his lap. Instead you started undoing the ties, giving him back his freedom. Immediately he grabbed your hips and stood up, your legs still around his waist.

“Wha- where are you going?”

“You didn’t come.” His statement was typical Jumin: cool, rational, logical. And with your pleasure, your wellbeing in mind.

“Was it enjoyable for you to take control tonight?”

You nodded weakly. “It was. I love giving you pleasure, too, you know? You don’t have to be dominant all the time.”

He stopped in his tracks, looking at you with an unreadable expression.

“Dominance? You think I’m dominant?”

“Not really dominant, just – in control.”

He nodded once. “Good. I have no desire to force my dominance on you whatsoever. All I want is for you to be happy, preferably with me. And if I can arrange for it, multiple times in one night.”

He proved one thing that night. It really wasn’t about dominance. It was about adoration. And his adoration brought you to your climax four times that night.



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